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Xplorer image.png
the evil Xplorer
Title Xplorer AntiX 7X7
Gender Male
Race X-antibody
Faction Nightmare's Army
Health Well
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Trying to get revenge on Mabel

Xplorer is the evil X-antibody of Explorer 767.


Explorer, like anyone else in Antarctica, had the X-Virus in his system. Around the same time that FredX manifested himself in penguin form, Explorer began coughing really badly while poking around the LolCats site. All of a sudden, he coughed out a blue-blackish substance, which coalesced to form a penguin half as tall as Explorer, holding a frying pan and with an evil look on his face. The X-Antibody began to speak in a mild l33t dialect.

"H3ll0 br3thr3n!" said the short X-Antibody. "I 4m Xpl0r3r, y0ur v3ry 0pp0site 4nd 4rch-n3m3s1--"

"I'M HIS ARCHNEMESIS, YOU PATHETIC #*%&^*$#&%(^&&%*(^$########@@@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& URSURPER!" screamed Mabel from another room.

"H3y, th4t's n0t f41r!" said Xplorer, completely ignoring the bewildered Explorer. "I d3s3rv3 to b33 h15 +0p 3n3m33, n0+ 4 p4th3t1c furb477!"


"J0 M0mm4 1s s0 p4th3t1c, h3r 1nt3ll1g3nc3 1s l3zz d4n 4ny 3ps1l0n gr34t3r th4n z3r0!"

Apparently this X-Antibody was as clever was Fred.

"OH YEAH? BEAT IT, YOU Δ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ Я ҉ ҈ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि আ இ ண ഊ ෴ ษ ༕ ࿄ Ᏻ ᕇ ⁡ ⃔ ∏ ⊛ ⎳ ⎲ ⏎ ␀ ① ⑫ ⓬ ☎ ☸ ☈ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♨ ⌚ ✆ ✉ ✍ ❀ ⨇ ⶹ ㆱ ﷼ * ᅤ DWEEB!!!!!"

And Xplorer did, without even commenting to Explorer once. To this day, Xplorer has sworn revenge on Mabel, instead of Explorer, whom he hates in no way whatsoever. Fred says this is quite atypical for an X-Antibody.

Nightmare Epic[edit]

Xplorer took part in kidnapping X-Antibodies during the Nightmare Epic, competing with KwikXilver. He managed to take Foolx8 and Mabel X among others, but lost against his competitor with a score of 469 to 499.

Although not affected by the REM Sleep, Xplorer tagged along with the rest of the X-Antibodies and hypnotized DTA and faced Explorer 767, who piloted Hyper EPT.


  • He works as FredX's henchbird, though he is almost as smart as FredX himself.
  • Government officials hope that he isn't able to turn into a XeXeXe parallel, or they'd be stuck on naming said parallel.

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