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Yed'ah pre-1913.
Born Pre-1850
Residence Jedi Temple, South Pole City (-1918)
Club Penguin caves (c. 2000s)
Gender Male
Education Jedi schools
Occupation Jedi Master
Employer Jedi Order
Known for Legendary Jedi
Title Grand Master of the Jedi Order
Spouse(s) None
Children None

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Yed'ah is the oldest living Jedi, and one of the oldest living beings in Antarctica. Although he is currently in exile in the hidden Crystal Caves of Club Penguin Island, at one point in time he was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.


Early Years[edit]

Jedi Master[edit]

Into Exile[edit]

A New Order[edit]


Yed'ah had been in the Jedi Order nearly all of his life before its demise, and to this day he is one of the greatest contributions to Jedi lore. During his time as a member of the council, he was responsible for directly training or giving guidance to hundreds of Jedi. Although the Sith's revenge during Khanzem wasn't foreseen by Yed'ah, he stayed with the Jedi until the very end. Although a war was going on, once it was clear that there was no hope of surviving, he sent a message across Antarctica for all Jedi to go into hiding.


Yed'ah is about the size of a White Puffle, and has green fur. In his younger days, his fur was as green as that of a Green Puffle, but over the years it has started to fade. Yoda also has two strange pointy ears. This is most likely due to him being a different species altogether, although the species itself is unknown.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • He's had plenty of time to master the force in every way possible. His knowledge and mastery of the force is well beyond almost anyone else's in Antarctica.
  • Yed'ah is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Puffle, German and Chinese. However, his english is a bit strange.


  • His age. Anyone beyond 100 years of age is usually weak. Yed'ah is far beyond 100 so... yeah.


  • If it wasn't obvious, he is a parody of Yoda from the Star Wars franchise.

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Grand Master of the Jedi,

as held by Yed'ah


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Master of the (Jedi) Order,

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