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Stupid, Dumbness of the whole Club Penguin city, Xave Jones 'Xhristoxer' Sr. Xoan MXI
Xave jones drawn.PNG
Y0 M4N!
Title L33T F0R3V4!
Gender Male
Race X-antibody
Faction Unknown
Health Strong
Level 10
Status Chasing Wave Jones
Location Unknown
Wh0 4r3 y0u 4nd w4t 4r u d01n' 1n mah H1d30ut!??!?!?
— Xave Jones

Stupid, Dumbness of the whole Club Penguin city, Xave Jones 'Xhristoxer' Sr. Xoan MXI, or just Xave Jones for short, is an X-Antibody of Wave Jones.

Birth of Xave Jones[edit]

-WARN-.This is a secret that Wave Jones keeps when he keeps to telling that he broke his left arm during a Surf contest, this was proven wrong.-WARN-
Wave Jones WAS on a surf contest, noticing a judge is about to drink an X-Virus! (Wait, how is that even possible? I mean, where did he buy it?). After the wave comes along to the judge chair, he took the bottle and accidentally broken it. The virus got to Wave's body.
A month later, in the night.... Wave was watching the movie that Mabel likes and hearing a music that makes Mabel cry. Wave feels sick, can't breathe and some stuffs. An Antibody came out from his back!. Feeling pain, Wave broke his right arm. The antibody then flew up to the window and ran away... Since then, Wave never talked...

Mission #1[edit]

The antibody, who is now called Xave Jones is trying to kill Wave now. He gets the job from a person. He is everywhere to kill him. He might also kill innocent peoples! Beware!.


  • He can fly.
  • He is the X-Antibody of Wave Jones.
  • He is 100% ANTI-SILENTISM.
  • He has a Big X sign on his beak.
  • Unlike Wave Jones, he doesn't wear any sunglasses.
  • He has a BIG unibrow.
  • Xplorer found him "too ugly" to capture during the Nightmare Epic.

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