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He's not really as scary as he looks.
Title Coool's X-antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction He's not really evil, he just looks scary.
Health X
Level 100
Status Eating lots of Fish Lasagna

Xoool31 (pronounced Zoool31) the X-Antibody of Coool31.


Like many of the penguins in the USA, Coool31 caught the X-Virus. He wasn't aware that he had it though, and his puffle Snowball and Carlisle took care of him. A few days later however, the hero realized what he had.

That night when he was fast asleep, he mysteriously woke up. As he walked out of bed to get a drink of water, he looked into a window only to see a huge red X on his forehead. If it wern't for that, he would have called Carlisle, but all of a sudden he felt like he couldn't move. Then the X started glowing, and the hero sneezed out a clay-like substance. The X disapeared, and he stepped back as the liquid formed a figure who resembled himself, but bore a huge red X on his forehead like the one Coool used to have. As Coool lit a fireball, it looked as if the creature was going to speak.

Coool31: What are you, what's your name and can I help you?

???: My name is Xool31, and I'm your X-Antibody! And by the way, can I join you?

Coool31: Um, ok then? And what's an "X-Antibody"?

Xoool31: An "X-Antibody" is the result of the X-Virus, and they are usually opposites of their hosts.

Coool31: Ah, right.

After about half a minute though, Coool gave his X-Antibody some food and supplies, and gave him a key for room no. 7, in his house. However, Xoool decided it was best to leave so he said goodbye, and he then left and decided to go to his room the next day.


Xoool currently resides in the Super Penguins HQ. He's actually well liked there and even owns a small Coffee Shop\Diner. His favorite food is Fish Lasagna, and he eats it almost every day. In fact, he eats it whenever he can. He's also a member of LSP, and is proud of it. Coool is proud that his antibody is a hero, and not a villain unlike most other X-Antibodies. Surprisingly, he likes Mabel, and would love to meet her everyday. Although he put up quite a fight, Xoool was captured by Xplorer and controlled by Nightmare during the Nightmare Epic.


  • He hates pranks.
  • He has a darker past than Darktan II, but it's certainly better than Darktan II's.
  • He has Coool's powers, but his waterballs are usually muddy and his fireballs are more yellow than red and orange.

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