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Wrath Ninja (real name unknown)
Should the ninjas be evil? Wrath Ninja thinks so!
Title Wrath Ninja
Gender Male
Race PWNguin
Faction His evil army of DOOM!
Health Sadly, wonderful
Level 95 sadly
Status Honing his Card-Jitsu skills for his next evil plan
Location Wrath Realm
Occupation Villainous ninja
Feather color Green
Interests Ruling all the ninjas, world domination
Criminal record Knocking out Sensei and blowing up the Dojo
Jail time accumulated 1 week
Friends PufflinatorX, WishFlyX
Enemies All Heroes (too many to list)
Archetype Villain, evil ninja
Military allegiance Wrath Ninja's Army
Military rank Leader
Weapon of choice Knicicle

Wrath Ninja is an evil ninja who dreams of one day becoming sensei of all Ninjas, including Water Ninjas, Fire Ninjas, Snow Ninjas, and Lightning Ninjas. He has made several attempts to dethrone Sensei. He even bet on a Card-Jitsu game against Sensei for leader of the ninjas. However, Sensei's cards were all epic. He holds an army which isn't very big. He believes he is the best ninja in the entire world. He holds a criminal record for knocking out Sensei and blowing up the Dojo.


Wrath Ninja grew up in Japaland. He is an inherited ninja due to the fact that his father was one. As a young chick he met another Ninja who held a ninja stick just like him. They often fought with the sticks. By the time he was all grown up, his friend was out of his life. He was getting fined for carrying his stick everywhere with him. He got sick of the government pushing him around and wanted to take over Antarctica. But to do this, he had to construct an army. So he made an army that currently isn't doing so well. In 2008, A mystery penguin digging out the Club Penguin dojo after an unexpected storm during Halloween became Sensei. He released Card-Jitsu which gave ninjas in training power. This made Wrath want to take over the ninjas and become Sensei of the Dojo. He built a base for his army called the Wrath Realm. He smuggled pirated Card-Jitsu cards into his base for practice and now practices Card-Jitsu with PufllinatorX. He later met Forester who was looking for a villain to work for. He joined Wrath Ninja and Wrath Ninja taught him Card-Jitsu.

After Forester joined, He took his stolen Card-Jitsu cards and challenged Sensei with them. However, The battle was in a tie and needed a tiebreaker. Wrath was about to grab his best card but accidentally got the wrong card causing Sensei to ultimately PWN him. Wrath Ninja got so angry he used a physical ninja power in which he rises to the ceiling of the dojo and disappears. And then turns visible and zooms down with a literally explosive kick. It caused the poor old gray penguin to get knocked out and caused the dojo to explode. He took his cards and disappeared straight back to the Wrath Realm. The PSA did a 6-month endless hunt. After being caught, he spent the next week in jail. This increased his rage of villainy which caused him to gain powers and gain more space in his outside territory.

Later, Card-Jitsu: Fire came out. Wrath Ninja had another plan. He wanted to take over fire ninjas. He trained for Card Jitsu: Fire. Once again, he failed after the fire duel with Sensei. Recently, Forester quit the army to take up bank robbing. Finally, some vigilantes came in and raided Wrath's realm. As a result, Wrath Ninja ran off and PufflinatorX was destroyed. After the depression of his life being ripped from underneth, he decided to join up with WishFlyX. WishFlyx decided to give his a high position in his army replacing Xfin.


Wrath Ninja had an army that didn't really dominate anyway. He has a Knicicle, a Fire Sword, and his pirated cards. He's PWNed all ninjas except for Sensei. He plans to use his wrath on Club Penguin. Penguins think this is why he is called Wrath Ninja but that is not true. He is called Wrath Ninja because he thinks that he can turn into a dragon and

He has many enemies. Mostly Mabel and Kur Rising X. He's screamed many things at Mabel. He also has powers listed below. He is now enlisted in WishFlyX's Army as a sensei for ninjas that join the army.


  • Wrath - The kick he used to PWN Sensei and blow up the Dojo.
  • Jitsu Madness - A move where he does a roundhouse with a rare Card-Jitsu card.
  • Eye Contact - He takes off his ninja mask and looks his opponent straight in the eye causing them to faint.


  • He believes that if he's able to use an amulet, he can become a dragon and will name this form "Wrath"
  • The cards in his picture are NOT pirated cards.
  • He has a ninja suit that he only wears when he's in disguise.
  • He wants to take Xinston into his army.
  • Wrath Ninja is so obsessed with ninjas, he put a mask on his Knicicle.


  • "All ninjas bow!"
  • "Sensei shall step down!"

Wrath Ninja: We meet again ugly purple puffle!

Mabel: What did you call me?!?

Wrath Ninja: Uhhhhh.... *Dashes back to Wrath Realm*

Mabel: Thought so!

Wrath Ninja: What must I do to get more members?

PufflinatorX: Find someone who has the same lust as you! Someone who craves the same thing you wish to accomplish!

Wrath Ninja: Ok!

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