Dark Side of the Moon

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Dark Side of the Moon
Dark Side of the Moon


Flag Coat of Arms

"Unser wille ist stahl"
"Our will is steel"
Capital Lunastadt
Languages German, English
Government Fascist dictatorship (Former)
Currency Reichsthaler (R৳)
Population 930,000

The Dark Side of the Moon, otherwise known as the Mondsreich ("Moon Reich"), is a Fascist splinter state of Ed Island, founded after a civil war in 1934 led to the defeat of the rebelling Wulfen faction. Unbeknownst to Ed Island, they had secretly developed spacecraft well ahead of its time and fled to the Moon, where they had remained undiscovered until 2014.


The Mondsreich is situated on the far side of the moon in several large lunar craters, named the Khanzem Impact by President Keller. The Wulfen possess four moon base "cities" throughout the area, all positioned in a Y-shape. The largest of which, Lunastadt, serves as the capital of the colony, as well as the main processing plant for Helium-3.


In 1917, the Wulfen Party was formed in the Ed Islandian region of Neumenia, becoming the sole Fascist party in the nation. Party members occasionally came into armed conflict with other organizations in the country, including Communists, Monarchists, and the Republican military. By 1934, this had ultimately culminated in a bloody civil war with the formation of the Neumenian Reich that had lasted until 1942, with Keller's supposed assassination. In reality, he had managed to escape along with the majority of his faction and had gone into hiding, where they had developed technology well before its time, including spacecraft (the likes of which would not be seen for nearly seventy years). After several hundred trips to and from Earth for supplies, a fully operational (albeit primitive) lunar base had been established.

Keller, who became the president of the lunar nation, led the Dark Side of the Moon for over sixty years before succumbing to mercury poisoning from exposure to moon rocks. His successor continued to run the colony until its discovery.

In 2014, 70 years after the Wulfen left the Earth, Lunastadt was discovered by an EISC patrol searching for deposits of Helium-3 on the lunar surface. The spacecraft were shot down by Wulfen UFOs, but not before transmitting the data back to the Soyuz moonbase, who then relayed it back to Ed Island. The importance of this discovery ultimately resulted in Ed Island's withdrawal from the Frosian War, in order to divert focus to the Moon.

Despite initial xenophobic hostilities, EDFan12345 personally contacted the Wulfen with hopes of a trade system setting up (due to the valuable Helium-3 being mined). First contact was initially rocky, and only deteriorated farther. Ultimately, this resulted in the decades-old hostilities to resume. Despite the outdated, retro-futuristic technology possessed by the Wulfen, it was able to hold its own against the advanced Ed Islandian military. With the Wulfen having the advantage of sitting on precious Helium-3 deposits, any possibility of orbital bombardment by Ed Islandian spacecraft vanished.

Finally in 2015, the Dark Side of the Moon agreed to end hostilities with its earth equivalent as neither side saw any point to continue the conflict. On April 16, a peace treaty was signed by the two formally declaring the end of the Wulfen War. Conditions of the treaty officially made the Dark Side an extraterrestrial territory of Ed Island, but the moonbase would remain almost fully independent. After the treaty, many Wulfen and Ed Islandian citizens began to travel between the two, mending many cultural rifts of the former foes.


The wide belief of Wulfen citizens (virtually none of whom have never been to the Earth) is that one day, the Wulfen will return to Antarctica and bring peace and prosperity by whatever means possible, including violence. Because the Dark Side of the Moon is isolated from Antarctica both geographically and historically, many beliefs from the early 20th century are still prominent in the Wulfen city.

Teachers are also trained as "Antarcticologists," who supposedly know everything about Antarctica (in the 1930s, at least).


