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Billybob X.png
Billybob's evil antibody
Title Antibody of the Author
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction A minion in Darktan's army.
Health Excellent... which is terrible.
Level It's over nine THOUSAND!
Status Being evil around the USA
Location In the USA

Xillybob is the evil X-Antibody of Billybob. He is usually being evil around the USA. If not, he's hiding somewhere.


Like any other creature of the USA, Billybob got infected with the X-Virus.

He was doing work for the this bureau place that I am too lazy to write it's full name. He started coughing badly after awhile and stopped working. "What in the name of Bureaucrats is going on?" he coughed. Suddenly, he sneezed out blackish-blueish mucus, not green. The mucus transformed into a evil creature. He was basically all red, dark red, and black. An X was imprinted on his cap. His color was red. His eyes were dark red. His clothes (yes, all of them!) were black with a dark red outline. His beak, which was the only color that wasn't red, dark red, or black, was green. His wings were dark red with what looked like bleach on some parts of them. He didn't speak, but quickly tried to PWN Billybob. "Oh, my! I have to get out!" he screamed. He got away before his X-Antibody got a chance to do anything to him. And thus, Xillybob was born.


He spends his time lurking around the USA causing chaos and misery. If he's not causing havoc around the USA, he is usually hiding somewhere.

X-Antibodies Made[edit]



  • Akbaboy X wants him to be his sidekick.
  • He is one of those X-Antibodies who can bite other creatures' who don't have X-Antibodies yet and make them have X-Antibodies.
  • He recently joined WishFlyX's Army.

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