Xtreme Gear

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Xtreme Gear
Xtreme Gear.PNG
Hover boards!
Type Hoverboard
Effects Makes you speed along
Source Who knows?
Location With racers
Cost to buy 1325 coins
Cost to sell 1200 coins


Minus Gravity was working on a pare of Anti-Gravity shoes, when the anit-gravity chip was to big, about the size of the two circles at the end of the board. Angered, he attached them to a piece of wood, which started floating. Minus Gravity, realizing his mistake, gave the board a blast with a gravity gun. Minus Gravity found that he could use his brothers machinery to upgrade this design, he fused a gravity and anti-gravity chip together to make a switch. The boards gravity and anti-gravity switch allowed it to be used when needed.

However, this made it not much of a race vehicle, going only a 5 miles an hour. Gary the Gadget Guy found an old one and upgraded it to become extremely fast. G had a meeting with Minus Gravity's company, and the hover boards began to be sold.

However, because many penguins wanted to make one even faster than the normal ones, penguins brought there own materials to make some. Most made extremely fast boards with new jets with a shine and color designs. Most penguins use this way, as they can find some parts in a dumpster and buy only 3 parts. Though ones made by a company tend to be safer...


Xtreme Gear are hoverboards with two big circles on each end, and a long piece of metal to hold it together. There tends to be a jet or two on the bottom, where some have attachments. See Attachments.


Some racers will attach accelerators and the like to their board. (Don't worry, it's legal)

  • Super Sonic Accelerators
  • Spoiler
  • Fin (Placed at back of board)
  • Graffitti (Not really an attachment, but some will do it so their board looks cooler)
  • Wings (Placed on sides of boards, sometimes attached with winglets for better preformance)
  • Small jet engines (Underneath board)
  • Bobblehead (Placed in front of board)

The bobble-head isn't a popular feature.

Gallery Of Famous Xtreme Gears[edit]


  • The most experienced racers are probably -

- Tails6000

- E-114

- Rin

- Tsunami

- Speeddasher

- Tidalwave11

- Hurricane

  • Willy the Penguin has recently built his own board and has entered the racing circuit.
  • Most racers build their own boards, but some buy them from Board Scalpers and the black market. And legalized Xtreme Gear shops.
  • They are a parody of the Sonic Riders "Extreme Gear".

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