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Gender Female
Race X-Antibody (Refers to herself as a raven)
Faction Nightmare's army
Health 92
Level Slightly more superior than male Amigopen.
Status Accidentally blowing up AmigoX
Location In Amigopen's house/With Nightmare

Xgopen is one of Amigopen's two X-antibodies who has the power of a Nuclear Reactor. She is the fraternal and former conjoined twin of AmigoX, another X-antibody. Their separation occurred thanks to Amigopen's banhammer.


Xgopen was originally, and accidentally created when Amigopen was searching for a bottle of X-Virus, for some strange unknown reason. He managed to buy it online from the black market, which was labelled as "a traditional pasta sauce". We don't know WHY he was looking for pasta sauce through the black market, but he managed to have the "pasta sauce" delivered to his back porch. His delivery was collected by MomBot, a robot created to act like Amigopen's mom, and was quickly used by her for his dinner. His meal consisted of salmon spaghetti covered in the "traditional pasta sauce", a side of breadsticks and a cup of orange juice. After finishing his food, he was feeling rather sick, but did his occasional gaming session every 4 days. Little did he know that he was infected by the X-virus. A few days later, he sneezed out a rather large blob that happened to be Xgopen and AmigoX as conjoined twins.

Blob: "thrkethrekhtbjakbsdhba"

Amigopen: "AAAAAAH!!"

Amigopen smashed the blob with his banhammer. The blob went flat onto the ground and then reformed into the two newborn X-antibodies, who were shocked by their sudden appearances.

Xgopen: "AAAAAAH!!"

AmigoX: "AAAAAAH!!"

Amigopen: "AAAAAAH!!"

Xgopen: "Wait...we're separated?"

AmigoX: "Apparently, yeah."

Xgopen: "Now we can do all the evil things without looking ugly!"

Amigopen: "Wait..."

AmigoX: "Let's go kill that dumb-looking penguin over there."

Xgopen: "Good idea!"

The X-antibodies approached Amigopen with what are supposed to be threatening faces.

Amigopen: "WAIT."

AmigoX: "What now, birdbrain?

Amigopen: "I created you two, so you should be my royal pets!"

Xgopen: "No way! What do we get, then?"

Amigopen: "Um..."

Amigopen pondered about what he can give them for treats, then thought about the best things in life.

Amigopen: "You two can have free catnip and uranium eggs!"

Xgopen and AmigoX: "SWEET! We will be your pets!"

Amigopen: "Nice."

Nightmare Epic[edit]

Xgopen, as well as AmigoX, sneaked off to help Nightmare and even stole away a few X-Antibodies, but were backstabbed by her when she activated the REM Sleep on the two, putting them under her control. During the final battle, they both fought Amigopen until being freed.


Xgopen is one of the many evil X-antibodies, but is the pet of Amigopen, along with AmigoX. Like AmigoX, she secretly works for Nightmare without Amigopen knowing. She also has the power of Nuclear Fusion, a trait he got from the X-Virus reactor. Her arm cannon is able to blast out beams of great force. She is also able to fly with the help of her wings. She can see from her third eye in her chest, as well as her normal two eyes.

Xgopen likes to act extremely villainous, since she wishes to dominate the earth with her trusty arm cannon, however, her absent-minded brain prevents her from being


  • Xgopen is a parody of Utsuho Reiuji from the Touhou Project.
  • The RDA feel suspicious about Xgopen, thinking that they can make an extra-powerful nuclear reactor with her powering it.
  • Xgopen is left-handed.
  • Xgopen is one of the only X-Antibodies so distorted by the reformation of the expelled X-Virus, that they take on entirely new features and abilities, and even new genders.
  • According to AmigoX, she is so raven.

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