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[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] #@ #@!1!
— XenguinXuffXude
"[email protected](3 M^ [email protected] [email protected]([email protected] 3O0o!"
Born XenguinXuffXude
November 9, 2014 (2014-11-09) (age 4)
In Penguinpuffdude's igloo
Died ???
Residence Unknown
Gender Female
Nationality X-Antibodian
Other names ???
Education ???
Occupation Being an evil X-Antibody
Years active 2015-present
Employer Herself
Notable works Building an extremely large jackhammer that always breaks down
Home town Penguinpuffdude's igloo
Known for Being an X-Antibody
Title Unkown
Successor Penxuinxuffdoude, her more series clone
Opponent(s) The Good Guys, Penxuinxuffdoude (in a way)
Relatives Penxuinxuffdoude, Penguinpuffdude (both biologically)
She considers herself to be evil, but she is actually a pathetic X-Antibody that occasionally has a good plan.

Not to be confused with BOSS XeXeXe

XenguinXuffXude (pronounced Zjheng-win Zjhuff-zjhood (with a strong "zj"), usually abbreviated to XeXuXu) is the crazy, pathetic and Str00del-like X-Antibody of Penguinpuffdude, and enjoys inventing absurd or unnecessary things. She was naturally created with the ability to speak l33t only, like Xave Jones and Xplorer. Due to the fact that she was spat out too early, she is wacky and is easily vulnerable to being arrested. She has a clone, named Penxuinxuffdoude, who is considerably more down-to-earth and serious than her. Her most notable invention is a crazily large jackhammer, named the "[email protected] [email protected]([email protected] 3O0o!", which almost always malfunctions. The only known use of the jackhammer is to drill holes into things, and can be also used as a screwdriver.

She is known to rarely have good ideas, most notably the creation of her clone Penxuinxuffdoude. Most of her other ideas and inventions are throwaway, and usually end up in a catastrophe in the place where she makes them. Nobody is sure where she resides, but it is known that it is near Club Penguin's Forest. Every holiday she has been booby-trapped by two penguins, whenever she walks into the path exiting of the Forest.

Like many other antibodies, she is completely different from Penguinpuffdude - for example, she isn't a ninja, she only knows English and hates listening to pre-modern music. She also dislikes pizza and hot sauce, for her own personal reasons. She hates Mister Bean (as well as his brother Mister Lobaloba) with a passion, simply because she thinks that he's two weird. Often, she has sweet dreams about hitting him multiple times with both her flipper and her jackhammer, but before she can really "knock" him "unconscious", her dreams about him end.


On November 9th, 2014, Penguinpuffdude caught the X-Virus on a walk to the park with her father, Prof. Penguinpuffdude, when she began running (for no apparent reason) and then slipped on a muddy puddle, falling head-first into a bin. Not knowing that the bin was badly infected from the X-Virus, she got up long before her father managed to reach her, and knowing that if she told him he would overreact, she acted as if she only slipped and fell on the snow, and afterwards acted as if nothing happened. Two days later, she began getting stomach pains, and sneezed a lot. As the sneezing was usually done when her parents and adopted sister was not around, she only thought it was the upcoming alert of a new type of fever, and thinking it was that she didn't alert her parents to go and get an injection of Ditto. Two weeks and five days later, in their balcony, she suddenly began a coughing fit, and after 10 coughs (ranging to serious to normal), she coughed out a blue-coloured goo.

Hakyoungdong: EEEEEEEEE!!! WHAT'S THAT?

As both Penguinpuffdude and Hakyoungdong were covering their eyes in fright, the goo slowly formed into a mysterious-looking, blue penguin with a large, green "X" on her belly. As the formation was happening, Hakyoungdong was secretly peeping to see what was happening.

Hakyoungdong: I get it now! It's the X-Virus!

????: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]! 1 @m X3ngU1nXuffXud3, @nd 1 W1ll [email protected] 0V3R T#3 W0rlD!!!!

As the so-called XenguinXuffXude was cackling near the window, Penguinpuffdude's mother Agnes Penguinpuff, being a naturally brave penguin, waddled up to her and said:

Agnes Penguinpuff: Oh really?

