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Writing Map.png
Map showing the different neighbourhoods of Writing. Click to enlarge.
Country Puffle'and
Area Woofshire, Times Valley
Monuments Walrus Statue, The Swiss Ninja Monument
Headquarters Writing District Council
Neighbourhoods Lavisham, Moderators, Leetly, Southcoat, Northcoat, Treely, Late, Brickhurst, Coolcoat
Population 111,000
Inhabited species Puffles and penguins
General information
Native name Writing
Demonym Writer
Founded 770 AD
– Founder The Writers
Time zone Puffish Standard Time
Summer time Puffish Counter Time
Area codes WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4, WG5

Writing is the large county town of Woofshire full of nerdy creatures in Puffle'and located about 25 miles west of Snowdon. It is located on the confluence of the River Times and the River Kenekt. The town became important in 1890 when the Governance built Writing Abbey, which was destroyed in 2010 at the orders of Swiss Ninja to promote the Telenacleship of Snowzerland. Today Writing is a major business area due to its close proximity to Snowdon. It is home to Henry Incorporated and Micro Hard and Soft's Puffish headquarters.


Writing was founded in medieval Puffle'and by a tribe known as the Writers. About 100 years later some Viking Penguins conquered the town. The local puffles were unable to breach the Viking defences. After Williem invaded Puffle'land he gave land around Writing and the town was written (no pun intended) down as a district. In 1200 AD king Harry I of Puffle'and died and was buried on the grounds that would become Writing Abbey. By 1525 Writing was becoming a Mary Sue, it was the largest town in the area and was the most taxable. In 1610 it had achieved a population of over 9000 and was getting rich of its fur trade. To end the Mary Sues, the Bureau of Fiction made sure that the siege of Writing would have a devastating impact on its fur trade. Writing's economy only recovered in the 20th century. Even to this day the Bureau of Fiction is unpopular in Writing. In the 18th century Writing's cream soda industry began to grow making Writing a famous town. In the 19th century the town became a major hub for the newly invented railroad. In the late 19th century Writing Abbey was founded by the Governance. Around this time Writing became known for its cream soda and cookies. In 1912 Writing expanded into and annexed Lavisham. The town was not severely bombed during the Khanzem War but the centre was badly hit in 1916 resulting in 40 deaths. In 1978 Writing expanded into the village of Late and created the Lower Late housing development area. In 2000 the Prophecy shopping centre opened it's doors. In 2010 Writing Abbey was destroyed by Swiss Ninja in order to promote the Telenacleship of Snowzerland. In the mid 2010s many companies in Writing started to get bigger as many businesses in Henryville including Henry Incorporated began investing in the town. Today Writing is a thriving Puffish town and is considered to be one of the best places in Puffle'and to live in.


Writing is a district in Puffle'and and it's local government is provided by The District Council of Writing. In Puffish Parliament the town is split between West Writing and East Writing with both areas having different representatives. It is also home to a royal Puffish court. Since 1250 Writing has had some level of local autonomy, but not much, as it has been ruled over by a guild, a district cooperation and now a united authority. Since 1887 the District of Writing as included the former villages of Southcoat and Leetly and parts of Late and Brickhurst. In 1912 it had Lavisham and the rest of Brickhurst. In 1977 the council obtained the village of O-Berryham. Currently the main party in Writing is the Liberal Party that has been winning the local elections since 2005. The Conservative Party is the second most popular party in Writing, normally gaining just a bit less seats than the Liberal Party.


Writing is located at the confluence of the River Times and the River Kenekt. This is why it is a major river port with large wharves on the banks of the Kenekt which is why it has a name that sounds similar to connect. As the town grew its suburbs expanded north, east, south and west. To the north it went as far as Lavisham Park and hit the Chilly Hills. To the east and the south Writing got as far as Losers and Leetly and even further, close to Footfield and Harbourfield. To the west Writing got as far as Coolcoat and Purely. For some reason, Writing's urban area never fits the town's administrative boundaries. Originally there was room within the boundaries for countryside but now the urban area spills into the boundaries of nearby towns. This could be another reason why the Bureau of Fiction is distrusted by the residents.


