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Title Deathfin X
Gender Male
Race X-Creatures
Faction WishFlyX's Army
Health Deceased
Level High
Status Deceased
Location His grave located outside of WishFlyX's Base
Occupation Soldier for Deathfin
Interests Deathfin, Evil, Knicicles
Friends WishFlyX, Blary
Enemies Darktan, Flywish, Nightmare, Xorai
Archetype Evil

Xfin is the X-Antibody of Deathfin. He works for WishFlyX


Deathfin caught the X-Virus and coughed out Xfin. Thinking Xfin was gonna join Nightmare, Deathfin said hi to him. Xfin said hi back and he joined Deathfin's Army. Deathfin decided to give him that power where you can bite penguins and puffles and make X-Creatures. Xfin decided to use the power wisely. He also tried to befriend other evil X-Creatures and other villains. He mainly did it to get more members for Deathfin's Army. It ended up being a fail. He even tried to befriend Jenni. He also tried to get Jal X to stop being "govil". He failed and tried different stuff.

He later decided it was time to be evil. He attacked Chicks brutally. He also got rid of puffles. He later destroyed igloos and buildings. He even tried to kidnap Gruff but Flywish quickly stopped him. He also ripped one of Fierycold's teeth out which made Flywish demand revenge. He often would scare away tiny chicks and throw eggs making it difficult for the parents to find them. So he was proven very cruel according to Flywish and other good guys.

WishFlyX saw how cruel Xfin was and asked Xfin to join him. WishFlyX thought he was being an idiot to do it but it turned out wrong. Xfin joined WishFlyX's Army being a traitor to Deathfin. Deathfin was very angered. Xfin enjoyed working for WishFlyX.


He loves being evil. He loves to attack good guys and chicks. He also laughs when others are crying. He became known as a cruel penguin. Many Penguins tried to attack him but they always failed because he pwned them everytime.

Evil plans[edit]

  • Destroy Flywish
  • Destroy Darktan
  • Destroy Nightmare
  • Convince someone to leave Nightmare's Army
  • Injure Martha Wish
  • Destroy a building

All of those are not possible due to his death during the War of Vengeance

X-Creatures made[edit]

none yet


He loves to attack penguins. He is very vicious and loves to cause trouble and sadness. He also attacks with Knicicles and Fire Swords. He uses lot's of PWN Missiles and Deletion Missiles.


  • He almost got deleted once.
  • WishFlyX despises him.
  • Xfin was originally called DeathXin until he got renamed Xfin.
  • He despises Darktan X and Degeneration X.
  • Nightmare wishes he could join him.
  • He died after being shot with a pistol by Flywish.

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