Wrendy and Mr. Wackadoo

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Wrendy and Mr. Wackadoo was a cartoon about a clumsy penguin named Wackadoo and a fashion diva penguin named Wrendy who are stranded in the middle of the Nutzil Jungle. It began airing it's first episode "Mr. Wackadoo's First Friend" on March 7, 2009, and its last episode "Rip Van Wackadoo" aired on July 26, 2010. It used to air on Icey Channel, but now it airs reruns on PengyKids.

Wrendy and Mr. Wackadoo
Opening theme "Wrendy and Mr. Wackadoo Theme Song"
Ending theme Same as above, only without lyrics, only instrumental
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Carlie Deerler
Original channel Icey Channel, PengyKids
Preceded by The Emperor's New Academy
Followed by The Irreplacements



  • Wrendy: Wrendy is a penguin who she thinks is a "girl who is adored by everyone", but she is actually a big miss fashion diva who is selfish drat and cares about nobody. She is best friend with Wackadoo, even if he always messes things up and ruins her life.
  • Mr. Wackadoo: Wackadoo is a penguin who loves goofing around like Rookie does. He is pretty clumsy and loves stinky smell. He usually gives Wrendy stress, and tried numerous times (like in Stress Testing) to make her happy. They constantly fight over each other who is better and who is not.


  • Lola Seal: Instead of eating penguins, she is often a nice little leopard seal. Wackadoo is highly afraid of her and insulted her numerous times in "Mr. Wackadoo's First Friend".
  • Marko: A walrus, who often tells boring stories and stuff. He is best friends with Wackadoo.
  • Dargo: An nag-nag bug who is often like Wrendy = Rude to Wackadoo, selfish, bossy, mean... She dislikes Wrendy and Mr. Wackadoo's behavior.
  • Dzeril and Ceril: Two birds who often make dumb fights.