  • Lavisham-This is one of the higher end suburbs of Writing. Many estate agents pretend it's boundaries are larger to sell more houses. It is divided into the subdivisions of Lavisham Hights, Lower Lavisham, Lavisham Park and Emmer Orange. Named after the very lavish way of living of its residents.
  • Abbey-This was home to Writing Abbey. It is now the central business district.
  • Telenacle-This area was named after its many telenacles. It can also be seen a a continuation of the CBD.
  • Old Town-This was the original part of Writing where it was founded. in the 19th and 20th centuries it was home to the Henry and Peter's cookie factories. Today it is home to many penguins who moved from the mainland. It is also where Peter's Park is located.
  • Bluelands-Like Old Town but smaller. The Feast O-Berry And Fish Products Company was founded here and Diskaiz Willson-East hatched here. It is called Bluelands because of a lapis lazuli rush that happened in the 1700s causing this place to be inhabited.
  • Moderators-A suburban area that is home to the main campus of the University of Writing. In the past Club Penguin's moderators used to hide in this area hence its name.
  • Leetly-Another suburban area that also has some industrial areas. This was named because of its tech savvy penguins who use Leet a lot. Memes from the 2000s are still popular in this area hence why Leet is used more commonly here than anywhere else.
  • Cringewood-This is where many offices are located. It is home to Orange Park which is where computer companies connected with Norton Von Symantec have offices. Named after a village of the same name that was in this area. The legend is that it was inhabited by puffles who made everybody else cringe and it was in a forest. Modern memes are higher in popularity than old memes in this ward. Because of this, words like "cringe" are frequently used which is another reason for the name "Cringewood".
  • Coaly-An inner city area that is also home to some businesses. Named after the coal mines that used to be here.
  • Southcoat-An inner city area. Named after popularity of coats in this area.
  • Fight-Another inner city area. Named after a large fight over a tin can that happened here.
  • Nothcoat-A suburban area that also has industrial buildings. Named for the same reason as Southcoat.
  • Brickhust-A large suburb of writing. Named after an abundance of brick buildings.
  • O-Berryham-A small wealthy suburban area with large mansions. This is where most of The Feast O-Berry And Fish Products Company's O-berries come from.
  • Treely-Writing's largest suburb. It is home to large parks and has its own subdivision, Glasshurst. Named after its trees.
  • Late-Another large suburb. It is also home to Times Valley Park where Henry Incorporated and Micro Hard and Soft have their puffish headquarters. It also has its own subdivisions: First Late and Lower Late. It was named Late because it is far away from the center of Writing so everybody going there to work was late for work.
  • Coolcoat-A suburban area. Named after its coats that are both fashionable but are not good at keeping the heat in.


Writing's involvement is somewhat major despite not many creatures outside Puffle'and knowing about it. It attracts a medium number of tourists and it is the home of notable businesses. The University of Writing is a major Puffish university and has branches all over Antarctica. Writing Abbey was very important before it was destroyed and for a long time Writing was a major area in Puffish telephones and internet. Nowadays, Writing and other towns in the region have a large IT industry. This is mostly due to the University of Writing attracting lots of intelligent penguins and puffles. These creatures would have lived in or near Writing during the tech boom. They would have wanted to capitalise on this, and, because they were smart enough to write software, they would have started tech companies in the area. Because of this, Writing has become somewhat of a tech hub for Puffle'and, and it is renowned by tech nerds around Antarctica.


Writing is an important business area in the Times Valley. It is a part of the Snowdon Commuter Belt. It is also where many big companies such as Henry Incorporated, Micro Hard and Soft, The Feast O-Berry And Fish Products Company and the Cream Soda Factory have offices. Writing has had a significant hold in the IT industry with now large computer companies having offices in or around the town, and is still important in Puffle'and's IT industry to this day. The Writing Town Centre is also a major shopping area being the home of Wide Street and the Prophecy shopping centre. Shipping is also a contributor to the economy as on the confluence of the Kenekt and the Times there is a large port where many goods are loaded and unloaded onto ships.


