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Wizzint City
Flag of Wizzint
Country Moon Island Flag.png Moon Island
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Area Moon Island Flagsouth.png Southern State
Monuments Monument of Mia the Great
Headquarters Moon Island
Neighbourhoods Sylvester District, Mia District, Charlie District, Melanie District, Sennote District
Mayor Penstubal
Population 175,000 (2015)
rank by 2009 67,000
Inhabited species Penguins
General information
Native name Wizzint
Foreign name Wizzint
Demonym Wizzintine
Founded 1675
– Founder Zhouese Merchants
Area codes 701

Wizzint, later also known, by some people, as Penstubalia or Penstubal City, is a city in the Moon Island state of Wizzintine, situated on the west coast of Moon Island. Wizzint is the technological, cultural and educational hub of Moon Island and is the 3rd most populated city of the island. It is a city very important to international trade. The mayor of the city and governor of the state of Wizzintine is Penstubal.

The area around the city was first settled in the middle around 600 BC by Wayzenti tribes. Around the 17th century, a group of Zhouese settlers came to the west coast of Moon Island and made the very first big settlement in the area of Wizzintine, and founded this city in 1675. The city was named after the Wayzenti tribes which used to have over 300,000 members; at the end of the 18th century the last 10,000 were put in reservates in northwest Wizzintine.


Wizzint was founded in 1675, by a tribe of Zhouese settlers who wandered off from the homeland and landed on the beaches of what is now Wizzint. They set up a small trading post, which they named Huan Jiang. Huan Jiang was known to foreign traders as Empiropol. It was a small Chinese speaking city / state. This trading post became a popular stopover for traders from Puffle'and, Sleetden, Lisboagal and Batavia. Eventually, the tribe of settlers were attacked by native Moon Islandians and the tribe died in year 1895. Huan Jiang fell, and Moon Island took over the kingdom, which became Moon Islandian territory. Moon Island continued to expand the city, and renamed it to Ling Zhong, but it was soon renamed to Wizzint by popular demand. It continued growing, and the city became known by its abundance of red houses and buildings, blossom trees, Zhouese Monasteries and the beautiful sunsets, all already by 1941. The city remained dormant for many years under Moon Island. Wizzint was given funds, along with the rest of Moon Island, when Moon Island became a state of Shops Island. In 2013, Penstubal became the mayor and improved the city more than ever before with a new and productive plan, backed by the Shopper government. The city hastened many contractors and interested buyers, which resulted in a quick buildup of local infrastructure and a quick attraction of international interest, which also helped fund the project.

The city still has a oriental culture, ever since the time when the first Zhouese settlers landed on the Wizzintian shores. It has ever since began to attract foreign investors, making the city an economic powerhouse and cultural hub.

Wizzint Castle, first made 1677. It is located near the small village of Serine just north of Wizzint. Sort of damaged.

Swapolon the First[edit]

Swapolon the First is the very first ruler and founder of Wizzint. He's reign began right after Wizzint was founded. His reign quickly became unpopular due to Swapolon performing many heinous and corrupt acts. This eventually led to a civil uprising, which ended up with Swapolon being hanged. Mia the Great was put in office with the approval of the public, and thanks to her gallant efforts against the ousted monarch. Swapolon also had many children and an already planned heir (who was to be Swapalon the Second). They were all hanged with their father.

Mia the Great's Rule[edit]

The Great Mia of Empiropol ruled from 1690 - 1750. She is the most popular of Huan Jiang's rulers. She was the successor of Peter the First. She was known for her strict attitude, albeit fair reigning method. She is one of the most known, and most popular rules of Huan Jiang, having of made Huan Jiang (Wizzint) to what is today. She died of a debilitating heart disease in 1750.

King Charles the Strong[edit]

King Charles the Strong was one of the greatest imperialists during the time of his reign. He gave significant territorial gain to Wizzint, successfully taking over entire Southern Moon Island and a bit of southern Northern Moon Island. He's reign began 1750; he took the throne right after Mia's death. He died in 1810, and after some votes, King Tyrann the Big became the new king until 1895, when Huan Jiang (Wizzint) fell.

King Tyrann the Big[edit]

King Tyrann the Big was the last ruler of Huan Jiang, before it fell. He was a high penguin that was known for his strict attitude. He was shot and killed by Moon Islanders in 1895.

Uprising of 1912: Failure[edit]

In 1912, an uprising was organized in Wizzint against the Moon rule. This uprising failed after a few weeks. Moon Island managed to assert control over Wizzint after a few years by giving them the right to live peacefully and have the equal rights as the other Moon Islanders.

As a city in Shops[edit]

The country of Shops Island was officially founded by a dictator, Ben 100022, in 2010. Wizzint, along with Moon Island, also entered the country through peaceful means and Moon Island became an official autonomous state of Shops Island. Wizzint was given even more rights after the founding of this country and all Wizzint had the right to participate in government activities, such as voting and entering an election campaign. Its economy prospered more than ever after Shops was founded.


Wizzint has a powerhouse of a local economy, much thanks to foreign interests. The city is held credible for being the reason that Moon Island's southern state is the richest area GDP-wise in all of Shops. Wizzint is widely regarded as a tax haven, drawing bankers from all across Antarctica to invest and hold stocks in Wizzint. A booming tourism industry also pumps lots of money into the system; Wizzint is the number one tourist destination in off-mainland Shops Island.


The official languages of Wizzint are English and Chinese, but German, French and Japanese are also mostly known by the locals.


Wizzint has a fine culture. It has some of the best culture in all of Moon Island, yet it is also popular among those who don't come from Shops, mostly Antarcticans. Wizzint works really hard to make the city better for everyone to enjoy. Every day, more than a thousand wikibucks are spent. However, this does come with tons of wikibucks too cause of the tourists.


Map of the City of Wizzint, with Penstubal Island seen on the map.


  • It's located in the left coast of Southern Moon Island.
  • Wizzint is the oldest civilized society on Moon Island, with its foundation being in the 17th century.

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