Wutt Energy

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Wutt Energy
Behold... THE POWAH!
Type Energy
Effects Control over reality
Source Fourth Wall
Location Everywhere
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

Wutt Energy, also called Wutt Radiation, is a strange phenomenon that is intertwined with the fabric of the spacetime continuum itself. Wutt Energy has the ability to warp spacetime and alter reality in any way possibly imaginable. However, its power cannot be absorbed and controlled at will. Control of Wutt Energy requires working through special devices that can store Wutt Energy and use it.

The ultimate and only source of Wutt Energy is the Fourth Wall, which pulsates with the stuff over nine quintillion times a second.


Wutt Energy, manifested in this universe, is a form of energy that is carried by the Wutt Boson and forms a glowing ball of neon-blue. It floats around before disappearing, upon which an unexpected event usually happens.

Wutt Energy is used by the Fourth Wall to make sure that all stories run their course logically. The Fourth Wall is somewhat like a giant supercomputer, with the universe as a program. The Wall transmits data by pulsing Wutt Energy Waves, which affect the universe and cause certain events to happen. If a premise is set, the Fourth Wall will make sure the story continues in the most simplistic logical way possible.

This is where the BoF comes in. By artificially controlling Wutt Energy, they are able to "program" reality and alter the events of the story when needed. The Fourth Wall does most of the work progressing the story, but should anything unwanted happen, the BoF steps in and changes the outcome. The BoF is essentially the user of the Fourth Wall supercomputer.

Wutt Energy is transmitted in a secret code that can "program" reality. This code is not known to any living creature -- it has been deliberately forgotten to prevent accidents or sabotage. The code is stored in each of the devices of the Masters of the Universe, so that the devices are able to control reality through the Masters' operation.

Wutt energy, like light or sound, travels in waves. These waves have different frequencies. The higher the frequency, the more drastic the change to something is. An interesting thing about the wutt boson is that it can either have a positive charge (shown as W+) or a negative charge (shown as W-). As shown by the symbols, wutt energy only has a charge of one. However, when multiple wutt energy waves hit an object, the overall wutt energy charge on an object can be much greater. These charges can be picked up on doinkometers. The wutt boson lands on the object that the wutt energy is changing and uses its electric charge to change the object by changing its atomic structure by either kicking protons out of the atom by repelling them if it is positive or adding protons to the atom by attracting them if it is negative. If more wutt energy with the correct charge hits around the electrons, then that will change the charge of the atom back to zero.


For years the Masters of the Universe, the only creatures allowed to know about Wutt Energy, have studied this phenomenon. In the past, because it can form a glowing ball, it was thought to be a form of matter. It was not until 1867 when a master was experimenting with it when he realised that it can pass through objects which matter simply cannot do if it is big enough to see because the atoms needed to build something so big would repel each other. This of course meant that it was a form of energy and it was given the name Wutt Energy. Now the masters knew that it is energy, they had to rewrite everything they knew about it and start over but in the end they found out more about the Fourth Wall now they knew that it was capable of forming the particle that they called the Wutt Boson. In 1900, a search to find more forms of Wutt Energy that could be manifested in this universe began but all efforts had no new results which meant that no matter what Wutt Energy is always seen as a glowing blue ball to the naked eye. In 1917, as the Khanzem War dragged on, the masters considered writing the discovery of Wutt Energy for use in a bomb but they thought that would be too dangerous and went with writing in a less dangerous weapon into the universe instead. Today Wutt Energy is a closely guarded secret with only a select few creatures, the Masters of the Universe, being allowed to know about it at any given time.

The Wutt Barrier[edit]

The Wutt Barrier is what contains all countries to within a certain radius of the Antarctic mainland.

The Wutt Barrier describes the outer edges of penguin-inhabited Antarctica, which possesses a much higher concentration of Wutt Energy than other places on Earth. The Wutt-Barrier is a semi-permeable "membrane" of sorts that is passable by penguins and puffles, albeit with great difficulty and at great risk.

Countries bordering the Wutt Barrier[edit]

The following countries and territories are located very close to the Wutt Barrier, restricting their overall territorial waters, and oftentimes impacting the physical properties of these locations.


  • Wutt Energy is classified as UP on the Classification Code.
  • Not even Director Benny can access the code for Wutt Energy programming.
  • Doinkometers rely on Wutt Energy to read for plot changes.
  • Among Wutt Energy's many abilities is the property of warping and bending spacetime. This makes it valuable in portals and Time Machines.
  • Wutt Energy, in addition to programming reality, can give objects special abilities. For example, it is thought that PKMN-Jitsu Cards are more powerful than normal Card-Jitsu Cards due to Wutt Energy.
  • Crash Test currently tries to research this strange energy hoping to implement it into his inventions and manipulate it.
  • The existence of Wutt Energy has been theorized by physicists for decades under the name dark energy. Current quantum tunneling equipment indirectly utilize dark energy without knowledge of its full potential.

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