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Zurich Downtown.png
This is Downtown Zurich as seen from the view from a boat on the Limmat River.
Country Snowzerland
Monuments The Keukenhof Castle, the Statue of Swiss Ninja in the Plaza
Headquarters The Town Hall
Neighbourhoods Downtown Zurich, Dietlikon, Dubendorf, Egetswill, Penguinskia, Many More
Mayor Maddieworld
Population 1,500,000
Inhabited species Penguins and Puffles
General information
Native name Zurich
Foreign name Zurich
Demonym Züricher
Founded 2000
– Founder Swiss Ninja

Zürich or in English, Zurich, is Snowzerland's largest city. It is home to 1,200,000 Penguins and puffles. For many years, it was the capital of the island before the city of Geneva was founded. The city is known for its fashionable clothes and it is the main residence of Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt, who lives in a castle in the city outskirts. Zurich is typically the gateway city to the rest of Snowzerland since Zurich Airport provides the majority of Snowzerland's international flights.


The Coat of Arms of Zurich.

Swiss Ninja founded this city in 2000 when he discovered Snowzerland Island and set it as the main base for incoming immigrants and further colonization of the island. He dedicated the city in honor of Icecei, one of The Three Masters. The city was built in the middle of a forest right next to the Zürich See, or Lake Zurich in English (Now Zurich Bay), while the Limmat River runs through the middle of the city from Zürich Bay. Zurich's location was ideal because it was inland so that it could not be attacked easily, but at the same time near a body of water so that trade and passenger ships could reach it easily. When more penguins came to live there, mostly immigrants from Alemania and Osterreach, the city expanded and the local government divided the city into neighborhoods/districts. The City was built with the help of penguins from Club Penguin and Alemania. Swiss Ninja's immigration propaganda appealed to large groups of Penguins and puffles across the Antarctic (mainly towards certain Ninja Archipelagoan nationalities and former Colonial Antarctica loyalists), promising them large plots of land and a bounty of opportunity. Due to the large inflow of immigrants, the local Zurich government established a strict police force to crack down on crime and maintain Zurich's prestine image as a place of opportunity. This police force eventually was a role model for the developing SSS. Zurich was the only major city on Snowzerland island for years and was the capital of Swiss Ninja's collection of city states until the founding of Geneva (which in turn created the modern sovereign state of Snowzerland). However, by the time the capital was shifted to Geneva, Zurich had become well populated and remained Snowzerland's main gateway to the outside world. Zurich continues to be the headquarters of the SSS, who frequently stalk the whole nation and can arrest anyone at any time for any reason. Hence, Zurich's crime rate has become very low and boasts in cleanliness.

Sections of the City[edit]

The city was made in two major sections, the Old City (Altstadt) section, and the New City Section. The Old City is not really an old city, but rather the original plan for the center of the city and is where the first inhabitants of the town settled. The following districts comprise the New City section:

Other Sections of the City[edit]

  • Dietlikon
  • Dubendorf
  • Egetswill
  • Gerlisberg
  • Glattbrugg
  • Halisberg
  • Kloten
  • Neugut Dubendorf
  • Opficon
  • Rumlang
  • Ruti
  • Stettbach
  • Wallisellen
  • Watt
  • Penguinskia (named after Maddieworld's surname (Penguinskaah), yet turned into a neighberhood name)

City Life[edit]

Zürich is a city of immigrants that came over a decade ago. However, major Snoss propaganda and government programs have forced citizens to integrate into a homogenous Snoss culture, which is similar to that of Alemania's. As a result, cultural tendencies of everyday citizens in Zurich tend to be very similiar. It is known that the citizens of Zurich are friendly, hotels are all rated five stars (as required by the government), and the natural and architectual scenery is breathtaking. In the Old City section (which in reality is the original city), there are beautiful cobblestone streets, old fasioned styled houses and buildings, and beautiful (but expensive) high end stores. Zurich is Swiss Ninja's favorite city and is the reason why he has built his castle in the city outskirts on a hill. The city, due to its high standards and quality of life, is rather expensive for foreigners but many say that it is worth it. It is a popular shopping destination for Snowzerland's political elite and anyone with high incomes.

This is what Zurich looked like when Swiss Ninja discovered it.

