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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand YEE!
Gender Male
Race Y-Antibody
Health yee
Level yee
Status yee
Location club penguin island
Birth date When Zeno124 got the Y-Virus
Occupation yee
  • yeeing
  • being yeevil
Archetype yeevil

Yeno124 is the derpy y-antibody of Zeno124. Lots of penguins think he has absolutely no purpose, but when no one is around, he plots extremely yeevil plans. As does every other Mwa Mwa Penguin, he hopes to some day destroy the universe. All he can say, no matter what, under any circumstance, is "yee".



On a cold January day in 2017, Zeno124 went out for a walk in Club Penguin to de-stress himself after a particularly stressful argument at his film studio over actors. Unfortunately, on this day, germs were flying around in the air, causing Zeno to catch the Y-Virus unknowingly. A few days later, on the 14th, Zeno was inspecting a film set when he began coughing.

Zeno124: Yeah, that looks good - just move that chair over-cough COUGH COUGH!!!

Worker #1: Not again! Hide under that huge table there, quickly - we don't know what it is yet!

Zeno spits out a weird yellow goo, which quickly turns into a penguin. As this kind of scenario has already happened twice, Zeno is cool and collects himself and some sarcasm.

Zeno124: It's not the X-Virus again, is it? I hope it is!

The new penguin looks around the room in a vague and uncertain manner, and then suddenly speaks -

Yeno124: yee

Everybody except Zeno124 screams and runs out the room.

Zeno124: Well then, who are you, my fine friend?

Yeno124: yee

Zeno124: I am asking you a question, am I not?

Yeno124: yee

Bored, Zeno124 walks out the room, leaving Yeno124 to decide his own fate.

Worker 2#: Mr. Wontafor, that was the Y-Virus! Weren't you scared?

Zeno124: Oh really? That's interesting! Are they dangerous?

Worker 3#: I do admit, from what I've heard of them, they are actually pathetic.

Everybody waddles away from the scene after a ten-minute silence, leaving Yeno124 behind.

Yeno124: yee

Finally, Yeno124 waddles out the room and wanders off the scene.

Later Life[edit]

Yeno, when exiting the film set, wandered in a daze to another igloo, and then circled it five times before finding his way to the Plaza. When he arrived there, the penguins who saw him thought he was the Y-antibody of Xeno124 and screamed. Confused, Yeno ran into the Pet Shop, and saw some Mwa Mwa Penguins. While all the sane penguins in the room screamed and ran out, he found the Mwa Mwas quite indifferent to him. Somehow, through his "yee"ing, he managed to befriend some of these Mwa Mwas, and learned more about the world (more likely, their view of the world) from them. Satisfied with the "knowledge" that the Mwa Mwas and he were the only sane and intelligent penguins in the country and that they should make a team and destroy the universe, he waddled out the shop, and from that point on became evil, or in his words, "yeevil".

Since penguins screamed and ran away whenever they saw him, he thought he looked frightening, threatening and yeevil, so his almost unbreakable pride swelled as a result of this. He also thought that because of this, he could be a kind of opportunist, and could gain free things for himself in yeevil ways. Firstly, he waddled into an occupied igloo, made the penguins inhabiting it run out of it in terror, and claimed the territory as his own, gaining his own igloo. Secondly, he frightened the puffle out of a pizza deliverypenguin, and forced him to deliver pizzas every evening, unless there was a note on his door, which meant he had fixed his ideas of food. Finally, he waddled into the Clothes Shop, made everybody scream and evacuate the room, and stole the clothes he now wears today, ending the yeevil list of three that he needed for survival.

Current Life[edit]

Once Yeno settled in his stolen igloo, penguins slowly began to realize, in this long-lived event, that Yeno was actually Zeno's Y-Antibody, and Yeno was actually a pathetic yeevil Mwa Mwa supporter. They soon began to think he was silly and useless, and began laughing at him, much to the annoyance to Yeno. Everybody also thinks that because of his diet of fish pizzas and free honey-and-pickle-water, he is growing evermore stupid and yeevil due to the limited, junk food-y, nutrients he is living on. Ever since July 2017, he has begun plotting extremely yeevil plans while eating his dinners, which usually involve Mwa Mwas and destroying the world, which penguins think is actually somewhat sophisticated for a yeevil penguin like him to be able to think up complex plans, but at the same time useless because he either doesn't write it down, or because he can't spell properly, causing him to make vital mistakes which are yeevil in themselves in the plans he makes.


A lot of penguins believe he has absolutely no purpose on this land, and was a plain mistake from the beginning he was created. The only involvement he truly has in the world is saying "yee" all the time, trying to be frighteningly yeevil to everybody, chatting with Mwa Mwa Penguins on plans to destroy the universe, plotting extremely yeevil plots, getting furious at somepenguin at laughing at him, wandering around the island saying "yee" and attempting to kidnap penguins here and there, which never works. Every now and then, he teams up with Ahcadhist Penjwin to help him in the latter, but he is always "betrayed" by the sadist, and their efforts never work.


Yeno wears a black hoodie, a blonde-brown wig (surprisingly when compared to Zeno124 and his clones, he has no hair), a torn and patched pair of trousers and no shoes. He has yellow feathers, and is constantly sticking his tongue out of his mouth, always preparing to say "yee".


  • "yee"


(Two penguins waddle past Yeno124, who, in a pathetic attempt to be yeevil, shouts "yee" as they pass. They laugh. Unknowingly to them, he follows.)
Penguin 1#: Hah! There's that silly Yeno124 again!
Penguin 2#: Heh! He should be called "Dumbo124"! Why? Because he can't speak anything other than "yee"! HA HA HA!!
Yeno124: That's only what you think.
Penguin 1# and 2#: We beg your pardon?
(They then turn round.)
Penguin 1#: just said something, right?
Yeno124: yee
(They turn to each other.)
Penguin 1# and 2#: RUN!!!


  • He finds it annoying that his plans never work and that everyone mocks him, which is obvious as to why.
  • He is the same as Xeno124 in one way - he really, really likes horror movies.
  • Sometimes, he can be very nayeeve.
  • Occasionally, he says something other than "yee".

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