Yellow International Zone

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Yellow International Zone
Yellow Zone.png
The Security Entrance.
The full map.
Key details
Type Government HQ
Level 100,000
Location Outside of Golden City, Culldrome Yow
Inhabitants Government officials

The Yellow International Zone, formally referred to as the International Diplomatic and Trade Zone, or the Yellow Zone is an extraterritorial and autonomous 18.5 sq. mile district governed by the International Council, which comprises of the Ambassadors of each embassy in the Yellow Zone. The Yellow Zone is located on the Western shore of Golden City, and also has it's own airport and sea-dock as well. It is controlled and protected by the UAN, while being protected by Culldrom forces.

The Yellow Zone is the yellow dot on this map.


It was built in 2005 by the Yowien government. King Alexander wanted it to be an HQ for the Yellow Alliance, but after the alliance failed it became abandon. Then a month later Heimlich Zimmer suggest that he sell the small buildings as embassies to other nations. Alexander agreed and contacted all the nations of Antarctica, several countries agreed and bought the embassies. In five months the Yellow Zone was extremely famous among nations, so Alexander did all he could to keep it running. In 2006 he had a casino/hotel, and a private airport built for it. The Yellow Zone continues to be a landmark throughout Antarctica. In 2010 conflict arose, after Swiss Ninja got mad about buying the embassies. He was angry that he had to buy a piece of land, from enemies. As a result Snowzerland almost abandoned their embassy, but Austin8310 stopped it from happening. But SN still holds a petty grudge against the embassies. During the events of the Great Yowien War, the Yellow Zone was one of the first areas to fall into Allied hands. It was immediately established as a neutral territory governed by the UAN. It hasn't changed much since, except for the fact that it now has a much more neutral and international sensibility to it.


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The Yellow International Zone plays host to over 15 embassies representing over 37 countries from across Antarctica. The International Zone's chanceries are quite immense in size.The bulk of the chanceries have six or more stories, with the tallest being the Polarian Embassy at 38 stories tall.

The largest embassy in terms of employment numbers is the Embassy of the United States of Antarctica, having 1,655 staff, 1,057 civilian employees. In total, the embassies employ 29,785 creatures with 23,112 of them being civilians. The embassies were opened from 2005 through 2011, the newest addition being the Polarian Embassy.

The activity within embassies vary, the least active embassy being the Caladian embassy, whilst the busiest is the Antarctic embassy. The embassies are used both for consular and diplomatic purposes, as well as economic and trade activities.

  • Archipelago Union Tower
    • It is very busy, and attends monthly meetings. Representatives of each island in the Ninja Archipelago, stay here for a month each. During meetings the group of representatives discuss politics, and relations with Yow Kingdom. Though Castilla and Snowzerland's representatives have more control over the group.
  • Embassy of Calada
    • It's not busy at all, as Calada has not sent many representatives. They usually discuss foreign topics, and deal with military issues. However the representatives there are truly lazy, and hardly do any work. Swiss Ninja has thought of removing the embassy, because returning representatives are bring Yow's corruption to Calada's government.
  • Embassy of Polaris SAD
    • Representatives usually discuss government, and politics affairs at the embassy. They hold meetings every week, and use their embassy as a board room really. The embassy is really busy, and has a lot of corruption.
  • Embassy of United States of Antarctica
    • It's more like a capitol building, than an embassy. The USA is constantly having fights with each other, and constantly working. There is no order there, and other embassies have complained of the noise they make. The embassy despite working so hard, barely get any work done.
  • Embassy of Frankterre
    • Unlike the USA's embassy, it is well controlled. No fights happen, and everything is organized well. Frankterre enjoys the Yellow Zone, all except for Snowzerland's embassy. Some representatives have reported spies sneaking around the embassy, that look like Snoss. However Frankterre continues to invest a lot of its work in the embassy.
  • Embassy of Batavia
    • Many representatives discuss military, and economy issues here. They joined the Yellow Zone in 2007, when they found it to be very peaceful compared to other embassies. The representatives have meetings every two weeks, and have their queen over every year for a meeting. Batavia and Yow's relations are becoming better ever since.
  • Embassy of the MAI
    • There are five representatives for each state, and the Prime Minister comes to the embassy once a month for meetings. Unlike many embassies, it's really more of a council. The fifteen representatives hold a meeting every month, with the Prime Minister. It is not corrupt, and is actually very peaceful.
  • Embassy of Southern Ocean City
    • This is a very interesting embassy to some. The workers always have the curtains up, and there appears to be no movement inside. Some other workers think that the workers in the S.O.C embassy, are working to bring down Yow Kingdom. The S.O.C embassy has a nice fountain, and waterfall features too.
  • Embassy of Liguria
    • This is a semi-busy embassy. Flywish has visit it once, but only for an hour. The embassy has symbols of Liguira everywhere, even a large flag pole is hung on top of it's roof. Some nearby workers have proclaimed that they've heard rock 'n roll music, coming from the embassy.
  • Embassy of the National Land of the UnitedTerra
    • The UnitedTerra doesn't use this embassy so much. It takes up a lot of space though, but the UnitedTerra has been treating it as more of a storage place than an embassy. Some military planning is done here, so enemies of the U.T can't discover their plans.
  • Embassy of Dorkugal
    • Dorkugal likes to use their embassy for secret planning, and testing out new inventions. Part of the embassy is a lab, which is used an average of three times each week. The embassy is very busy, and is fulled of Dorks. They use big words, and talk about the weirdest things.
  • Embassy of the Republic of Freezeland
    • The embassy of Freezeland is very calm, and empty. It does not see a lot of action, and work. The only work that goes on in there are congress meetings, economic planning, and where most congress members meet each other.
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Castilla
    • This is a very interesting embassy, to some. The workers there are mostly puffles, or terns. Plus there is a lot of EPF action going on there. General Hermosa visits this embassy a lot, sometimes with fellow Elite Agents. The embassy is used usually for economic discussions, meetings with foreign leaders, and other things.
  • Embassy of Grand Permatan/Puffle'and
    • Only puffles are allowed into the embassy, and this means ONLY puffles. No penguin, tern, fish, or any other creature has entered that embassy. It is expected that the embassy is actually a military base for Puffle'and, and they are constructing a missile in their basement. One worker from Castilla's embassy decided to sneak in there, and see what's going on. He never returned.
  • Embassy of the Imperial Empire of Snowzerland
    • Because of Culldrome's and Snowzerland's terrible relations, this large embassy hardly has anything going on. It is believed that Swiss Ninja just bought the embassy so he could have a base in Golden City. The neighboring embassies have good relations with the Culldrome Isles, and the workers there actually spy on the Snoss embassy during their free time.
  • Continental Assembly of Nations Tower
    • This embassy almost didn't come into being, considering that the C.A.N is made up of countries that already own embassies in the Yellow Zone. But the C.A.N wanted a base solely for the Assembly, so they built it anyways. However there was no more room in the Yellow Zone, so the embassy was built off of the AU embassy. The workers at the AU embassy sometimes complain about Snoss music playing at the C.A.N Tower.
  • Embassy of Shops Island
    • Shops' embassy opened not long after the Great Yowien War. It has since provided diplomatic interests for nations in the area which do not have formal relations with the Shoppers.
  • Embassy of Snowiny
    • Snowiny's embassy opened just after the Fall of Nexon. Snowiny uses they're embassy for secret plans. They're embassy is right next to the embassy of Liguria.

