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A lucky image caught by his own original - he's never been pictured without his eyes not hidden...
Gender male
Nationality X-Creature
Occupation Criminal
Known for Being Ninjinian's antibody

Xinjinian, pronounced Zin-jin-e-un, also known as Ninjinian X is the X-Virus antibody of current UnitedTerra democratic government, and other countless jobs leader, Ninjinian. For some reason, when Ninjinian met his antibody, and took a picture of him, he noticed that Xinjinian keeps his bandana over his eyes. There have been suggestions for why he does that, but is currently living in Satellite City, in the UnitedTerra, with dozens of penguins on the look for him.


Ninjinian was testing out this new device that he would give to Baby N. for Scoodlepeep, with the assistance of him. It was all going well when Ninjinian asked N. for the torch. N. gave the X-Virus potion that he was given to test out in Neo Domino City on TerraScooter's. Without looking, N. gave it to him, and Ninjinian poured it onto the device. Ninjinian's DNA hair sample also flew into the device, and soon the device started glowing and started turning into a penguin! Ninjinian and N. were amazed, and went back for cover. The Antibody of Ninjinian was born! The two brothers said Cool!, and Ninjinian took a picture of the antibody. Ninjinian then realized that N. gave him the X-Virus potion, not the torch, but didn't do anything to him. Ninjinian then noticed that his antibody's bandana was lower than his, and covered his eyes. Both Ninjinian and N. didn't know what it meant, but before they could stop the antibody, he crashed out of the room, and ran from the igloo.

Ninjinian said that:

"My antibody can't be that much of a cookie harm. And it has headed to Satellite City, so no cookie-harm is done, brothers. I have a cookie theory for his bandana covering his cookie-eyes. The nature of the X-Virus cookie potion saw how scary and dangerous the antibody's cookie eyes were, so produced his cookie bandana to be low to cover his eyes, but can still see through the bandana, brother, wat, cookies?!?!

Comparison Between X and Ninjinian[edit]

Xinjinian is completely the opposite of Xinjinian. Xinjinian is evil, while normal Ninjinian is good, and Xinjinian absolutely hates cookies. He has lead several terrorist attacks against cookie factories to rid the world of this horrible snack.


  • He was in Nightmare's Army, and managed to survive the Nightmare Epic. He currently works for Xorai following Nightmare's death.
  • His X is probably located on his eyes or forehead

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