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She is so EVIL
Title X antibody
Gender Female
Race X antibody
Faction crime lords
Health good
Level Medium
Status Helping Xorai plot to destroy Darktan along with other villains, and take over the world
Location Xorai's HQ


Xara formed out of the same explosion that created Xorai. She also stars in The Corai Show As a minor character. She seems to enjoy playing with Corai even though she despises him. She has been seen with a Unknown Purple/Pink Puffle.


  • is Dara's arch enemey
  • Loves to spend time with Mabel and Mabel X.
  • loves to cook for Cabel

Traits and abilities[edit]

  • Xara has a complete lack of emotion, excluding rage and love.
  • She adores Mabel X.
  • She adores scaring Dara and Corai, though Dara often fights (and scares) back.
  • Laser vision.


  • She may get along with Willie Watt and Mabel because they are evil.
  • Unlike her counterpart, Xara is successfully dating Xorai. They have a very close relationship.
  • Xara, like Ban, never shouts. She can get angry, but she expresses it dully, as a part of her lack of most emotions.
  • Dara has indeed beaten her up before.
  • She cant suffer cause of her lack of emotion nor get scared, but can feel pain, but can ignore it thus she has no pain even though she is, confusing right?
  • She has a abve average IQ for a X antibody
    • Shes smarter then Xorai.
  • She has a Xara clone which was acciently made.
  • She tends to use the Xara clone whne talkign to a enemey.
  • Se rarely goes outside, when she does she goes inside soon after.
    • She has glasses but rarely use them.
  • when Amigopen saw her at first, Amigopen screamed "OMG, A ZOMBIE!!" then he randomly whacked Xara 51 times.

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