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Xpress Kebab
Type Oriental food restaurant
Industry Food
Founded Margate City, Margate
Founder(s) Keba B. Rimuv


Products Kebab
Revenue CPC; 15 million (2017)
Employees Numerous

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Xpress Kebab is the most famous oriental food selling restaurants in Antarctica with dozens of locations worldwide. It was founded by Keba B. Rimuv way back in 2001 and since then has been attracting thousands of customers worldwide. It is incredibly popular in the Western Union and became a very large restaurant chain, and in their home country Margate it is the largest restaurant chain in the entire country, surpassing even McDoodle's, angering their manager, of course. Recently, it ran into financial issues as a result of a surge of kebab removal across Antarctica, and is struggling to recover, resulting in speculations it might close.


The restaurant was actually first founded in Margate City in 1995 under the name "Keba B's Kebab". It quickly became popular and the popularity of the restaurant spread like wildfire across the city. Keba B, in 2001, decided to use all the money he got from selling kebab to found an actual multinational oriental food restaurant chain, and after a few months of deliberating he decided on the name Xpress Kebab. He was immediately sued by the much larger but much unhealthier Mpress Kebab, however, whose manager is Add Ćevapović, a Snowinn businessman. Add and Keba B immediately ran into major problems, but ultimately the case by Mpress Kebab was dropped as the judges decided to taste kebabs from both restaurants to decide which company is right (they vomited upon tasting Mpress's kebab).

Mpress Kebab closed by health inspectors shortly after the case was dropped. Xpress Kebab went on to own a monopoly over all kebab and oriental food in the entire country, and soon spread across Antarctica. The popularity of Xpress Kebab was further accelerated by Margate joining the Western Union, and Keba B. Rimuv even got to eat his kebab in a restaurant with the Western Union Commission President, Ludovica Carvilia. In 2010s, however, very strange events started happening as there were reports of kebab removal across Antarctica, and nobody in the company's leadership knows what to do - now they might close as a result of walkout of many employees, and protests took place worldwide against Xpress Kebab's strange kebab removal incidents.


Xpress Kebab serves various types of oriental food. It is known for the delicious kebab, as well as the gyros, a traditional food mostly associated with the Snowpriots, which you can put various things such as french fries, tzatziki sauce, tarator and more in. Among the sweets you have Turkish delight, which is also incredibly popular in Western Union countries.


Xpress Kebab has dozens of branches across Antarctica, mainly in the Western Union - Margate City has as many as 14 Xpress Kebab restaurants scattered across the city, with 4 in suburban parts. Winsburg, the capital of the United Provinces, has 5 Xpress Kebab restaurants, Dolphinas has 3 and Ventides in Candvia has 6. The popularity of Xpress Kebab in those three countries is absolutely remarkable and is probably influenced by their history and cultural influences.


  • McDoodle's wanted to sue Xpress Kebab many times in an attempt to close them down and reinstate McDoodle's dominance in Margate, they never did however, unlike like they did with many other companies, as they genuinely failed to find reasons to sue them.