Pending Embassies[edit]

Pending Embassies are countries that signed a contract, and are waiting to buy an embassy or build one in the Yellow Zone. There are many, many pending embassies. This has caused the Board of Ambassadors, and King Alexander to set up a new system. Starting in 2013, countries can only own an embassy in the Yellow Zone for 6 months. When they time is up they can either renew their buy, or they will be kicked out of their embassy.

There is a total of 50 pending embassies. Here is a list of only some:



Security guards are mostly soldiers from other countries, but Alexander has hired some trained guards to protect the place. They have one snowball pistol, and one lazer gun. They patrol the walkways around the embassies a lot, and they have made it hard for thieves and murders to get in or around. They wear a uniform that looks sort of like a Ligurian uniform, but instead it is yellow and black.


The Yellow International Zone is governed by a Board of Ambassadors, which consists of the embassies of the Yellow Zone, and is a consensus-based government, and has a rotating role of Board President every six months. The Board receives some dictation and advice from the Yowien government.


The Board of Ambassadors had a meeting in January, 2012, about the building. Lately the buildings had been having troubles, such as water leaks and rotting wood. At the meeting the Board decided that the embassies needed to be redone, to keep up with the architectural changes in Golden City. So they took a vote if the embassies should be reconstructed, and it was decided that it had to be redone.

The 1st design.
The 2nd design.

So the next week they hired an architect to draw up a futuristic, and amazing buildings. The architect actually came up with two designs, both pleased the ambassadors. One was a building was shaped like the moon, and had a large whole in the side. The building sat on a large, flat surface that stuck out of the water.

The second design was an artificial island, which is separated from the rest of Yow Kingdom Island. It floated in the water, and was protected by two large walls. The inside was full of gardens, and some of the embassies were even in an underwater area.

In the end, the first design was accepted by the board. As of that date, the board decided to allocate 5% of profits to the reconstruction. The Yowien government, and some countries that had embassies in the Yellow Zone also donated to the cause. All the donations are currently controlled by the United Antarctic Nations.


For countries to buy embassies in the Yellow Zone, they have to pay 60,000 Gold Coins. This has helped Yow begin to pay off their debt to the USA. Though country leaders are angered at this, as some have stated: "The embassies belong to no one! It is fair use." Even though the Yellow Zone International Zone has been getting bad publicity lately, more countries are thinking about buying embassies there.


  • The Yellow International Zone was place in Yow Kingdom because it was in a strategic location.
  • The Yellow Zone is a target to many criminals, as sometimes country leaders attend the embassies. Though there has never been an attack on it, underworld criminals are planning raids on it.
  • This is a loose parody of the Green Zone.

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