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X max1
X max1.png
X max1 (crazy)
Title Pure Evil Insanity
Gender Male
Race Z (X-Antibody)
Faction None
Health He Doesn't Care
Level X
Status Hiding
Location ZITHIA

X max1 is the X-Antibody of Z Max1.


In late early 2010 a large amount of X-Virus was dropped into the sea and made it's way to ZITHIA, when it tainted the drinking water of Z Max1 he became very sick. Before he could do anything the machines he was connected to formed a new being, X max1. Because he is the opposite of Z Max1 he is very strong but has little to no mental capabilities often making him angry for no reason.


For a long time, X max1 never set foot outside of ZITHIA meaning almost no one knew he existed. Currently he is most likely ramming around somewhere in ZITHIA.

During the Nightmare Epic, a jetski made by DarX was used to reach ZITHIA and capture X max1 to have him controlled by Nightmare. In the final battle, he attacked DaiVoyager and SirenBuilder until being freed.

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