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Fury in Puffle form
Born SnoX Xuff FuzzXall
March 19, 2010 (2010-03-19) (age 9)
A town of peace... until then
Gender Male
Nationality ???
Other names The Enemy
Occupation Trying to become strong and destroy the enemy... but failing.
Years active 2010
Notable works Is "failing to dominate the world" a notable deed?
Home town PuffleVille (odd, huh?)
Height 1' 6" (no levitation)
Weight 17.9 lbs.
Known for Being evil...?
Title Well, well, well. If it isn't the bratty fellow
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents N/A
Relatives N/A
You will not last long like that.
— SnoX

SnoX Xuff FuzzXall (Pronounced Sno-wlx eks-uff Fuzz-iks-all) is the semi-evil X-Antibody of Snow. Snow is caring but judgmental, but SnoX is the opposite. Nobody knows why he's always portrayed as the bad guy. He's been known to be kinda crazy at times hasn't been caught fooling around.


SnoX was formed when Snow drank some murky water from the BRL in 2010. The story is told below.


Snow: And... there we go. Yaaay, the puzzle's comple-*sneezes cutely*

Black goo lays on the floor.

Snow: What? Who did that?

Rising from the goo, SnoX greets Snow.

SnoX: Why hello there, foolish puffle. Nice to meet you in person.

Snow: Who are you, and why are you here?!?

SnoX: Allow me to explain. Ahem. I am an evil clone of you... and I'm here to take over the WORLD! Ahahahaha!

Snow: Uhh, what are your evil plans?

SnoX: Why do you wanna know?

Snow: That's what I'd say!

SnoX: Because I AM you, technically, foolish puffle.

Snow: Yeah, I see that.

SnoX: Oh, and one more thing. I'm taking these thingies.

SnoX proceeds to grab what looks to be a rather large blueprint of a robotic Puffle, and takes it for himself.


Add ban as necessary! Add more-- if you dare!

  • Heya. You've been working yourself quite the bit, huh?
  • About time you showed up, Snow. You're 16 seconds late.
  • Ohh... so you brought your cat along? I'll go so easy on the little tyke... just kitten.
  • Y'know. Snow. There's one thing I wish you never did. CROSS my path.
  • About my models, DigiPuffle 2.0 and N.D.G.! They like to listen to HEAVY METAL.
  • Well, without my left-hand henchman... guess it's gonna be all-right now.
  • I bet you're wondering why it's taking so long for you to drown. Let it sink in.
  • Show me some respect. After all, I X-pect great things from you!
  • Get out, you fluffy doofus!
  • X-model D-20DG1: Digipuffle 2.0, get them!
  • X-model D-NG00P: NDG, the next big thing in technology!
  • X-model P-B0UNC: PogoPuffle, the spring-tailed robot- based off that pesky kitten! You are nothing!
  • X-model 3-V1L30: SnoX Tank, the ultimate fighting machine, 100% made by me!
  • X-model 5-TR3KK: Slate Slayer Mach 5, the ultimate counter weapon!
  • X-model E-3TANK: T.A.N.K. 2.0., the Totally Awesome Nasty King! With complete DNA samples included!
  • X-model S-ST3AM: Steam-Rampage, the train-of-terror-who-is-tricky-to-train-to-be-a-train-but-is-terrifyingly-tempered!
  • X-model D-DRAC0: Rhinoceragon, the Hybrid Dragon!

Nightmare Epic[edit]

Xplorer captured SnoX and had him controlled by Nightmare, like many other X-Antibodies. In the final battle he faced the Frosty Five, SPB, Chomper and FrostByte all at once before being released.


SnoX's normal theme.

SnoX's calm microtheme.


  • Whenever he sneezes, a bomb explodes.
  • When he meets up with Snow, he always starts his dialogue with Hello, foolish puffle.
  • Oddly enough, the 2 seem to get along... in a way.
  • SnoX is the creator of DigiPuffle, DigiPuffle 2.0, and N.D.G. The first of them turned good, the others still work for him to this day.
  • He's been known to cause chaos wherever he travels.
  • SnoX HATES salad. Especially with Wildberries.
  • SnoX does happen to have a black and red party hat, but he rarely wears it.
  • His referring of his minions by a fancy name is a running gag.

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