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Roleplay.jpg Ying-Ying involves Role-Play; leave a message on its talk page to talk with it!
TEH MIGHTY CRAZEE Y1N&-^1n&!!! ([email protected]!!!)
L3LZ!!! 1 G3TZ D3 $C009$!!! 1 FL^ @W@^!!! [email protected]!!! L0L!!!
Title The Str00del of a "reporter"
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction A str00del-like penguin who isn't in the Str00del Force
Health Too much of a str00del
Level 600+ (D07K D07K!!!)
Status L0LZ!!! I D0 [email protected] @TU%%!!! [email protected]!!!
Location Doing something str00delish or random
Birth date September 22, 2015 (2015-09-22) (age 1)
Place of birth Journalism school
Occupation Being a str00del
Feather color Depends
Nationality Yian
Catchphrase "[email protected]!!!"
Interests L0L!!! STR00D3L!!! [email protected]!!!
Strengths Randumb power, LOLZ
Weaknesses 0MG!!! 1$ 1T Y0U @ND Y0UR @DV3NTUR3$??? N0T [email protected]!!!
Powers See here
Fears Ping-Ping
Friends D07K D07K!
Enemies Ping-Ping
Archetype Str00del-like yeevil penguin
Weapon of choice JETPACK AND RANDUMB POWER!!!!1!11!!!1111!!!
[email protected]!!! L0LZ!!! [email protected]!!!
— Ying-Ying being extreme

Ying-Ying is the feather-colour-changing, sometimes over-the-top and extremely str00delish Y-antibody of Ping-Ping. Unlike his host, he is almost never yellow. His catchphrase and quote is "[email protected]!!!" (yes, always with 3 exclamation marks), which always warns penguins that a "crazee" str00del is coming. His hobby is to be a reporter for The Daily Reporter, but always brings back script in l33t, which always annoys his boss especially the times while they translate they discover he is something called "yeevil", over-the-top and str00delish and he writes over-the-top, str00delish yeevil plans. Unlike other antibodies, he never acts like a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Instead, he acts like a str00del (as mentioned above).


When Ping-Ping was still in journalism school, he caught the Y-Virus after he accidently drank water with drops of Y-Soda in it. After 4 days, he began getting immense headaches and was sent to the hospital for an injection of Ditto after thinking it could be something called the X-Virus.

8 Days Later, Outside the Classroom...

Ping-Ping:*cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*

Random student: You ok?

Ping-Ping: I'm *cough* fi *cough* ne *cough* *COUGH!!!*

Suddenly, a large blob of bluish-green goo which quickly shaped into a brown penguin.

The brown penguin: D07K D07K!!! [email protected]!!!

He suddenly spotted a random jetpack in the room, lying in the corner.

The brown penguin: 1 W1LL [email protected] D3 [email protected] [email protected]!!! ^1N&-^1N& W1LL R1S3!!!

He ran towards the jetpack, and grabbed it. He then activated it, while shouting "[email protected]!!!".

Ping-Ping: What did he say will rise?

Random student: I think he said "ying-ying".

Ping-Ping: I suppose we will have to call him "Ying-Ying" then.

So the students waddled into class, with no troubles even after the event.


Some hours after the incident, the jetpack ran out of fuel and crashed in the forest. He said "U&#, FL1M$^ [email protected]!", when he suddenly heard a loud humming noise. He carelessly shouted "[email protected] 1$ [email protected] N01S3?!?". Suddenly, the humming became louder, which finally stopped when a black penguin with wings on his feet and only a slanted question mark on his body came up to him. "Many greetings, comrade. I am Y-King, and I choose you to be part of my army." He then pulled out a large black keysaber, unusually lined with what looked like yellow gems. "Say you accept, or duel me." Ying-Ying immediately surrendered because of the fright of the size of the keysaber. "1-1 @[email protected]!" he then stuttered. "Good. I already know who your host is, so I'll call you Ying-Ying. Follow me. Oh, and did you know you change color?" Out of fright and shock of discovering that his feather colour changed, the newly named Ying-Ying followed Y-King. He was lead to a small hut that looked like this (without the sign saying "SURF"). Y-King walked inside and shut the door.

The Y-King then pressed the yellow part of the jetpack, and the ground began to move. "[email protected]'$ [email protected]&???" "Don't ask any questions!". Finally, the ground stopped moving to reveal an underground lair. "You stay here, I'll look for other Y-Antibodies!". Ying-Ying didn't have enough time to see the so-called king disappear. He decided to wait as he said. Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks and weeks turned to a month, while he spent time creating more Y-Soda. Finally, Ying-Ying turned completely "crazee" and drew his first "yeevil" plan on a random blueprint which he hid for many days. "@H@! ^1N&-^1N& W1LL R1$3! [email protected]!!!" His feathers suddenly turned blue as he cackled in the underground lair. "F1R$T 1 N33D @ G00D C0V37-U9. [email protected]!!!", he said as he rummaged around for something to use as a disguise. He finally found a black hat to use as a disguise. "N0W T0 F1ND [email protected] TH3^ [email protected] @ J08! [email protected]!!!"

After some time looking for a proper job, he was accepted at The Daily Reporter as a journalist. He still works for The Daily Reporter to this day.


He usually wears a black hat, a pencil and a notepad and occasionally the jetpack. His feather colours are usually blue, yellow or brown, but can also be seen with green, pink or white feathers. He has slightly red eyes (due to the fact he is "crazee") and always writes down as he wonders around, sometimes thinking looking for a the (what seems to him as) great and latest latest yeevil plan scoop.


He is ultra-over-the-top, very (and when I say very, I mean very) str00delish, crazee and yeevil. He rarely acts like any normal penguin and sometimes makes "HUHUHU-HAHAHA-HAHAHSGAHGAAH" noises, hinting the fact that he is crazee.


Somehow, this penguin also has modes like other penguins.

  • Str00del mode - He acts like a str00del. His most common mode.
  • "HUHUHU-HAHAHA-HAHAHSGAHGAAH" mode - He makes noises like "GUGUHAAHHAAHAA", "HUHUHU-HAHAHA-HAHAHSGAHGAAH" and "[email protected]!!!". He also makes many gagging and cackling sounds and the only "proper" word he can pronounce is "[email protected]!!!", which freaks out nearby penguins.
  • Normal mode - Very rare. He acts like a normal penguin.

Hidden Powers[edit]

He has hidden powers, probably caused by mysterious radiation from Y-King's hidden lair. Here is a list of them -

  • Randumb power - He zaps another penguin, therefore causing them to act like Ying-Ying himself (only worse). The effect stays for 5 mins before it wears out.
  • LOLZ power - He somehow manages to reach a "0" from his speech and throws it at the other penguin, causing them to uncontrollably and repeatedly do a "RUOTGLMBAFO" (Rolling uncontrollably on the ground laughing my beak and feathers off. Of course, the beak never comes off, only feathers). The effect stays for 7 mins before they can breathe properly again.


  • The way he "[email protected]!!!"s is a definite parody of the way Tintin says "Yahoo!" in the late 20th-century television-adapted version of the Tintin adventure The Secret of The Unicorn.
  • He almost always ends his dialogue with "[email protected]!!!".

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