X-Treme Penguin

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X-Treme Penguin
X-Treme Penguin image.PNG
What's the matter, too EXTREME for you?
Title Stuntsman
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Health Very crazy
Level 30
Status Making crazy X-treme inventions
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Too crazy to have one
Catchphrase "What's the matter, too EXTREME for you?"
Friends Punch Beaktoiski
Red and Blue
Enemies Sane game players
Archetype Neutral

Rydan de Corovoû, otherwise known as X-Treme Penguin, is a crazy penguin that finds the games in Club Penguin boring, and mixes them with other games, making X-Treme inventions that normally fail and result in X-TREME pain. He is Slidur's brother cousin, having hatched to Slidur's aunt Copaula.


X-Treme Penguin hatched as Rydan de Corovoũ on Club Penguin Island, from parents who were of Castillan and Club Penguinian descent. Even as a chick, like his friend, he craved danger. He would do dangerous stunts, such as jumping off playground swingsets, playing soccer with golf clubs, and jumping off of the roof of his igloo onto a trampoline. All without a safety helmet. This is probably why he's so crazy.

Even though he always ended injured, he never gave up, and when he grew up, he started making his common X-Treme inventions, such as the X-Treme Jetpack Surf Cartz, the X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz, the X-Treme Jetpack Surf Hopperz, and the X-Treme Jetpack Find Four. Very soon, he discovered the dangerous sport of "parkour", and he loved it due to how X-Treme and dangerous it was. He loved practicing it everyday. Without a safety helmet, as usual.

X-Treme Penguin quickly found a common bond with Punch Beaktoiski when he eventually met him, who also risked life and limb for the sake of doing crazy stunts. To this day, Punch helps X-Treme Penguin build his X-Treme inventions. Some time after meeting Punch, he happened to accidently meet Goorp too. Although Goorp wanted to be X-Treme's friend, X-Treme found Goorp too "tame and NOT X-TREME ENOUGH!", simply because he wears a safety helmet, so he doesn't like him at all. He also met Xoorp as well, but instead of hating him as any sane penguin would, he admired him for a short time, when he realized that Xoorp was just "tamer and LESS X-TREME THAN GOORP!!!", to put it in his X-Treme words.

Some time after that, he met Red and Blue. Due to similar interests (e.g. wild shenanigans), they quickly became friends, and he eventually helped them make "X-TREME JOUSTING CART SURFZ!!" and "X-TREME JET PACK CART SURFZ!!!" respectively, ending with disastrous results.

In 2018, he met Motorbike Fred, in a wild shenanigan involving lots of hot sauce, jetpacks, and constant refrains of "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". Although X-Treme quite liked him, the fact that Fred's wild stunts almost never involved jetpacks and that his were more of the "Action Penguin" move-style stunts meant that X-Treme couldn't make him his friend.


X-Treme Penguin is X-Tremely crazy, and bored of the normal versions of Club Penguin's games. All of his inventions have to involve, and are made with, jetpacks, which is what usually makes him fall off or crash, and usually miners' carts too. Many of his inventions not only harm him, but others and other things. He normally runs penguins over (thankfully, no series injuries are yet to be reported), he destroyed the Sled Racing finish line's banner, he kills sharks (wait, that's a good thing!) when playing Puffle Rescue, ect.


  • X-Treme Ice Melter - As a chick, he came across his friend, who was stuck in the ice. He then retrieved his X-Treme Ice Melter (basically a huge hairdryer), and melted the ice for him, allowing him to get out.
  • X-Treme Hydro-Hopper Surf Cart - Arguably his most famous invention, this was first seen by the three penguins who run the Hydro-Hopper business. He had hired the boat for the day, and as they were waiting, they saw him fly into the air with a surfboard and a jetpack tied onto his Hydro-Hopper floater, flew for a grand one and a half minutes, and crashed into the water. Very quickly, a comic was made of the incident by the Club Penguin Times, where he was incorrectly coloured green.


  • All of his inventions have jetpacks involved.
  • His only friends are Punch Beaktoiski, Red and Blue.
  • All of his inventions fail.
  • He is in Penguin Kart 2.

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