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Wompus78 image.PNG
Ben is EVIL! EVIL I tell ya!
Title Ben's evil? I know! Always being nasty and such.
Gender Male
Race Penguin (and a hater of Ben)
Faction Anti-Benion
Health 10,000 Ben hate points
Level Level hates Ben
Status Ben hater
Location Anti Ben Headquarters, Club Penguin Weekee

Wompus78 is an aged, yellow penguin and ex-soldier who has served in minor skirmishes prior to the Pie War. His proudest achievement in his career is when he finally defeated the evil Ben, his greatest enemy and a menace to the Club Penguin Weekee. He wears a medal given by TurtleShroom for his heroic and brave deeds at all times, and plans to do so until he dies. Did we mention he DESPISES Ben?


From an early age, Wompus78 dreamed of becoming a hero to everyone. For a while, he made his legacy by helping out on the whitewalls of the Weekee. Though he was originally a vandal, his reformation had earned him recognition as he quietly cleaned up the walls of the area.

However, Ben, for no reason, took up a hatred to the penguin, and started sending him deletion threats, hate mail, broken toasters, and all sorts of COC violating things.

Eventually, TurtleShroom received enough permission to PWN him, and he was gone. All was well.

Many months later, Ben claimed to have reformed, and Wompus immediately said he was lying. After investigation, TSP followed suit, as did other creatures like ZapWire and Leekduck.

Ben was a brilliant conman, however, and he managed to brainwash dozens of innocent creatures into signing his petition. He even tricked Barkjon! TSP and Wompus, with a few others, refused to budge, and Wompus became shunned by a bulk of the community for this. However, he remained loyal to his cause. He never ceased fighting against what he believed was right.

After TSP discovered surveillance tapes of Ben sending hate mail to his vacation condo he rented from Mister Fisk, he released for the world to see.

It was immediately discovered that Wompus was correct.

Time is currently healing any hatred toward him, and after the adventure was said and done, Wompus was given a prestigious Medal of Honor by the now ex-dictator. People are now reaccepting him quickly, and he is proud of his achievement.


  • Wompus78 is often called "rude" by the evil thing known as Ben.
  • Wompus78 enjoys nothing more than thwarting Ben's evil plots and ridiculing him by exposing him as a fraud.
  • Wompus78 is a reformed vandal, but at no point (he hopes) was he as obnoxious as Ben.
  • Wompus78 supports Bugzy in his quest for PWNage.
  • TSP has immense respect for Wompus.
  • Shops Island has granted him honorary citizenship for his hatred of Ben.

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