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Born Xlendar (do X-Creatures even have a full name?)
May 27, 2010
Club Penguin Island Hospital #110
Residence Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican (what else?)
Other names X-Len (parody of X-Men) , Xuperhero.
Alma mater None yet.
Occupation A superhero.
Notable works Being a super hero, and wrestling.
Home town Club Penguin Island
Height 3ft 8
Weight 75kg
Known for Being the X Antibody of Slendar, and for being a super hero.
He's an X Creature ... who is a superhero

Xlendar is the heroic X-Antibody of Slendar. The way how he became a good guy is unknown. Even thought that he is not a Super Penguin, he's a superhero, his power includes:

  • Super strength
  • Extra quickness
  • Laser-firing abilities
  • Flying ability
  • Teleportation
  • Rock Manipulation

He got them all from genetics. Most Chicks likes him because he stops bad guys from doing bad things.


One day while Slendar and WishFlyX were arguing each other, Slendar randomly fainted down and WishFlyX bit him, thus, giving him the X-Virus. He was sent to hospital that day and went to discuss with the Doctor. In the next day, he's playing with his Snowtendo Vii, he eventually had a bad cough.

After seven hours of a case of bad coughing, he finally managed to stop it by a medicinal soda, eventually, he coughed up a green blob, he tried to chase it away but it keeps crawling in the ceiling, when the blob felt tired, he almost threatened to splat it, but he heard a voice coming from the blob.

"Stand back!" said the green blob.

Slendar: Wait? Wha- (the green blob transforms into a blue penguin that looks a superhero)

Blue Penguin: Greetings, citizen! May I help you today? And what's not right is that you almost killed me, not cool, mate, not cool. But do you wanna ask questions?

Slendar: Umm ... sure, who are you?

Blue Penguin: My name is Xlendar, and I am your X Antibody.

Slendar: Are you a good guy?

Xlendar: Sure, why not?

Slendar: Because if you are, then back off!

Xlendar: No wait! I'm a good guy, really.

Slendar: Well ... good luck on your journey there, stranger.

Xlendar: But first ... (flies off the window)

Slendar: ... well that was strange, and that was unsuspected.

Thus, Xlendar was born. He has a victim list that was kept as a secret, he promises to do good things to the entire Antarctica and he wants to join the PSA.

Xlendar became a newbie superhero and the first creature that he arrested was a local burglar, during that time, he earned a badge from a local police-penguin. He was so glad, he wants to become a REAL superhero and fight for every baddies' lives.





  • Flywish (Is friends with him due to CPWE, however, is enemies due to Flywish's "heel persona".)


Well, he is a superhero, and ... he has super powers. He only helps peoples if they are in trouble. On Weekends, he often uploads videos featuring himself and actions. He is the busiest on Weekdays (like anyone else) , when he's bored, he plays games with his Rarctic Imperial (that was sold for free) or sing a song or watch the TV. He mostly enjoys watching Club Penguin Wrestling Entertainment (he even works for there!) after a long hard work of the heroic jobs. When battling, he is not very easy to defeat (although, he's still a newbie super hero) because most of his powers are intense and powerful, and he is almost immune to pain.


  • He doesn't trust Mwa Mwa Penguins for their annoyance.
  • His favorite food is an X-Burger, they obviously don't affect him.
  • His regular counterpart, Slendar, thinks that he and Xlendar are almost like fraternal brothers, but they are not. Apparently.
  • He's not scared of anything.
  • He wears a mechanical wrist band that has a button on top of it, which either activates or disable his powers.
  • He used to play the role of Bez Tvare in CPWE, but the role then was permanently given to Slendar and he now plays the role of Danny Cryin.

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