The Wulfen use updated versions of the 1930s-era vehicles they used in the civil war against Ed Island, including space flight-capable UFO craft and lunar land vehicles. The citizens of Lunastadt and other cities use regular cars and buses to move around the colony mostly through underground highways. Wulfen scouts who venture outside of the city use modified motorcycles to move around numerous roads created on the lunar surface. Trains carry miners to and from the Helium-3 mines, where large dump trucks are used to move vast quantities of moon rock.

Vehicles that travel onto the exposed lunar surface utilize specially modified engines that utilize Helium-3 as fuel. As such, they are able to run in a vacuum without difficulty.


The Wulfen Heer ("Wulfen Army") is the primary military force of the Dark Side of the Moon, descended from the Neumenian Army that fought in the Wulfen War. When the Wulfen were reunited with Ed Island, the Heer was integrated into the Ed Island Army with minor changes, and mostly remained independent. The Heer rarely engages enemy forces, and is primarily utilized purely as a defense force for the Dark Side of the Moon. The Heer is divided into two main organizations: the Heer and Raumwaffe.

In 1934, the Neumenian Army was raised immediately prior to the declaration of war by Neumenia. Throughout the Wulfen War, Neumenia's army was seemingly on par with Ed Island, with both sides making similar breakthroughs in arms development. During the Wulfen War, Neumenia produced several advanced weapon designs, including the semi-automatic Gewehr 36 and MP-38 assault rifle, allowing the Wulfen to remain on even-footing with the Republican military. After accessing the first Veil Society vault sometime in 1937, the Wulfen began deploying advanced weaponry on the battlefield. Most notable were the use of tesla weaponry and robotic weapon platforms, neither of which were able to turn the tide of war, however. Unsubstantiated rumors claim that Wulfen officials were even looking into the occult for ways to counteract Ed Islandian forces.

The Heer generally uses the same uniform worn in the days of the Wulfen War. Initially, the uniform consisted of the standard Ed Island Army tunic with insignia removed and a red armband featuring the Wulfen "W" insignia worn around the left arm. After several friendly-fire incidents, a grey tunic with red collars was quickly phased into service. After the Dark Side lunar base was constructed, airtight suits and rebreathing equipment were standardized for use in the vacuum. While initially this consisted of bulky metal spacesuits, advances in technology allowed for slim suits to be worn under the standard combat tunic and a helmet no larger than a gas mask.

Raumwaffe Spacecraft[edit]

Flying Saucers
Kugelblitz Scout A small, lightly armored scout craft capable of carrying three occupants. The Kugelblitz is used for patrols along the lunar surface, and as such only carries a single 50mm autocannon. Test flights against Antarctican-captured TIE Fighters have shown that the Kugelblitz is faster and more agile than the Snoss starfighter, but is less armored and only carries projectile weaponry.
Haunebu IV Fighter The fourth and latest in the Haunebu series of flying saucers, the Haunebu IV is designed to be a quick and agile fighter spacecraft capable of tight maneuvers and sustained dogfighting. It was the first join Wulfen-Ed Island produced saucer, and as such carries modern sensors and propulsion equipment.
Walkyr Heavy Fighter While not as agile as the Haunebu IV or Kugelblitz, the Walkyr is the most heavily armored spacecraft of the three and carries a lunar-pattern 150mm railgun nicknamed "Wolfgang," along with numerous other cannons and rocketry.
Capital Ships
Siegfried-class Capital Ship A massive Zeppelin-shaped spacecraft which ranks among the largest spacecraft in Antarctica at over 900 meters in length. It is capable of storing dozens of Haunebu and Walkyr spacecraft, along with its own offensive capabilities. Only a single Siegfried was ever produced, and it currently sits in drydock having only ever flown under its own power once.

Relationships With Other Nations[edit]

Formerly, the Dark Side of the Moon was largely unknown to greater Antarctica, with Ed Island being the only country to know of its existence (although others had their suspicions). After the treaty between the Wulfen and Ed Island was signed, the Dark Side of the Moon was revealed to Antarctica with mixed responses, many nations believing the decades-old lunar colony to be a fabrication.


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