With that, she pushed XenguinXuffXude out of the window, and let her fall into the rose-bush outside.

Later Life[edit]

After ten minutes of making a fuss in the rosebush to every other penguin who passed, she finally escaped from the thorns, and ran away, crying from the pain. Some penguins believe that the thorns made her pathetic and slightly stupid, for as soon as the ran into the street, she was unaware that a truck nearly hit her. After crashing several cars trying not to hit her (usually into trees), she finally escaped from the area and took refuge in the Forest. Here, she stayed for the rest of the night and when it was the next day, she went out and looked for a place to live in. She found an old abandoned shed in the middle of the forest, and began living there. This is presumably the same place where she made her giant jackhammer, and created her private cloning machine (which was eventually destroyed after making Penxuinxuffdoude).

The next day, she began exploring her surroundings, and while hiding in a bush she heard two young penguins gossiping about finding a job. XenguinXuffXude took this as a note that she should earn a job, and as soon as the two penguins left the area, she jumped out of the bush and began looking for the so-called "job". Not knowing that the concept of the word "job" was actually imaginary and was a word to describe work that every grown-up penguin has to do, she looked under cups and tables, inside bushes and books, and even tried find it by eating food. While she was in the process of doing these things, she freaked out many other penguins, and one day, as she was searching for a "job" under a piece of paper in another penguin's igloo, the green-feathered penguin who inhabited the igloo waddled up to her and asked what she was looking for. XenguinXuffXude replied that "1'm l00k1nG F0r @ j08!", and the kind, brave penguin then told her that a job was not found underneath or inside things, it was actually a thing that one could find by going and doing something for almost every Monday to Friday, and the occasional paperwork on the two resting days and on holidays.

XenguinXuffXude suddenly realized that she was probably wrong the entire time, and she then ran out to earn a job. She first got employed as the chef's assistant in the Pizza Parlour, but because whenever the chef was away she wasted food by making her own unsuccessful pizzas on the pizza-belt, she was fired on her fifth day there. She then got employed at the Coffee Shop as a cleaner, but because whenever she heard the music she began dancing very clumsily and therefore kept on bumping into the waiters (as well as writing insulting messages at night on the floor using soap), she was fired on her third day there. She gave up all hope, until she was given a random Waffle by a generous penguin who happened to have too many of them. She took a bite out of the waffle, and noticed there was a message in it. She bit off the top part of it, and read the message. The message said - "m1$T3r [email protected] 1$ @W3$0M3!!! J01n t#3 $tr00d3l f0R(3!!". Thinking that it would be a good way to get a job, she looked for a Str00del that could help her to join the Str00del Force. She eventually managed to join on the 23th of December 2014, moved into the HQ, and was given the status of an "Evil Member". However, on her second day in the force, she met Mister Bean. Remembering that the message said that he was awesome, she tried to be polite to him, but Mister Bean, being extremely comically weird, walked away in a weird fashion after making a strange face at her. From that point on, XenguinXuffXude began despising him with a passion.

A few days later, she heard of his brother named Mister Lobaloba, and also heard that he was weird too. She began hating being in the Str00del Force, and started planning her escape. One night, on the New Year's Day of 2015, she escaped (surprisingly) silently from her bunk in the HQ while carrying her items in a large bag, and ran back to her shed in the Forest. As soon as she got back to her beloved shed and former residence, she withdrew from public view and resurfaced in April 2015, with her first invention - the "[email protected][email protected](K3R 2000!". Fortunately to her victims, the machine broke down after firing five waffles, and as she was humiliated for making such a ridiculous invention, she went back to her shed and disappeared, until she returned a week later with a new invention. This new invention was the "[email protected]^3R 1500!", but it also broke down after the first hour of flying pieces of paper around her victims. She kept on repeating the same cycle of breaking the invention down, and then returning back to her shed, only to return a few days later. Her first invention that did work was originally one of Gary's inventions, which was the "[email protected] [email protected](k#@mm3R 3o0o!!", which caused mass destruction in her shed and the igloos of her victims. However, it broke the next day, and she was then humiliated once more.