Exports (Things made in Zürich)[edit]

  • Chocolate - Snowzerland imports their Chocolate from the Castillan colonies such as Beru and process the beans into high quality chocolate in the city's multiple gourmet chocolate manufacturing facilities.
  • Cheese - Cheeses are made by farmers that live outside the city, but most of their cheeses are sold in the city.
  • Milk - same with cheese.
  • Clothes - there are several clothing factories in Zurich. They usually recieve cotton, flax, and polyester textiles from Bellizona (Southwest Snowzerland) and silk from Zhou. These factories are run by major fashion industries and they mass produce and inspect many fine clothing every day. They are very particular on clothing production; any detected flaw will lead to having the item be discarded.
  • Clocks - Master artisans from Alemania brought the art of clock making to Snowzerland. Their business is booming due to their clocks' accuracy and reliability.
  • Watches - same as above.
  • Hot Dogs
  • Bratwurst
  • Weinersnitzel
  • Electricity (Indirectly) -- Downtown Zurich is home to Three Telenacles, and exports all electricity to all the other telenacles in the other cities....
  • Guns and Ammunition
  • Tanks
  • Aircraft


This is the percentage of jobs penguins have in Zürich.

  • 2% Agriculture (Farming) - some outskirts of the city have some small farms that produce food for local markets. Since agriculture is more plentiful in the more rural areas, agriculture contributes to a very small portion of Zurich's economy.
  • 48% Industry (Manufacturing businesses) - Zurich's city laws prohibit the establishment of manufacturing businesses near the center of town. Factories in Zurich face major emissions restrictions and are mostly located in the suburban areas of the city, where lower income citizens live and therefore work.
  • 50% Services (Stores, Restaurants, Hotels) - Services comprise the largest part of Zurich's economy and revenue. They are located across the city but are heavily focused in the touristy areas of the city.


The official languages of Zürich is German and some English. However, some penguins speak Leet there. German is the dominant language in the area and it is what most locals speak at home and learn in school. However, almost everyone understands at least some English.


  • Car- the most common way of transport. Car rental services are located at the Zurich Airport. The city has good roads, but little parking in it's old town area.
  • Bus- the Trans-Zürich Bus Chain is widely common and it can get you from one side of the city to another.
  • Tram- the tram can take you anywhere in Zürich and is used commonly.

The Sister Cities[edit]

Saint Moritz, Basel, and Lucerne are Zürich's sister cities.

Places That Tourists Should See[edit]

The City has lots to see. There are endless places, but here are very important places.

  • Mount Matterhorn - The tallest mountain in the Mammoth Mountain Range, it is visible from Zürich. There is a specific bus that takes tourists to this location since it is still a long distance from the city.
  • Old Town Zurich - The City of Zurich itself has much to see, shop, and eat! Explore this interesting city. Includes the Town Square.

Places to Eat[edit]

There are many good Restaurants in Zürich, but most of them have only one branch. Here are some restaurant branches in Zürich.

  • Note: these aren't all the restaurants available, there are many, many more family run restaurants that are more popular.

Restaurants That Have a Branch in Zürich[edit]


Education is highly valued in Zürich. Zürich has one of Snowzerland's oldest school systems and is what Snowzerland's current school system is based off of since it was likened to be more egalitarian in comparison to Alemania's elitist public school system. All Primary and Secondary schools teach in the local language, German. Here are the Schools of Zürich:

Primary Education (K-5)[edit]

  • Grundschule Dubendorf (Dubendorf Primary School) - A small school run by a small Telenacle.
  • Grundschule Ruti (Ruti Primary School) - A normal public Primary School

Secondary School (6-12)[edit]

  • Gymnasium Dubendorf (Dubendorf Secondary School) - a decently sized public Secondary School.
  • Gymnasium Rumlang (Rumlang Secondary School) - a large pubic Secondary School.

Academies and Institutes (K-12)[edit]

  • Royal Academy of Snowzerland - The nation's best private school where only the smartest and brightest are invited.
  • Institut Halisberg (Halisberg Institute) - A school for children passionate about music and/or sports.

Higher Education (Colleges\Universities)[edit]

  • Hochschule Egetswill (Egetswill College) - A community college. Most students will transfer into Zurich University after completing their units at Egeswill.
  • Hochschule Kloten (Kloten College) - A college especially for military service members; it does not teach anything military related since that is reserved for the Academy of the Snoss Armed Forces.
  • Zürich University - The Nation's top university that is offers a wide selection of majors.

Medical Care[edit]

The Zurich Medical Care Hospital is one of the best hospitals around. Health Care is wonderful and is very affordable. The Doctors and Nurses are well trained, have expirience, and have positive attitudes. The Hospital is located in the Medical Center, located near Downtown. The Medical Center is home to the Hospital, the Dentists, Chyropractors, Dermatologists, etc.


Die Zurcher Zeitung[edit]

See Zurcher Zeitung for more information

The Zurcher Zietung is the city's, as well as the nation's, official newspaper. It is printed in a printing press facility in the outskirts of the city and is delivered every day, rain or shine.

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