Xeng Guin

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Xeng Guin

A photographer luckily managed to get this photo of him.
Born Xeng Guin
March 16, 2010
Voltix Base
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Peng Guin X
Occupation Antagonist
Years active 2010-present
Notable works Unknown
Known for Joining Nightmare's Army

Xeng Guin is Peng Guin's X-Antibody. He's very evil and lives in the Darktonian Realm.


Peng became infected by the X-Virus in an encounter with the Fellowship of the Voltix. Due to his infection, he also became a voltix, and the leader of the voltix for a short time until he was cured. When Peng was cured, he coughed out a black substance which shaped itself into Xeng Guin. Xeng Guin escaped and even joined Darktan's Army and S.H.A.R.K.. He was captured by KwikXilver and controlled by Nightmare in the Nightmare Epic... but for some reason he didn't really do anything. He retreated to the Darktonian Realm after Nightmare Epic and has been there ever since.


Xeng Guin has the power to turn things into other materials which is very useful when he's trying to escape. Xeng Guin has never used his powers on penguins, but if he is ever in a life-threatening situation he knows he can always turn them into stone. Xeng Guin doesn't use his powers much, but he has used them to turn vault doors into ice inside banks and then steal money.


Xeng Guin is known for his common robbery of banks, ATMs, and other places. He also steals valuable information or technology to help Darktan or to help S.H.A.R.K. build some evil weapon. Xeng Guin hasn't been seen much and always covers his traces. Xeng Guin was involved in the Nightmare Epic and had been controlled to follow all the other X-Antibody. After the event ended, Xeng ran away with all the escaping X-Antibodies. He returned to the Darktonian Realm where he currently is taking orders from either Darktan.


  • He hates the colour teal for some strange reason.
    • Probably because it's his original's colour.

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