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An indecisive, muddle-headed walrus.
Born Elvis Presley IV
April 28, 2000
Residence Walrus Warehouse
Gender Male
Nationality None
Other names The Young One
Ethnicity Walrus
Citizenship None
Education Kindergarten
Occupation Henchman
Years active 2005 -
Employer Walrus Crime Ring
Home town Heard and McDonald Islands/Tinsdale, Antarctic Peninsula/Outer Club Penguin
Salary None
Net worth None
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Known for Screwing the Crime Ring's activities yet gifted in hacking.
Partner None
Children None
Parents Al Lephia and Rubert Understash (adopted)
Relatives Walrus Crime Ring

YoungWalrus (April 28, 2000 -) is the youngest member working for the Walrus Crime Ring, having the rank of a "henchman". Inexperienced and uneducated, YoungWalrus constantly cause trouble for his fellow co-workers, but has an extraordinary gift in hacking. Interesting aspects about him is that he's not a legal citizen of the USA and was adopted by penguin parents back when he was shipped to Antarctica.


YoungWalrus is the illegitimate son of two walri parents who had to ship him away amidst an economic crisis in the north. He was loaded onto a cardboard box and sailed down the Atlantic, making a brief stop at the Heard and McDonalds Islands, where he was found by humans who placed him back on the route to Antarctica. He landed near the port town of Tinsdale, Antarctic Peninsula, ten months after birth. He managed to survive through sufficient food (humans at Heard managed to pack in more food for him) and hibernation.

At the town of Tinsdale, two King Penguins, Al Lephia and Rubert Understash, owners of the local peanut factory decided to adopt him. They were to register the Walrus at the Shiverpool immigration office but also had financing problems and had to delay it. They eventually moved to Outer Club Penguin in 2001 as they were unable to pay rent.

During this time, Walrus (character) was still learning to hack. Although he lived five blocks away from YoungWalrus, he found him one day and became friends with him, in which the parents accepted. Throughout the years, Walrus taught YoungWalrus how to hack, and YoungWalrus in turn showed exemplary application of codes and formatting, pleasing Walrus. In 2005, however, YoungWalrus had to move to Tinsdale again after property prices in Outer Club Penguin soared.

The next year, YoungWalrus's parents applied for citizenship in the Shiverpool immigration office. However, the lack of records and no contemporary support caused YoungWalrus to be illegible to apply for citizenship, but was able to continue living in Antarctica so long as he does not travel out of the country. The state of Pengolia and The Happyface State then were not part of the USA, so YoungWalrus's choices of residence were limited.

In 2009, YoungWalrus met Walrus again at a local coffee shop in Tisndale. Walrus was to acquire some old computers that day and Tinsdale was known for its stash of old computers. The pair reminisced and caught up, eventually learning of each other's fates. YoungWalrus then decided to live with Walrus, whom his parents agreed to, and he moved to Outer Club Penguin's Walrus Warehouse where he worked as a clumsy but diligent henchman.


YoungWalrus's role in the Walrus Crime Ring is to concoct new codes and viruses' foundations to be sent to destroy the Club Penguin Weekee. He uses a 1GhZ Doors 2000 computer to do so.

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