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pant pant Hullo there! Would you like to surf with me?
— Yyywoofoo

Sport catalog.PNG
A photo of Jonathan Benjamin Yyywoofoo after surfing.
Title The (Tired) Surfer
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Ever since he has realized what tends to happen with Mdccapp2, he is currently running as fast as his legs can carry him whenever he sees him.
Health Very High
Level 50
Status Swimming a 5 km distance
Location In the Ocean
Birth date July 12, 1999 (1999-07-12) (age 20)
Occupation Penguin Squad member
Friends Penguin Squad, Ariel96473, Mariposa132, Superpingu96, Pengu629, Pengeto, Pengijoker.
Enemies Golden Puffles
Archetype Good

Jonathan Benjamin Yyywoofoo, better known as Yyywoofoo, is a good friend and training partner of Pengijoker. Yyywoofoo is known as being an athletic, lime green penguin, who hikes and walks everyday. His favourite hobby to do, however, is surfing, and he does it whenever he can. He is often credited as the co-creator of Surfers Co., which is true, as the taught the company's creators how to swim. He works for the company as a tutor, along with Surfguin, who rescues penguins fallen into the sea after capsizing their surfboards, and as a life guard, in shifts with Lifeguin, a life guard.


Early Life[edit]

Yyywoofoo hatched on 12 July, 1999, and from a young age, he seemed to have an interest in sports. At the age of 3, he revealed to his parents that he was a fast penguin, and his parents claim that he was avidly running at least ten laps inside the family igloo by the time he was a 5-year-old chick. When he was 7, however, he lost interest in sports, and grew a passion for vehicles. He became so talented, that his parents also say that he was able to build a small, working car by the time he was 8; to back this up, they have the aforementioned car sitting proudly on their mantelpiece. After a short period of homeschooling, he entered the local school. Here, he hated the school gymnasium, and, contradictorily to now, thought sport was a kind of useless, painful torture. One day, a month before he was 11, he was channel-surfing and found, and watched, a programme on sports. He was mesmerized, and at the end of the show, he remembered what fun he had running around the igloo as a chick, and for his birthday, his parents gave him a skipping rope to practice his old hobby again.

He practiced hard every day, even though he was bullied for using a so-called girl's toy in his school, and by the time he was 12, he retained his ability for being an excellent runner. He was able to beat races in his school's gymnasium. He also learned, around his time, how to drive a sled, and since he became so good at the sport and could beat even the four-player races, he consequently knows how to drive perfectly, even without driving lessons.

Later Life[edit]

He met his now-best friend in an unfortunate accident, when he was 13. One day, he took a hike, but while he was running, Pengijoker suddenly came out from a corner, and hit him by accident, causing Yyywoofoo to crash, and the two began rolling into a large snowball. They rolled so far and couldn't see, that they didn't realize they had been rolling up the Ski Hill, where they had sled races and occasionally skied, and then down the cliff's ledge. Once they landed in the deep snow and broke open the snowball, they realized that just because of a small accident, they were now in deep trouble. Yyywoofoo blamed Pengijoker for causing them to end up in the almost inhabitable environment, before realizing that they would have to work together to get out of their situation alive. Using their survival skills, they teamed together and tamed a black puffle, found a cave, and got a fish for their supper. They had to sleep overnight, and the next day, they found an old, mile-long piece of rope, and an old rusty anchor. They had a good idea, and tried tying the rope to the anchor; unfortunately, when they swung it to the cliff, the rope snapped, and they were unable to climb up due to the length of the rope. They decided to resort on hiking their way back to their igloos, and while hiking, they were caught in a snowstorm. They somehow managed to get out of it safely, and once they were back in Club Penguin's civilization, they reconciled, and became good friends. This is the time when Pengijoker, with a good intention, introduced Yyywoofoo to his brother, Mdccapp2.

Realising that it would be too dangerous if he ran on his hiking and walking trips, he needed to find an alternative, sporting solution to replace it. He temporarily found his answer on a visit to The Cove, which was swimming. His family was happy with this decision (eventually allowing Yyywoofoo to drop school and be homeschooled again), and so was Yyywoofoo, until he saw a penguin surfing. As he was concerned about being the fastest penguin in sports, he decided to try taking up surfing in order to become faster, cooler, and up to fashion. Since it contrasted his family's, and most other penguins (and their families) he knew, tradition of being a largely land-dwelling penguin, and since they knew that he would have to stay on the sea for long periods of time in order to properly practice, they strongly opposed to it. The families also had a ban on standing on a floating piece of "debris" on water for long periods of time, especially going on high speed on these pieces of debris, which added to their opposition.

