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Born Yusei
February 12, 1999
Residence Ninjinian's Igloo
Gender Male
Nationality Terrain
Occupation Scientist, Inventor, Mechanic, Puffle
Years active 2001-present
Employer Himself
Notable works KEI Cannon, Gary, etc.
Home town New Club Penguin
Height 1ft 5
Weight 5.6kg
Known for Being a very smart puffle and the puffle of Ninjinian.

Yusei is Ninjinian's green puffle. He is very smart & is the brains of the country his owner leads, UnitedTerra. He is capable of many different things as well; like working out formulas, writing without having flippers and many other small tasks a normal puffle can't do. Currently his official job is in the music job as a record producer and songwriter. He has written and produced songs for the likes of DJ Crow, Cadence, Nevim and others. Yusei was led into the music business by DJ Crow, who requested Yusei to produce tracks for his first album. Now Yusei is listed in the Top 10 Producers of Antarctica. He is currently living in Ninjinian's igloo in New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra.


Yusei was born on February 12, 1999 and adopted by Ninjinian on February 21 for his 7th birthday. Ninjinian always adored Yusei and took him everywhere. After the disappearance of Ninjinian's parents, Yusei & Ninjinian, along with Ninjinian's baby brother, Baby N. who all waddled (though Yusei actually bounced) weeks to find a new home. Yusei was in danger of dying in the cold, but he survived after Ninjinian almost sacrificed his life for his puffle, and Yusei knew that he had to repay back Ninjinian in all he could, and now follows him almost everywhere, and is the smartest in the UnitedTerra Parliament.

Musical career[edit]

In early 2009, Yusei challenged himself to master a range of machines. Eventually he came to musical machines such as synthesizers, samplers and others. He managed to master them, telling Ninjinian about this. Ninjinian told his brother DJ Crow about his successful mission, considering Crow was in the music business. He then told Ninjinian that he was working on his debut album and needed producers for it. He immediately talked to Yusei, who agreed to produce. Yusei produced three songs on Crow - The Hard Times. Yusei got his first big producing break. He was signed to Music Industry and Club Penguin Music Records in a joint record deal. Yusei thanked Crow for getting him into the music business. The record labels contacted Yusei to produce for Meaghan on Camouflage. He then produced for DJ Crow again for Dance on Sunday, and then later on for many others. Yusei, at the same time, got into songwriting - and was then promoted to a producer/songwriter. In 2011, Yusei was listed in the "Top 10 Producers of Antarctica" sitting at number 2, just behind fellow producer TrillBron.

Other work[edit]

Yusei's smart brain comes in handy outside the music industry. He designed the layout of The Facility, a top prison in UnitedTerra. Yusei was honoured dearly by the prison Custodian and by his owner Ninjinian. Other than that Yusei has designed many turbo-bikes, website layouts, album and single cover art, jewellery and clothes. In the process of this, Yusei has been claimed by the public to being a entrepreneur.


Production discography[edit]

Year Artist Tracks Album
2009 DJ Crow "Crow FM" Crow - The Hard Times
"Blowin' in the Wind"
"Don't Go too Far"
2010 Meaghan "Switch to Plan B" Camouflage
DJ Crow "Welcome Me" Dance on Sunday
"Another Level"
"207 Bars"
Cadence "Cascading Stairway" Causing Mayhem
"The Dark Side"
"Method to My Madness"
2011 Meaghan "Sugar Pot" CandyLand
"Candy Monster"
Tim and Tom "The Monster" (featuring DJ Crow)
(co-production with Tim and Tom)
TT House Mafia
DJ Crow "Disc-Jockey's Nyt" Disc-Jockey's Nyt

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