Current Life[edit]

Fed up of being accused about her ridiculous inventions, she felt that she needed a friend or a companion. Suddenly, she thought of the idea of making a cloning machine, and began work. It lasted for 3 months, but in July 2015 her cloning machine was finally ready. When she activated the machine and set the timer to "1 Minute", she positioned herself to get cloned, but when it seemed as if it was about to shoot the cloning laser the machine broke down (as usual). Because she was upset at her misfourtune, she sat down and cried, but as it was a stormy night, and that her only window was open, a lightning bolt suddenly hit the machine, and activated the laser on XenguinXuffXude just before it (the machine) was electrocuted for good. When the laser beam stopped, XenguinXuffXude opened her eyes and noticed that a dark-blue penguin, with a small brown "X" on her flipper who looked like she was only 14, was standing next to her. She then figured out that the machine made a clone, and as she knew the penguin wouldn't have a name, she named her "Penxuinxuffdoude", after herself. The newly-named Penxuinxuffdoude began speaking in a mixture of X-speech and in normal tones, and her first sentence was -

Penxuinxuffdoude: Sooo...where am I? And what am I doing here?

When this happened, XenguinXuffXude began a conversation with her and tried explaining to her that she was her creator, and made up a story on why she was created, but because Penxuinxuffdoude was a more cynical and serious type of clone, she didn't believe her at all. She then took a brown cap from XenguinXuffXude's bag of stolen items, and while positioning it on her head she announced to XenguinXuffXude that she was going out to see the world outside, and while Penxuinxuffdoude was out, XenguinXuffXude could feel that she would be annoying and unlucky for her in the future. On the third day of her creation, and after many exploits, Penxuinxuffdoude could clearly see that XenguinXuffXude was a pathetic idiot, so after learning how to write in Webdings, she silently went out of XenguinXuffXude's bed provided for her in her shed at night, took some clothes and left a note for her (in Webdings) to read the next day. Because XenguinXuffXude was such an ignorant fool, she couldn't read the message but still felt like a load was taken off her back, and became happy once again. She has been living alone like this ever since, with the occasional visit from Penxuinxuffdoude for help, ideas for inventions, and also because Penxuinxuffdoude feels that it's her duty to visit her sometimes.


In most cases, she is the villain that can never get things correct. For example, she may be in the middle of a battle, and although she is armed with one of her inventions that do work, she can't get it working properly. Most of her inventions are either for flying purposes (which malfunction more often than a jetpack would), or an insanely large gun/cannon (either which the firing mechanism falls off or malfunctions). She wasn't invited to the villains' meeting during the beginning of Operation Improbable, simply because she is too pathetic, and as almost all of her inventions have failed, Darktan II and the other hosts of the meeting knew that she would never be able to make a proper plan involving an invention that would work properly.



When she's with Penxuinxuffdoude, although she was her creator, she acts almost like a servant to Penxuinxuffdoude, and because of this XenguinXuffXude is usually the one that gets blamed and shouted at. After working out that XenguinXuffXude was a pathetic idiot, Penxuinxuffdoude moved out of XenguinXuffXude's shed after three days of her creation, which made both of them happy. As they don't really like each other (and can become a nuisance to one another too), their relationships have become quite sour and the pair usually don't meet, unless they need each other's help, or are in desperate cases. Another reason why Penxuinxuffdoude doesn't really like XenguinXuffXude is that she thinks that her name (Penxuinxuffdoude) is very uncreative, and sounds too similar to her creator's name. This is why Penxuinxuffdoude, when asked for it and when she needs to sign something, usually changes her name to "Beatrice Herring", as she is worried that her real name would make penguins mock her.


Like every other good penguin, Penguinpuffdude dislikes her as she is supposedly evil, and they obviously have a bad relationship together. Luckily for Penguinpuffdude and her family, her antibody is one of the rare pathetic villains and therefore she and her family, being pacifists, believe that she (usually) wouldn't make any major trouble to the world. Every holiday, they make a booby-trap organised by Penguinpuffdude's orange-feathered PWNguin cousin Popcorn 3000 hidden outside the entrance to the Forest, so they can laugh at how pathetic XenguinXuffXude is.

