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Let's fix this up!
Title The Scientist
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Munijoch, USA
Health Medium
Level 3.14159
Status Alive
Location Munijoch Natl. Laboratories,
Fourth Wall Can not break the fourth wall
Birth date January 24th 1990
Occupation Scientist
Feather color Black
Interests Reinventing, inventing, discovering.
Friends Munijoch, USA, UTR
Enemies None.
Archetype Good, Independent

Wonder D. Weezil, better known under his alias Wonderweez, is a scientist hailing predominantly from the USA, and has been hailed as a bold experimenter of augments, robots, and chemistry both there and in Munijoch, in which he has been named leading scientist. He has experience in working with the PSA, in which he resigned to pursue interests in robotics. He was immediately contacted by the USA afterwards to do contract science work, eventually getting hired full time. Later, he was employed at PULSE as a head scientist.

Wonderweez does not like war, in any shape or form, and actually abhors it. However, he does see the potential in advancing science within the wars, often calling it "the best way to go forward."


Wonderweez has always been very personal about his life, sometimes to the point he refused to share it with his own family. What is known about him, however is listed.

Early Life[edit]

When he was born, his parents had instantly began noticing something odd about him. He never played with the boys, rather, preferred robotics and engineering as his only companion. His parents, as a result, instantly shunned him for being different. This did not deter him however, and he continued on his future to being his ultimate goal: a PSA agent.

By the age of 10, he had already graduated his final course of engineering at his local school, and had only the necessities of middle school and high school to go through until he was finally able to be qualified for the PSA examinations. By that time, however, he knew he would ace it and become one of the PSA's best agents in working field.

Quitting the PSA[edit]

Sensing that his work was finally done and over with, and hailing the collapse of the PSA from outside sources, Wonderweez decided finally to quit the PSA after a good deal of time there, citing "personal reasons" as the cause for resignation. Upon quitting, many people attempted to persuade Wonderweez to change his mind, yet, to no avail whatsoever. He was adamant on leaving.

Other conspiracies, such as predicting the future and the demise of the agency, has arose as a result of his resignation, yet all of these have either been proven false by Wonder himself, or simply preposterous in generality with his nature of warmheartedness.

Recent years[edit]

Wonder has worked with Munijoch scientists in development of Mercu-solid, Pulse technology, and other engineering feats he has taken credit for in recent times.

Involvement with Organizations[edit]

Wonderweez is designated by Pulse Holdings as their Chief Research and Development Scientist for all companies underneath the umbrella. The Munijoch Vanguard Force lists him as one of their top contributors to the scientific field as well, and he is under review for the Munijoch Galactic Association's space program. Wonderweez frequently gets involved with the USA in scientific studies, the most recent of which being whether or not the USA can deploy adaptive warfare to their ever growing arsenal or weaponry, courtesy of PULSE. It is also rumored that he is involved with the secret Gold Bug Society, however he dismissed such rumors as "bogus," and is actually calling on the leadership within the organization to reveal what exactly the organization has in mind for the world.


  • Mercu-Solid: A now archaic invention that aimed to create a metal that can form a liquid at will, thus creating "planes in a bottle" in partnership with an electronic apparatus to send a magnetic signal in the corresponding shape and field for the required vehicle.
  • Chipguin: Assisted Connor in his creation of his virtual intelligence program (consisting of Connor himself) and uploading it to servers. He helped to program pathways and file access points for Chipguin to archive data from.
  • Dark Heart: A V-Shaped PULSE Reactor featuring Positive and Negative cylindrical PULSE Reactors, capable of distorting time and space to a specific date via a small clock on the front of it.
  • DRONE AI Systems: Taking his applied knowledge of the Chipguin Project and putting to a non-interactive AI system, Wonderweez created the DRONE AI System to be simple to use and lethal.


Wonder has a rigid moral compass in regards to warfare that often conflicts with what the country and his company wants. This often results in splits between his management and his team. In addition, he is very shy, resulting in a loss of information that can often be conveyed in situations necessitating it. Due to the amount of work Wonderweez does, he has poor memory of insignificant events, resulting in forgetting simple things, such as eating or taking out the trash. His lack of a social life also contributed to a crippling case of anxiety when in front of a crowd.

Despite his various achievements, Wonderweez is self-deprecatory, berating himself for otherwise mundane mistakes. This lack of self-confidence has resulted in many trashed proposals, including some that took many iterations to complete. This self-deprecation also extends to how he describes himself to others. Otherwise, Wonderweez tries to go above and beyond for others, often going without in order to provide something to someone, such as a research proposal or a chance to gain insight onto a project.


  • Wonderweez has hinted his middle name is Dexter, but has not yet confirmed it.
  • He has one of the highest IQ's in Antarctica, and thus was instantly liked by Munijoch
  • He knows how to play the Tenor and Baritone Saxophone.