Yow Access

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Yow Access
Type Privately-owned company
Industry Telecommunications
Founder(s) Calvin S.
Headquarters Golden City, Culldrome Yow
Area served Yow Islands
Key people Calvin S.
Services Phone service, internet access
Revenue 1,850,140 Gold Coins
Owner(s) Calvin S.
Employees 100
Website yowaccess.com

Yow Access is a telecommunications provider in Yow. It is largely known for its poor service, and is consistently noted as having some of the worst support of all Antarctic companies. In the aftermath of the Great Yowien War, however, service has slowly improved.


Yow Access provides the only internet connection to the Yow Islands. It is infamous for being slow and unreliable, and often cited as one of the reasons why people did not want to move to the Old Yow Kingdom.


Connectivity was provided by a fibre-optic line from Yow to Snowzerland, but it was severed during the Great Yowien War. Most connectivity is currently provided by several satellites sent into orbit during the height of the Yow Kingdom's space program. A cable from Yow to the USA is currently under construction.


Yow Access also provides phone service to all of the Yow Islands. It used to be the only provider of phone services, but the Governance expanded to Yow after the Great Yowien War, taking advantage of Yow Access's limited infrastructure after the war. This service is often more reliable than the internet service, but also has issues.

Governance Dispute[edit]

Yow Access does not connect with the Governance. This is for several reasons: the old Kingdom felt that Yow could develop telecommunications itself, and the Governance refused to believe that Yow even existed, for some reason.


The baseline price for service is 85 coins a month.


  • This is a parody of Comcast.
  • Many other companies have tried to compete against Yow Access, but have failed due to the state of Yow's economy. The only reason Yow Access became a monopoly was that it was the first internet provider established.
    • However, that didn't dissuade the Governance from exploiting Yow after the Great War.
  • Yow Access still serves the partitioned Yow provinces.

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