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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand CUT!
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Health A lot.
Level More than 25, as that's his x-antibody's level.
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date When Zeno124 got the X-Virus
Occupation Expert prankster
Interests Pulling pranks on penguins
X-Antibody Zeno124
Friends Every evil x-antibody.
Archetype Evil

Xeno124 is the slightly laid-back X-Antibody of Zeno124. Unlike his nice counterpart, he hates movies and video games. He likes to be generally mean to penguins, pulling pranks on them at will. Unlike Zeno, he has no common sense and is somewhat unintelligent, but when it comes to evil plans, he is very smart. He can also hover above the ground (see below).


Zeno caught the x-virus while directing a movie. No one in the room could see what happened as they ran screaming out of the room when they saw blue mucus sneezing its way out of Zeno's mouth. Eww. However, after this day, Zeno gets a little paranoid when stepping into the sets he directs on.

Using a ninja amulet that he stole from the Sensei through a prank (obviously), Xeno can hover above the ground, though he isn't very good at it; he occasionally loses his grip on the amulet and collapses. This comes in the way of pranks and commonly takes away the surprise.

Getting Infected[edit]

Zeno is at his studio, about to shoot a movie, but he has a coughing fit.

Actor: Are--are you okay today, Zeno?

Zeno: Yeah, I'm fine. Alright, places, please. Or--cough--areas. Whatever you want to call them... cough Aaaaaaaaaaaand...

Zeno starts a coughing fit, and a blue gas comes out of his mouth that forms into a penguin.

Xeno: Why, hello! walks to the back of Zeno's directing chair and knocks it over Oops. ... Hah! Sarcasm is hilarious.

Zeno: Who are you...?

Xeno: Thank Nightmare for making you create me... I love this form!

Everyone else in the room runs outside.

Zeno: What the heck...?

Xeno: Hey, uhh, random question. Did you happen to sneeze blue mucus recently?

Zeno: Yes.

Xeno: You idiot, you got the x-virus!

Zeno: gasps I DID?!

long pause

Zeno: What's an x-virus?

Xeno: It's a virus that started spreading around Antarctica years ago. It's still spreading, which is probably why it didn't get to you until now.

Zeno: Wh--wha?

Xeno: And I'm basically, like, your evil antibody or something. Yeah, that's right. Now I'm gonna explore the world, if you don't mind.

Xeno runs out the door into the unknown.


Unlike Zeno, Xeno has neat and parted hair and wears a dark blue suit with a tie. In fact, everything he wears is dark blue. His tie has a red X outline on it, making this the sign that he is an x-creature.


Xeno is very evil, but he likes to keep the evilness to himself, making him one of the lesser evil x-antibodies. He hates everyone, even you. The reason he hates movies and video games (as mentioned above) is because Zeno likes them, so Xeno can't. Although, Xeno does have a slight interest in creepypasta games and violent horror movies.

Fourth Wall[edit]

Rumors have shown that Xeno is able to thoroughly break the Fourth Wall. He can notice that the reader is there and talk to them, and is aware of the fact that there are voices in his head. He can respond to them, use plot devices, and make references to the "script". His level of fourth wall breaking is at Class Five because of this.


  • Despite being evil, his evil laugh isn't very loud nor is it very deep; it sounds this exact same as Zeno's, actually.
  • Technically, "Xeno" is pronounced the same as "Zeno", so it's hard to compare the two as you'd always end up saying "Zeno".
    • Despite this, Xeno doesn't like to be called "Zeno", so he pronounces his name as "Ex-Eno."


  • "Hey, look what I can do! (grips amulet, expecting himself to hover, but nothing happens) Ugh, stupid thing... why won't you work?! (suddenly launches in the air) AHHH!!! Oh my God, I didn't expect that. Anyway, where were we?"
  • "My favorite movie genre? Well, any movie is fine, as long as it includes BLOOD AND VIOLENCE AND DEATH!!!!!!!!!! Ahem... ahem... uhh, anyway, you were saying?"
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