Yowien Sea

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Yowien Sea
Yowien Sea.jpg
The Yowien Sea is calm place where several countries are located.
Yow Kingdom Islands.png
A commonly used map of the sea; this map is not to scale.
Key details
Type Sea
Level 700
Location Just a little North from King George's Island.
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles, terns, walruses(AUGH!), seagulls

The Yowien Sea is a sea sixty miles from King George's Island; however, KGI is legally a part of the Yowien Sea. It is mostly controlled by the United States of Antarctica and the Allies of the Great Yowien War. The USA and Yow have had constant disputes about over what in the sea belonged to which country. Since the USA barely had any holding in the sea, Yow proclaimed that it shouldn't have had any islands in the sea whatsoever. Currently, the USA controls Rockhopper Island, Hontana and King George's Island; and the rest are controlled by the Allies.


The Yowien Sea islands was the only group of islands that separated High Penguins from the mainland, and therefore sailors had no choice but to go through. The sea was actually easy to go through, penguins only had to deal with walruses. A ship carrying slaves crashed on Yow Kingdom Island, which at the time was known as Vill. The slaves killed, and ate the sailors after they escaped. Then they populated Vill, but High Penguins soon forced them out to F Island, Hontana, and the June Islands. The Hokjoks controlled the the whole sea, and made it hard for sailors to get through. Soon things got worst, the Hokjoks had discovered powerful gems on F Island. There were thousands of gems, each one standing for one element. The Hokjoks learned to control these, and used them for warfare. Each Hokjok had its own gem, but a couple years later the gems mysteriously disappeared. The Hokjoks died out on all the islands except F Island and Hontana; however, sailors were still too afraid to enter the sea. Only the bravest sailed through it, and yet hardly any cultures inhabited the islands.

In 10 BC, a group of vikings landed on present day Yow Kingdom Island, on a voyage back to their homeland. The leader of these vikings was Gërbles Von Wein, who, upon landing on the island, called it Yäulandt. Gërbles made himself duke of the island, and gave it the Old German States. He figured that the newly found island could serve as a lead pad for invasions on the Penguin Empire. Yäulandt did not grow very quick, and remained a small port colony. It did help vikings easily invade the Penguin Empire, and helped them to escape easily. The Penguin Empire didn't know it existed until AD 130, and instantly sent invasion forces. These invasion scattered the populace, forcing them to sail away. On some voyages, other islands were discovered. There is no record, unfortunately, of any vikings landing on these islands.

In AD 200, vikings discovered the Barbearer Islands. These vikings were uninformed explores, who thought that Yäulandt still existed as a civilization. The leader of these vikings, Erdmut Wein, was possibly the descendant of Gërbles Von Wein. Erdmut and his vikings sailed right past modern day Yow Kingdom Island, however, and sailed farther north west than planned. They ended up crashing on one of the Barbearer Islands, and were forced to build settlements out of their ships due to the coming winter. The vikings supposedly ate oranges and crabs throughout the winter. Because they took apart their ships, they were stranded on the islands. The vikings brought their wives though, and decided to just reproduce there. Eventually a closely DNA intertwined civilization was established. By AD 300, it became impossible for anyone within the community to reproduce. Amazingly, in AD 305 more vikings landed in the Barbearer Islands. At this point the history record became blurry, and unsure to historians. In 1000 AD, the viking civilization, now called Wikinger Inseln, was hit by two large earth quakes that forced the settlers to leave. They came to believe that Wikinger Inseln was cursed, and rushed away. Once again, only Hokjoks inhabited the Yowien Sea.

During The Great Yowien War, all islands except for Disparu Island (which was left abandoned) were conquered and annexed by the Allies and put into their control.

Water Characteristics[edit]

The Yowien Sea is enclosed from the rest of the ocean by a circle of small and large islands. This circle of islands slows water currents to a point that there aren't any dangerous sea storms. The water flows slowly as well, and has been discovered to flow in certain direction. The water seems to flow in a circle inside the sea, being pushed back into the center by islands. The Yowien Sea also has a flat seafloor, which is only 345 feet from the surface. This make sea life abundant, and has made the sea a popular fishing destination.


Some scientists believe the islands used to be a large continent, and split apart 100 years before the Hokjoks arrived. They have named the continent: Holock. Study has calculated that Holock was 98% of the size of the United Terra. Holock was a warm continent that had large salt and bronze sources. The island had actually many floods, and these floods caused it to break apart. The islands actually drifted apart quickly and finally settled down. Though because of this many have now believed that there was no continent, because "How could these islands drift so fast? It's not possible and is plain crazy!" Now there are more penguins that don't believe in it that there are who do believe.


