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Title Bellina X
Gender Female
Race X Creatures
Faction Darktan's Army
Health good
Level 1,000
Status Working with Nightmare
Location Snowzerland Castle with Bellina

Xellina (Pronounced Zellina) is the X-antibody of Bellina. She and Bellina are good friends, but view each other as rivals for conquering the world.


Bellina once caught the X-Virus. She then coughed out Xellina. They often worked together; they always played together when Swiss and Maddie watched them. When Maddie and Swiss were gone, they would make plans on how to destroy the castle. Thanks to Bellina already being evil, they were best friends, and they would usually work together in battles. (A lot like how WishFlyx and Agent X work together)

Later, Xellina discovered and then joined Darktan's Army. She was a very good minion, and still worked with Bellina as partners. However, Bellina would get more credit and apreciation than Xellina. Because of her jealousy, Xellina began to view Bell as weak and incompetent. She started to dislike Bellina, and they became more competitive towards each other. Becoming tired of it all, Xellina revealed to Maddieworld and Swiss that she was evil (she was, after all, an X-Antibody), and ran away from both her home and from Darktan's Army to join Nightmare's army. Nightmare accepted her, and she was treated better. She is good friends with Fisxh and Nightmare.

Some time afterwards, Fisxh and The Black Knight persuaded her to join the Anti-Hochstadt Gang, which she is a proud member of.


She can fly, and when they were friends, she sometimes gave Bellina rides to places. She also acted cute around Maddie and Swiss, until she made her evilness public.


  • She loves calling Bellina "Bell" as a nickname. Bellina doesn't mind.
  • Flywish thinks they're adorable together.
  • Xorai hates her, even though they are in the same gang.
  • She once tried to make Bellina's evilness public, but this was an epic fail because no-one believed her.
  • She is a parody of Bertram, from Family Guy.
  • This is possibly because she is against Bellina.
  • Ben Hun plans to make her suffer, for causing him to lose a battle with Flywish.

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