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Really, Mabel?

You are you. You may or may not be us. You are the reader, you are the one keeping this weekee alive. Therefore, you are the most important character. And that's why Mabel hates you. And that's why Penghis Khan hates you. And that's why Winston... likes you, but he pretty much likes everyone. And that's why Cyber-nought likes you...if you like him. And that's also why Questisbak hates you. And that's why you are the reason we can't have nice things. And that's why The Four Unknown will whack you once they get into your house.

Things that we know about you

1. You are reading this.

2. Mabel hates you.

3. You came to this page because you followed a link or searched for it.

4. You are here, and we are not.

5. You are a male or a female.

6. You are a creature.

8. You didn't notice that there wasn't a number 7.

9. You actually checked if it was there.

10. You are a human.

11. Yet, we could really care less what you are.

12. You are reading this sentence.

13. You are not perfect, like us.

15. You didn't notice there wasn't a number 14.

16. You checked if it was there.

25. You didn't notice there weren't any numbers 17-24.

26. You checked if they were there.

27. You exist.

28. The Four Unknown are or are not heading for your house next.

29. You are on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.

And now you must click here! CLICK HERE!!!