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Status Alive
Born 2013
Club Penguin
Species X-Antibody
Race High PenXuin
Gender Male
Residence Unknown (possibly Q City, Moon Island)
Citizenship East Pengolian
Occupation Founder of The Evil Something
Sith lord
Employer Nobody
Years Active 2013-now

QuaXerpingu, also known as Darth QuaXerpingus, is Quackerpingu's X-Antibody. He is evil.


QuaXerpingu was created in 2013, in Club Penguin, after Quackerpingu fell into a bath tub which contained a potion that contained a strain of Protozoa exviruusa lantribacolli, a kind of X-Virus, while he was on a mission. After he was created, he immediately started doing evil things.

At first, he tried to help the LEEPB to conquer CP, but they failed. After that, QuaXerpingu decided that he'll never help the LEEPB again.

After Quackerpingu went back to Moon Island, QuaXerpingu stole a car, drove to a bank and stole some money. Then, he used the money to buy a plane ticket and follow Quackerpingu.

Becoming a sith lord[edit]

He soon became the apprentice of a sith lord (after asking him for 1337 times), and he was trained to be one, too. However, before he could finish his training, his master died in a car crash.

However, after that, he continued training by spying on the other sith lords, and he soon completed the training. He built a keysaber for himself, and continued doing evil stuff. The first evil thing he did after that was that he stole another car, drove to the bank again and stole more money. He used it to buy a car (using a fake identity) so he wouldn't have to steal any more cars.

The Evil Something[edit]

In 2014, QuaXerpingu created The Evil Something along with Hubert U. Pengumin (who was evil then) and 5 more humans (who were also evil then). More villains joined it later. They also stole some prototype robots from Gary and built a lot more robots of the same types. Then, they started attacking Q City and the surrounding areas.

At the same time, the same area was also attacked by Shadow Walrus (who was also evil then) and these of the Walrus Brothers (who were also evil then) that had already been banished from the Walrus Crime Ring.

Because the walruses did evil things in the same area as QuaXerpingu and the other The Evil Something members, they also sometimes fought against them, as well, because QuaXerpingu didn't like other villains doing evil things in the same place where he and the other The Evil Something members do them.


Soon, Quackerpingu created the QSA (Q Secret Agency) to fight both The Evil Something and the humans. Some time later, the QSA was defeated by The Evil Something and turned into the Quackworks Stopping Army.

After that, Quackerpingu created the EQF (Elite Q Force). Because both the humans and the walruses turned good in 2015 (which made QuaXerpingu very angry), the EQF now focuses on fighting QuaXerpingu and and the other The Evil Something members instead.

After the humans turned good, QuaXerpingu decided to get someone to become his apprentice and train him/her to be a sith lord. However, instead of training one apprentice, QuaXerpingu ended up training four of them.

In 2016, the Quackworks Stopping Army was defeated and reverted into the Q Secret Agency, which made QuaXerpingu very angry. However, QuaXerpingu and the other The Evil Something members weren't caught and jailed, and they are still doing evil stuff.


On an unknown time in the future, QuaXerpingu will lose his right eye and start wearing an eyepatch. Also, he will build another keysaber.

In 2029, after Darth Brain is thought to have been killed, QuaXerpingu will start training a new apprentice (because Darth Walrius and Krylo Ben turned good in 2017 and Lava Operator's sith status will be removed in 2018). However, Darth Brain survives, but he has no money to buy a ship or plane ticket to get away from Tempest Island.

Some years after that, Brain will manage to steal a lot of money, which he uses to buy a plane ticket. When he hears about that QuaXerpingu has a new apprentice, it makes him very angry.

Darth Brain fighting Darth QuaXerpingus on the top of Mount Greenpuffle.

At the same time, QuaXerpingu is caught by the EQF in Motivaro and jailed. His new apprentice lets him out of the jail, but on the top of Mount Greenpuffle, they are attacked by Darth Brain. QuaXerpingu's new apprentice tries to kill Darth Brain, but he is soon defeated. After that, Darth Brain and QuaXerpingu fight for some time, until Brain manages to kill QuaXerpingu.


QuaXerpingu's personality is the exact opposite of Quackerpingu's personality. He is evil and he likes to destroy things.

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

QuaXerpingu, just like all the other sith lords, can use The Force. He often uses it to do evil things, like choking someone or throwing a rock (or something else) at something to destroy it.

QuaXerpingu also has some weaknesses. One of them is that he is afraid of Shprogshels. Actually, everyone is afraid of Shprogshels, but QuaXerpingu is afraid of them so much that he can even be scared by showing him a badly drawn picture of a Shprogshel. However, no one knows that, as he hasn't told it to anyone. Also, he is not afraid of Sheepman and Major Sheep, but this is possibly because they aren't Shprogshels.

Another weakness QuaXerpingu has is that he is afraid that someone may delete him. As soon as someone tries to delete him, he runs away.


QuaXerpingu is involved in doing evil things along with the other The Evil Something members, mostly fighting against Quackerpingu and the EQF. Also, QuaXerpingu and the other The Evil Something members sometimes help The (Unofficial) Alliance of Greenhogs and Pink Panthers to do evil things and try to conquer Duck Island.


QuaXerpingu's main weapon is his keysaber. It is a red keysaber, and QuaXerpingu built it himself, just like all the other sith lords. However, QuaXerpingu also sometimes uses Spam Bombs, Deletion Bombs, Hashbangs and Knicicles.

He also owns an Anti-Magic Ray Gun, which he stole from Gary.


Xuffle is QuaXerpingu's "puffle". Actually, he is not a real puffle. Instead, he is the X-Antibody of Puffle, Quackerpingu's blue puffle. Xuffle often helps QuaXerpingu to do evil things.


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