Mister Bean[edit]

Ever since the two met, XenguinXuffXude began despising him with a passion, so if the two do meet again, both XenguinXuffXude and Mister Bean would be mean (and act hilariously) to each other. However, if a rivalry and a silent battle of being mean to each other occurred, Mister Bean would ultimately take his revenge and be the winner of the silent rivalry/battle. Luckily to each other, XenguinXuffXude almost never leaves Club Penguin, and as Mister Bean is mostly in other parts of the land, the two therefore have only a twenty-percent chance of reuniting.


  • Ideas - Although she is so stupid, she happens to have many ideas, but the ideas that could work are always rejected. She has made an estimated 100 inventions, with only 40 that worked properly, and only 1 (her giant jackhammer) that didn't break down completely after a limited time period.
  • Enough Items - For an unknown reason, she always has enough items to create her crazy inventions. Let it be a cloning machine, or a large jackhammer, or a copy of one of X-Treme Penguin's inventions, she will always have the items to make it.
  • Speaks L33t - She can speak l33t, which is the language of the Str00dels. This means that she can communicate easily with l33t-speakers, and will gather information that only they know.


  • Foolish - Although she has good ideas, she is quite foolish and is an ignorant X-Antibody. If she was a normal penguin, she would never be able to pass her exams without cheating.
  • Inventions Don't Work - Her inventions usually don't work, even though she has all of the correct material to make them. For example, her cloning machine broke down; her giant jackhammer almost always breaks down; and any invention that copies one of X-Treme Penguin's "inventions" would always break down.
  • Isn't Multilingual - Although she can speak l33t, she is limited in other languages. She can only speak a few words in proper English, but cannot speak any other language besides that and l33t.


  • "W000000000000000000000000000000!!!!!"


(Two robbers are escaping a bank, carrying bags full of money.)

Spectator: STOP THEIVES!

Robber #1: We better hurry up and get in the car!

Robber #2: Right as always!

XenguinXuffXude: W0000000000000000000000000!!!!!

(XenguinXuffXude suddenly appears out of nowhere with her jackhammer, and slices the robbers' car in two.)

Robber #1 and Robber #2: Oh poop.

(One terrorist and two robbers are driving to the Pizza Parlor, to steal some money and pizzas.)

Frendie: So, you guys remember our plan?

Willheym: To say "HANDS UP!" with the water pistol? Of course I do!

Bennhye: And to steal the money and take some pizzas? Sure I do!

(As The Terrible Trio park outside the Pizza Parlor and get out of the car, a voice of a screaming girl is suddenly heard.)

XenguinXuffXude: W000000000000000000000000000000000!!!

(She then slices The Terrible Trio's car with her jackhammer, and flies away on her jetpack.)

The Terrible Trio: Oh.


  • She seems to have Antisocial Personality Disorder, judging from her sadistic temperament, trickery, mass destruction (courtesy of the jackhammer) and hate of obeying the law.
  • Mcdonalds394 thinks that she has an inappropriate name, unlike Penguinpuffdude.
  • Nobody knows why, but she always is seen wearing her miners' helmet.
  • Some believe this is to make her look more serious.
  • Her theme song can get quite fast at certain periods.
  • Ridiculously, she always tries to carry her jackhammer everywhere she goes.
  • She doesn't know of the existence of Edudffupniugnep, who is younger and far more pathetic than her.
  • Vice-versa, she also doesn't know of the presence of XenguinXuffXude either.
  • XenguinXuffXude doesn't know of the existence of Penguin What Dude either, even though he knows about her.
  • Sometimes, to give it extra power, she ties five jetpacks (and one on her) onto her large jackhammer, and then jumping off the roof of a tall place (an apartment, for example). It usually gives...disastrous effects...
  • She doesn't have a known first or family name.
  • Some penguins think that her family name is simply "X", and her first name "Anxela", and her second name "Clarix".
  • Like Ahcadhist Penjwin, she is bad at names, hence Penxuinxuffdoude's dislike of her own name.
  • Although she is an evil creature, she is responsible for the imprisoning of over 50 robbers every four months, thanks to her jackhammer.

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