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Yilk during his youth.
Title Yilk
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Sailor, Represenative
Health Alive.
Level 32
Status In a Rocking Chair.
Location Parie, Frankterre

Political leader, CP Legislature Represenative
Reign Late February 1967 - Late March 1973
Coronation Late February
Full name Yilk Hochstadt
English Yilk
Titles Yilk
Born February of 1945.
Birthplace Club Penguin
Predecessor None. Technically, The Five Senseis.
Legislature Representative Red River 2
Successor Red River 2
Offspring Red River 2, Bonjie Hochstadt, Fuut-Ga Hochstadt, Jock Hochstadt
Royal House Hochstadt Dynasty
Dynasty Hochstadt Dynasty
Royal anthem none.
Royal motto "CP is for Democracy"
Father Dr. Frank Hochstadt
Mother Unknown

Yilk or イ種類 is the father of Red River 2, Bonjie Unki, Jock Hochstadt, and Fuut Ga Hochstadt. He is the grandfather of Swiss Ninja, Corai, Clovis, Gaston, Fisch, and Cheddar Ninja. Yilk is known for being the first Non-important or evil Hochstadt Family member. He is the current head of the family since he is the oldest (despite Sensei Hung, who is still alive and in hiding).


Yilk was born in 1945. His father was a cruel mean scientist, who mistreated his wife. One day she laid an egg, but she threw it in the river before his father discovered it. The egg managed to survive, and it ended up at the Beach, on the Island of Club Penguin, where he hatched. He was immediately discovered by Sensei Hung, who took the job to raise the young chick since he was his grandfather. Sensei Hung managed to bring Yilk to meet both Sensei Tsoi and Li before they passed away. Yilk and the remainder of the Five Senseis developed a good relationship, though Yilk never developed an interest for becoming a Ninja. However, Yilk did enjoy martial arts, fighting, weaponry, justice, and politics, and was trained by the three remaining Senseis in these subjects as he grew up. Sensei Hung often brought Yilk to visit his brother. Yilk and Dave were good friends, for they were avid surfers and very professional at it. At the age of Fifteen, Yilk left CP island and went off to join the Olde Antarctican Navy. Yilk was not involved any large wars, but his ship once battled Opacus's army several times. Yilk retired from the Navy in 1965 as a Sargeant. He eventually got involved in politics, where he was elected to become a represenative for Club Penguin Island's Legislature. However, he only managed to serve the legislature for about six years before his strange disappearance. He met and married Alicia Hochstadt in 1967, but did not have children with her until much later. In 1968, he claimed to see a mythical "Mermaid", during a ship he was in, in his youth.


In the year of 1973, Yilk campaigned to become the head of CP's Legislature. Like most political candidates, there were other candidates with competition and opposers. It was believed that one of Yilk's major competitors, who hated him quite a bit, was linked with Nightmare....and it was Jsudsu X who was called to do the job to get Yilk disqualified from the legislature head campaign. Jsudsu soon possesed Yilk and began to control him, and Jsudsu made Yilk into committing henious crimes such as stealing and arson from other Penguins' igloos. As soon as word got out of Yilk's strange and terrible behavior, he was banned, and he was sent to a secret prison hidden in the darkest corners of Hackzon Valley, who was never to be seen again for over 30 years.


See More in The Quest for Yilk.

Since his disappearance, Yilk was presumed dead and there was no trace to where he was. Luckily for him, Yilk had fallen in love with another penguin woman before his disappearance, and she had five eggs, all at different times. One of them was Red River 2, who had Swiss Ninja, Fisch, and Clovis. It was Fisch who decided to find out what happened to Yilk, so he gathered all of the Hochstadt Gang in a quest to look for Yilk. Along the way, the Hochstadt Gang got a new recruit, who was Piper J. Cub. Piper's sharp attitude and bravery helped lead the gang into Hackzon Valley and helped rescue Yilk from tortures of Prison. Yilk was happy to be free and to be reunited with his much bigger family, and he first lived with Swiss Ninja in the Keukenhof Castle for a bit, but later he moved to Fisch's igloo after yearning to return to Club Penguin once more. He lived there and tried to regain the trust of the still living penguins he had offended that had made him disappear. Eventually, he reunited with his wife and moved into her old childhood mansion in Frankterre.


  • Yilk is the most respected Hochstadt in the family because he is one of the oldest remaining Hochstadts still alive.
  • Yilk finds dicipline to be a great deal, and he does not approve of the fighting going on between Swiss Ninja and the Hochstadt Gang.
  • Although he doesn't live with Swiss Ninja anymore, he still visits him often to babysit his great-granddaughter, Bellina.
  • Yilk's personality is similar to Gottfried's, since they both follow chivalry and manners with gusto.

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