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Name X-Factor
Type Trio of X-Creatures that are good
Location Flywish's Mansion
Head PinkroomX
Job To take over the world for themselves.
Members PinkroomX
Jenni X
Headquarters Flywish's Base

The X-Factor is a trio of 3 X-Antibodies that work for Flywish. They are a small trio that are similar to X Trio The members are:

  • PinkroomX is an X-Antibody of Pinkroom13 founder and fire master who is a fire ninja.
  • Xinston is a nasty X-Antibody of Winston He is immune to pain and can kick very hard.
  • Jenni X is an X-Antibody of Jenni, She spreads the X-Virus for Flywish.


One day, 3 X-Creatures that worked for Flywish decided to work together and make the X-Factor. They often attacked villains like WishFlyX, Jenni, and Darktan and Nightmare. They also have been defeated but never lost their friendship. They stayed friends forever and ever. They then viciously attacked Pinkroom because it was PinkroomX's command.

Honorary Members[edit]

  • Flywish- He is their favorite leader.
  • GGD- For being part of Flywish's Army
  • Gruff- He is used to throw stuff at demon penguins.
  • Flywish's Army- They all are with them.


  • Flywish still employs them
  • They hate Treacherous Trio
  • They usualy say "Don't mess with the X-Factor"
  • They are a very powerful group.
  • WishFlyX is willing to destroy them brutally.


  • Nightmare- He may be their creator, but for obvious reasons (He's evil.)they hate him.
  • Darktan- He is a very evil penguin, and they target him.
  • Treacherous Trio- They plan to destroy Flywish and once killed him.


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