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The only truly evil member of G's Family.
Title Traitor
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction It is currently being debated if he is "gothic", or just an evil scientist. Probaly an evil scientist... we think.
Health Fantastic
Level Ranked "Higher Minion" is Darktan's Army.
Status Doing something evil for Darktan.
Location Roaming, tricking unsuspecting penguins into telling information.

Xary (pronounced Zarry), otherwise known as "Penguin X" or simply "X", is the only "truly" evil penguin in G's Family. He was mostly left alone, until he met Darktan and joined his ranks.

Since he is not well known, and also considering that he is a family member of the legendary scientist, most penguins will tell him what he seeks to know. That, and the fact that he is a rather spooky character (Darktan likes spooky characters) has landed him an admirable spot in the Darktonian Army.

He is the seventh youngest in the family.


G tends to speak little of this younger sibling, since as previously established, he can't understand how evil can sneak up in a family of justice.

We do know the following:

  • Xary is younger than J, older than H.
  • He was very recently declassified.
  • His egg was dropped in the snow before he hatched.
  • As a chick, he loved to harass his fellow family members.
  • B loves him dearly.
  • He, F and M are the only members of the family that have hair.
  • He is a brilliant scientist.
  • His favorite song? Night on Bald Mountain. Yeah... we don't know why either.
  • His hair is real.

Recently, his past was revealed, as was his present.

Known History[edit]

Xary, the most infamous member of the family, was only friends with his brother, Blary, who both have a hatred for Gary. Xary is said to have moved to what is now Freezeland when he was 18 during Olde Antarctica while his brother, Blary, went to Polaris to study. Xary did not stay in college for very long and eventually dropped out and moved to Polaris to see how his brother was doing. It was then that Blary had discovered about the organization known as STINC, and coaxed Xary to join. Xary started as an intern at the beginning, though he had very little college experience. Nevertheless, the head of the scientific department at the time believed that Xary had true potential, thus he sent him to a school in the Eastern portion of Boorlin in North Alemania. There, Xary excelled in science and earned his PhD in Chemistry and Engineering. Unlike his brother, Blary, Xary never contributed too much into STINC's scientific department, though he frequently used to assist Blary in experiments and projects. After STINC's fall, Xary fled to North Alemania temporarily, and he later joined Darktan's Army for several years. Today, Xary and Blary are still in contact and are currently deciding to secretly reunify STINC.


Aunt Artic: So this is your Interview, Xary. (Pause). Xary?

Xary: (Glasses fall off, bumps into Willie, who was against the wall, eavesdropping on him and Aunt Artic)

AA: So... I heard you're evil.

X: Yes. Gah! Evil! Yes, BWA HA HA HA!

Willie: (Eavesdropping) 0_0


  • The Abyss Knights are jealous of X.
  • He did not participate in The Great Darktonian Pie War.
  • X is severely allergic to Doom Weeds. Just coming close to one makes him itch like crazy.
  • He has the same hair as Metalmanager's.
  • He has a strange habit of being polite and kind (even addressing people as sir and ma'am), which he blames on his "family instincts".
  • Some people think Darktan hired him so poor Xary could make a fool of himself.
  • Many creatures believe that Xary is not evil, just spooky. If this is the case, Darktan hired him for no reason other than humiliation.
  • He is brothers with Blary, and also works with him.
  • Willie Watt has a crush on him.
  • Nobody knows if he has a crush, but Willie Watt hopes he likes her.
  • He is EVIL!
  • He works for Darktan.
  • He spies on other creatures.
  • He wears disguises in public.
  • He does not know "The Look" (unlike F), but he plans to learn.
  • He has a weird laugh, which is unmistakable for those who have heard it.
  • He is an honorary member of the Treacherous Trio.
  • Xary is fluent in both English and German due to his studies in North Alemania.

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