Writing is where the Writing Music Festival is held and is one of the largest in Puffle'and. There also two theaters: The Nonogon, located in Abbey and is the largest, and The Puffle's Theater, an amateur non-profit theater located in Leetly. The town's main cinema is the Vista, located next to the Prophecy shopping center along the River Kenekt. It is also the birthplace of many famous creatures and many other famous creatures have had some connection with the town. Henry Incorporated started a Henry Games Convention like the one in Henryville in 2012 and it has become the largest in Puffle'and.


To understand penguins like Diskaiz then you need to understand Writing, mainly their economic beliefs. It said that the town made Diskaiz and other penguins/puffles the way they are. In Writing it is believed that the Bureau of Fiction and the 4th Wall are irrelevant and that they should never be brought up. This has put the town in a world of it's own, with it's own unique customs. They believe that Wikia is evil and sucked the life away from the BoF (even though they find it irrelevant), and are against the Governance's monopoly, which is why for the most part the citizens supported the trashing of Writing Abbey, because they believe in a more competitive market. Owning a large company if considered fine, but making it a monopoly is not, always make sure you have some competition just to make sure you have a reason to make your products better. Because of this, the local government has attempted to create anti-trust laws within the town's boundaries, in some cases even almost succeeding. The dislike of monopolies is also why the BoF is disliked since they technically have a monopoly over the universe. Despite being anti-monopoly, free markets and privatization are acceptable and encouraged, mainly because of the hatred of monopolies. You see, in their eyes, if the state is in control of your country's businesses then that makes the state a monopoly. One exception to this belief is their views on universal health service which is highly respected in Writing. As well as all this, CANS is frowned upon like in Lichenblossom and TurtleShroom (penguin) isn't to be completely trusted by Writing's citizens. Lately there have been debates about twiguins and petguins and whether they should be allowed in or not. One group that certainly isn't allowed in are the Mwa Mwa penguins and they are commonly looked down on by the creatures of Writing.


  • Hochstadt Park-Built in 2010 on the site of the ruins of Writing Abbey. The park is very popular and is located in a business area and is surrounded by large office buildings.
  • Walrus Statue War Memorial-Built in Hochstadt Park in 2012 after Great Snowzerland War V. The Walrus has become a symbol of Writing.
  • The Point-A 13 story building next to the ruins of Writing Abbey. It defines the skyline as the tallest building in Writing.
  • The ruins of Writing Abbey-After Writing Abbey was destroyed in 2010 the ruins were turned into a tourist attraction promoting Swiss Ninja.
  • Jake's Crossroad-On the crossroads of Baron Street, Nest Street, Nests Road and Low Street. In the last century there was a famous restaurant named Jake's on the site.
  • Swiss Ninja Gardens-Built by Swiss Ninja in Old Town. The gardens are very controversial as some creatures believe that such a monument belongs in Snowzerland.


Writing is a very connected town. Writing Station is one of the busiest train stations in Puffle'and and was expanded in 2014 to increase capacity. Writing is also on a major road to Snowdon. In Old Town there is a major junction of two main roads that is prone to heavy traffic. There is also a ring road around the CBD. Writing also has a large bus network that can go anywhere in the town or outside to nearby Himly and Snowdon. Being on a river confluence means it has good boat transportation as well. This makes Writing a major port. At the confluence there is a large port where cargo ships sending goods to the interior of Puffle'and unload cargo. The town lacks an airport due to being in close proximity to Bushrow Airport in Snowdon. There is, however, a small airfield used by private jets just outside Writing.


Educational buildings are not in shortage in Writing. There is the University of Writing in Moderators and Telenacle, and is one of Antarctica's best universities. Another major education establishment is Writing Collage located in Old Town. Schools in Writing include Fight Primary School, Bluelands Primary School, Writing Grammar School (for smart penguins and puffles) and the First Late Trust which is an organisation of three schools located in Late, Moderators and Lavisham. The Great Writing Academy is the largest and considered to be the best school in the town and is very famous.


Writing is about 70% free puffle. Recently the town has had many penguins move in from other Antarctic countries. Of these penguins 10% are High Penguins, 30% are adélie penguins, 40% are blue penguins, 15% are emperor penguins and the remaining 5% are other penguins.

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