The majority of islands is controlled by Yow Kingdom.

  • Yow Kingdom Island- The first island to became a nation. Currently under partition.
  • Sanders Islands- A small atoll controlled by Polaris.
  • Hontana- It was once controlled by Frankterre, until 2001 when they sold it to Yow. It was conquered during the Great Yowien War and given to the USA.
  • F Island- The smallest island in the whole sea; it barely has any room for civilization. It's a colony of Puffle'and.
  • June Islands- Originally an independent, the island chain never grew and almost died. Yow took control of it quickly while on it's decline. It eventually regained its independence, but was conquered by Frankterre during the Great Yowien War.
  • Rockhopper Island- Found and controlled by Rockhopper, but legally under the ownership of the USA.
  • Barbearer Islands- It was found by Feey1 but ended up in Coldless' flippers. It was very evil before being conquered during the war.
  • King George's Island- An island that was fought over by Yow and the USA lot. However, it remains the USA's.
  • Disparu Island- A mysterious island that is currently lost. It is only known of because of Frankish sailors who supposedly discovered it.
  • Other smaller islands (neutral territory, unless noted otherwise).


The Yowien Sea is inhabited by many species, the majority being made of Penguins. Though crab civilizations are growing. And more puffles seem to be living there.


The early days of Yow Kingdom Island's discovery, the Yowien Sea was largely claimed by Frankterre (however, they did little exploring of other islands in the sea). In 1990, many Lisboagese immigrated to the young Yow Kingdom after their homeland was invaded. Yow Kingdom soon attracted Castillan immigrants as well, and soon most the population spoke Spanish. In 1988 the June Islands were re-discovered by Hugues Abade, a Frankish sailor who enjoyed sailing around the Yowien Sea (known to the Frankish as the Dewey Sea). The June Islands had a high amount of Castillans, and became 98% Castillan. Later discovered islands usually gained the culture of their discoverer's homeland culture. Currently, Lisboagese and Castillan culture is dominant in the Yowien Sea. Since 2013, however, Zhouese and Frankish culture is growing. In 2013 14% of the Yowien population spoke Chinese, and 18% spoke French.


The Yowien Sea is filled with many rare species of Antarctica. Seals and walruses are rarely ever seen there. Wild puffles are very common too, especially in Hontana. The Yowien Sea is packed with wild puffles. Most of them thrive on Hontana, Rockhopper Island, and Yow Kingdom Island. Most of the wild puffle civilizations date all the way back to Sigurd and Bacchus.

The Approximate Puffle Population (including pets and wild puffles) in the Yowien Sea. Click to enlarge.

The sea's puffle population is mainly Brown, and Red Puffles; who are located on Hontana, and Rockhopper Island. The most civilized puffles can be found on Yow Kingdom Island, the second oldest country in the sea.

Penguins are the most common creatures in the sea. Penguins have been inhabiting the sea since 1 BC. However most civilizations that have come to the sea have left it very quickly. The sea used to have many earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Also, the Penguin Empire kept attacking the civilizations in the sea, which made the sea a horrible place to live. Now, however, the weathers have become more stable. There are no more hurricanes, and earthquakes happen less frequent.

Terns are the least most common creature in the sea. Most of the terns in Antarctica stay in Ternville. But, the sea's tern population is about 5% of the total population. Most terns live on Yow Kingdom Island, F Island, and King George's Island. Terns sometimes come to the sea on vacation, so most tourist are terns.

Seals and walruses are a huge threat to the sea's population. They used to be plentiful in the sea, but after it became much more inhabited they were all killed for safety. But some seals and walruses survived the killings, and went to live on remote ares of islands. A lot of walruses and seals can be found on the northern coast of Hontana, and seals can be found around F Island and Sanders Islands.

Trading Systems[edit]

The Yowien Sea plays a major role in the SABER. It supplies 68% of the salt, 2% of the gold, 12% of the copper, and 37% of the cloth. Because of the trading system the Yowien Sea has became a prime target for pirates, and therefore coast guards must patrol the sea daily. The daily patrolling has helped protect nations, and sailors. The coast guard is paid by Yow Kingdom, and the June Islands.


A political cartoon of the Yowien Sea being "controlled" by other nations.

Governments in the Yowien Sea vary greatly from empires, to dictatorships, to democracies. See Partition of Yow for more information on the different countries that control Yow and its satellites.


  • The constant debate between the USA and Yow had ruined their relations, and had put them both on the edge of war. Though neither Billybob nor Alexander Clanin wanted to do war.
  • The USA was continually drafting a declaration that they would use to control the sea. They had been writing it for 13 years.

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