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YeahHamtaro, nicknamed HiHamtaro, is a very good drawer and a huge Mabel fan who lives in New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra. He is a member of the Mabel Mongrel Klan and hopes to one day rise in the ranks of fandom.


  • Hamtaro moved to New Club Penguin in early 2011, and loves every minute of it. He, as will all residents, became friends with Ninjinian.
  • He also became friends with Explorer. He is one of the few people who can stand him.
  • He is also friends with Hat Pop. He never succeeded yet.
  • He joined the EPF. He is part of the Neon team but does not commit any misdeeds. Hamtaro is the only one part of the Neon Team who does not make an appearance as a boss in Korobase's Adventure and Korobase's Adventure II.

He only appears as a cameo. He is the only one part of the team who isn't that bad. He is really good. He has a Green Puffle name cappy because he likes to wear hats. He likes the show Hamtaro


Until 2006, Hamtaro wore a blue Mohawk wig alongside purple-checkered shoes and wristbands. Now, though, he wears an orange beanie with a red T-shirt with musical notes on it, and white sleeves. He aquired it during the 2010 Music Jam festival. He also wears a green silk scarf.


Hamtaro is very nice, but will be mean if he has no other choice. He is in love with Dot, but Dot doesn't notice him too much. He can be irritated sometimes. When Explorer 767 does something to him he get really angry, but comes down very fast.


Hamtaro is in Korobase's Adventure and Korobase's Adventure II. He is also part of the Neon Team, as their part-time chef. He is also part of the EPF. He wants get everyones signature from the EPF, especially great legends like Beaky.

Neon Team[edit]

Hamtaro is part of the Neon Team and appears in Korobase's Adventure and Korobase's Adventure II as a cameo.

Ninjinian likes YeahHamtaro cookies a lot. His team hates that he is not bad. The team tried everything to make him mean. The only good thing they like aboout him is that he keeps Mabel occupied. This way, Mabel will be less annouying.


YeahHamtaro passed the test with flying colors. He loves being a EPF Member, because it gives him an excuse to see Dot more now. He does the Field Ops everyday.

Tails6000 the Fighters[edit]

He appears as a unlockable character in this game.

  • Hamtaro has average stats.
  • He attacks by punching and kicking.
  • He can also take a sled and sled over a character.


Hamtaro joined the MMK in late 2010, passing the tests with flying colors. The Headmaster said that he was "on the fast track to great things" in the group, and hoped that he'd continue his devotion to Mabel. Since he lives far from the Klan's headquarters, though, Hamtaro only arrives about once a month, or less.