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Type Private
Industry Shopping
Founded October 22, 2011 (debated)
Headquarters Penguin City, Shops Island
Number of locations 391
Area served Shops Island
Revenue 250,000 WB$
Employees 8850

Yes! (officially known as Yoshi Egg Stores Corporation) is a struggling chain of stores located throughout Shops Island and its territories. The chain was founded on October 22, 2011 when the Mario CP Outlets opened in the Beakerton Forests. However, this was a shopping mall. It wasn't until April 2012 that chains appeared. The Yes! flagship store is the Yoshi Egg Center, which used to be the Mario CP Outlets.


Early Years (2011-2014)[edit]

The Yes! company was founded on September 15, 2011, as the Mario CP Company. Their headquarters were at Shops City at the time. The Mario CP Company wanted to open up a shopping mall. After finding out that a lot in Shops City were too expensive, the company turned towards Penguin City, which was being developed at the time. On October 22, the company's first mall, the Mario CP Outlets, opened up. It was a huge success, despite being built in an isolated forest.

However, the company (at first) wasn't financially successful. On February 2012, the Mario CP Company renamed itself to Yes! Corp. They then shifted gears from making shopping malls to making stores. On April 2012, the first Yes! stores opened up in the "big three" cities. The Mario CP Outlets was renamed the Yoshi Egg Center. In May, Yes! found out that there was a vacant factory in the Industrial Division. The company purchased the factory and started making their own clothes and furniture, which became really popular among customers.

Things turned sour during November of 2012. Employees were on strike due to them not being paid enough money, though the CEO stated that "all employees make more WB$ than any other company". This was proven to be false, and employees were only paid slightly more than minimum wage. All Yes! stores and the Yoshi Egg Center were closed down from December to May.

On June 2013, the strike finally ended when the CEO announced paychecks with higher value. Pretty soon, the company was back on track, opening many new locations, including oversees territories like Freezestonia and Moon Island, as well as introducing a "more stores = more money" philosophy. Dozens of stores were opened during this period, and it seemed that the expansion would never end.

Economic Troubles (2015-present)[edit]

By 2015, it became clear that the "more stores = more money" philosophy failed miserably, as the 2015 Shopper Economic Crisis was now in full session. Because of the lack of any military activity, steel and textile companies were hit hard, which, in turn, hit Yes! hard. It was hard for the factories to even find materials to make products with, and running the stores themselves was costly.

What made matters worse is that people weren't buying any of the products anymore. Yes! was only concerned about über expansion, and many of the products were already years old. This, combined with every other factor, lead to the demise of the company. While Yes! still exists, a quarter of their workforce was laid off, and many more were required to take mandatory furloughs. No stores will be closing yet.

Types of Shops[edit]

Yes! Basic[edit]

The most basic Yes! store. Yes! Basic stores usually have a decent selection of clothing, along with a handful of electronic devices. Most Yes! Basic shops are located in strip malls at big cities. These are rarely found in small cities due to the small amount of items.

Super Yes![edit]

Super Yes! stores have a huge selection of clothing, including shirts, colors, and costumes. Super Yes! stores also have a complete electronic showroom with televisions, Snowtendo games and consoles, and a Peach booth. A few of these shops can be found in large cities. Super Yes! is usually the only kind of Yes! store that operates in small cities due to the variety.

Yes! Shopping Center[edit]

Unlike most stores, the Yes! Shopping Center is a mall.

Yoshi Egg Center[edit]

The Yoshi Egg Center was the first Yes! that ever opened. Located in Penguin City, the Yoshi Egg Center has the usual M&L branded clothing. However, there's also furniture. All the clothes and furniture are bundled into a store called the Mario & Luigi departments. There's also some stores, like a stand alone Snowtendo, and restaurants, like a fancy restaurant called Fresh Eats.

Bro Mall[edit]

Please read Bro Mall for more information.

Yes! only owns 10% of the Bro Mall. However, it's branded as a Yes! Shopping Center on their website. Unlike most malls, which are long and short, the Bro Mall is stubby and tall. Located in Bro Town, the Bro Mall sells a large variety of goods.

Items Sold[edit]

Clothing and Furniture[edit]

Clothing and furniture is sold under the M&L brand. Clothing is available at all Yes! stores. However, furniture is only found at the Yoshi Egg Center and select Super Yes! stores.

All clothing and furniture are manufactured in the Industrial Division of Shops Island. They are then carefully packed up and shipped to Yes! locations via air or ship.


Yes! doesn't make any electronics. However, the chain is an authorized dealer of Peach, Microhard, and Snowtendo products.


Yes! advertises through the radio, newspapers, and billboards. Ads usually feature a customer saying "Yes!" about a specific item. They do not run television ads to save costs. Since 2014, the company started sponsoring the Shops Island Olympic team.


All of the Yes! locations are located in Shops Island. There is one Yes! store for every 10,000 people living in a town or city. Most locations are located in airports, malls, and downtown areas.

The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops[edit]


For Freezestonia, there is 1 Yes! store for every 25,000 people living in a county.

  • Cherryland
    • 27 locations
  • West Freezestonia
    • 1 location
  • Bisland
    • 1 location
  • Parnusland
    • 4 locations
  • Lakeland
    • 6 locations
  • Lartuland
    • 6 locations
  • East Freezestonia
    • 1 location
  • Weirusland
    • 2 locations


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