Xirror World

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Xirror World
"A reflection of Horror."
Mirror Map.PNG
"A torn reflection of the world we live in."
Key details
Type X-Virus Infected World
Level 10,000
Location The Mysterious Mirror
Inhabitants X-Creatures, X-Virus, PengijoXer

The Xirror World is a X-Antibody's paradise. It is currently PengijoXer's home. The entrance is a cursed mirror.


The world started out as a mirror of mystery that reflected a penguin's wish. One day, the Mirror became cursed when a bottle of the X-Virus was accidentally spilled on it. It started showing various places in the normal world until a big flash of light appeared. It showed a reflection of the universe which somehow had gone inverted and got torn apart into pieces. Then, the mirror got a dark aura, flew high up in the sky and fell back down.

It is said that any creature who wishes to this mirror will be sucked into the mirror and be trapped in the Xirror World with their wish, which turns evil. It is impossible to get out once you are sucked in, unless you are an X-antibody or an X-antibody lets you out. This is why it has the name "Xirror" world.


In the Xirror World is a copy of our Universe but torn to ruins that you need to teleport through just to get around. Each place is covered by an aura or a ball of darkness that prevents the person in the place to escape easily. The only way to get out of a place is by entering mirrors/portals. Outside a place is in fact, space with floating pieces of glass. Each place also has a guardian which protects the place and prevents any penguin from going through a mirror. To get through a mirror the penguin must kill the guardian.

How to Escape?[edit]

It is said that there is a way to escape but you must have to connect all the places by teleporting through mirrors. Once you connect all the places. A giant mirror will appear and suck you back to your world like a black hole, but no one has ever tried connecting the places yet.


There are not many resources here, as everything must be wished up, the opposite of how you actually want, like wishing for bad stuff to get good stuff. Nobody sucked in the Xirror World knows about this at first. Wishing to escape won't work. Wishing to connect the worlds now won't help either even if you say it opposite. Old wishes can also be resources.

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