When Yyywoofoo tried to persuade them to listen to him, it only worsened his situation, and they excluded him from their acquaintance circle, no longer accepting him to even touch their igloos. He ended up having to make a makeshift hut in the Forest, and not wanting to alarm his friend, he kept his situation a secret. The next day, he bought the surfboard he now frequently uses with the little coins he had, and began practice. On the ocean, he developed a precursor of the often-used surfing style, which is standing sideways on the board while sticking his flippers on his feet, and broke the then-world record at 2,000 metres per hour. While rejoicing his achievement, a wave unexpectedly caught him, and he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he clambered back to land, and practiced again, this time, to experiment, keeping his flippers outstretched. It was at this moment that he invented the surfing style now used commonly today, and he slid on the sea at 4,000 metres per hour, breaking his own record.

Current Life[edit]

Other inexperienced surfers saw Yyywoofoo gliding on the sea, and once the proud penguin arrived on shore, the surfers asked how he was able to move so quickly. Yyywoofoo, after explaining, teaching and showing them how to do it, became a legend to these penguins. Once they became expert surfers themselves, they developed a safe way to dance on surfboards, and eventually set up a company - Surfers Co. - and took over Club Penguin's entire surfing industry: they began building surfboards, made surfing grounds (The Shack for refreshments and Catchin' the Waves for surfing), taught other penguins how to surf, licensed red puffles to join their owners on a surfing trip, had competitions, and gave other experts permission to surf far into the dangerous, shark and iceberg-ridden stormy ocean. When they designed and produced the legendary, speedy, silver surfboard, the first one made was given to their hero, Yyywoofoo, causing him to enter the Club Penguin Times and become a local superstar at only 14.

Once his family, and other acquaintance's families, read of what had happened, they were forced by Yyywoofoo's fans to denounce their tradition, and try surfing for themselves. It was proved that because of the tradition the family was highly prejudiced, for once they tried surfing, they actually liked it; causing the large group of penguins to reconcile with Yyywoofoo for proving them wrong, and accepted him back. Pengijoker also tried surfing around this time, and also began liking it, causing him to become Yyywoofoo's surfing friend, and also his first official pupil.

Yyywoofoo is now enjoying a comfortable, happy life of surfing, and receives a good salary from Surfers Co. for being the inspiration for its creation. He currently tutors new penguins on surfing, along with his fellow worker Surfguin, who rescues penguins who fall off their surfboards in the water, and is also a part-time lifeguard, in shifts with Lifeguin. Unfortunately for his peace, he found out in 2016 what happens to Mdccapp2 whenever he eats cotton candy, after an unfortunate accident when Mdccapp2 tried to push him into the ocean during a storm, and always runs a circuit around the island whenever he sees him.


Although his involvement in regular Club Penguin society is minor, the swimming and surfing community consider him as a hero. He has a large involvement in the aqua world, and is constantly teaching others new facts and styles of surfing. He is also involved, to a lesser extent, in saving lives (because of his part-time life guard shifts), and every now and then contributes to the dance world by designing, inventing and making dances suitable in a surf board. He also has an involvement in the survival-teaching world, as he teaches penguins how to swim in the summer, a useful method of survival, and surfing involves a lot of swimming.


Yyywoofoo has various hobbies, of which all except one are connected to sport in some way. They are surfing, reading, saving lives (occasionally), hiking, walking, swimming, running, basketball (on holidays), football (likewise), skipping, exercise and boating. He likes surfing the most, and does it most frequently.


  • pant pant
  • Hullo there! Would you like to surf with me?
  • Do you surf?
  • Would you like to hike with me?
  • Hi there!
  • Need any help?
  • May I help?
  • pant cough pant
  • Gotta run!


Yyywoofoo: Hi there, Surfguin! Want a chat?

Surfguin: Sure!

As the two penguins happily chat, Mdccapp2 waddles up.

Mdccapp2: Hi Yyywoofoo!

Yyywoofoo: Oh no, not him again! Gotta run!

Jumping up from his seat, Yyywoofoo sprints past Mdccapp2; confused, Mdccapp2 shrugs.

Mdccapp2: What's wrong with him?


  • His quest to become a fast surfer and be reaccepted in the multiple families' circle is based off the infamous Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story.
  • He likes to take long hikes in Club Penguin, but doesn't get to do it often.
  • His favorite color is brown.
  • He has an X-Antibody named XXXwoofoo.
  • He has a WaddleTube account, but he didn't make it to enjoy himself. He made it because he feels obliged to dispel rumours made by Mugston Cupotea about the now-nonexistent haunted house That Place to the Left.

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