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Xoorp is the pathetic evil X-Antibody of Goorp, who is a rather really small threat to Club Penguin Island. All his "friends" are just his wannabe friends, except for one X-antibody that got deleted. Everything he plans to do is just really pathetic. Like Goorp, he is also really clumsy and immature too.

Xoorp using his powers
Title The Evil X-antibody of Goorp
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Evil
Health Bad
Level 20
Status Trying to destroy these two
Location In a forest near Antarctica's sea
Occupation To burn all of Antarctica's snow
Interests Burning wood, freezing sea water
Friends All Goorp and Abdul54's enemies (excluding himself)
Enemies Goorp, Abdul54
Archetype Evil, immature, clumsy, smart (in a way)


Goorp was trying out a cannon, and landed on X-Virus infected water, and because of his ingorance of diseases he never got treated with ditto. Goorp was very sick for many days, but a couple days later Goorp coughed up an black goo. As the goo was spat out, it soon formed into a dark-green penguin.

Goorp: What are you?

Xoorp: I am your worst nightmare. FEAR ME!

Goorp just got a cannon, and shot Xoorp into the sea. Because of the impact into the sea, Xoorp was badly injured. When he found Goorp again, he got Abdul54 to eat a cheese X-Burger. Once his antibody came out, they were good comrades like Goorp and Abdul54. They were battling their enemies, when Abdul managed to delete his antibody. After that, Xoorp was alone and got more hatred to Abdul54, as he got higher to his to-delete list.


He can summon fire and, strangely, dark snow.


  • Sea water - if you get him in the sea, he could get badly injured.
  • Ignorance - Like Goorp, he never thinks before planning his evil schemes. He is, however, sometimes less intelligent than Goorp.


  • Even though he is the X-antibody of Goorp, he's more like Abdul54.
  • He has a "to-delete list".
  • All he really likes to do is useless, and can get done or fixed by any ninja.
  • He was literally so useless, he remained undetected from Nightmare's Army during the Nightmare Epic.
    • While doing this, he hid in a box, while dropping his to-delete list. Xplorer took a glance at it and then tossed it away, saying "101 n00b".


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