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Flag of ZITHIA
MottoNot man, not machine, both.
AnthemAll Hail ZITHIA
Z Symbol.png
Location of ZITHIA
(and largest city)
Official languages Binary, Trinary, Electron
Species  Z
 -  Z MEGA Z max1
Legislature The Z MEGA
Separation and Evolution In 1998 a research craft known as ZX1 was accidentally untethered from the USA. When it came back two years later, it had been completely rebuilt. 
 -  Evolution to ZX2, 3, 4, and 5 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 
 -  2016 estimate 143 

ZITHIA is a small independent nation based on a large floating platform with many large and powerful supercomputers, all connected to the ZITHIA supercomputer. The sole occupants of ZITHIA are the Z, a group of beings all connected to the main ZITHIA supercomputer. The main ZITHIA computer is located inside a large building in the center of CAPITAL named the Motherboard.


ZITHIA is, in essence, a massive computer nation floating around Antarctic waters. Every inhabitant of ZITHIA is connected in some way to the ZITHIA computer-hivemind, creating arguably the most efficient system possible in a modern country.

The current rendition of ZITHIA is known as ZX6, and represents the most advanced technology ever constructed by the Z. Only vaguely resembling ZX1, the current ZITHIA is a hexagonal structure with five city-like structures surrounded by hundreds of square meters of massive computer hardware required to keep the ZITHIA supercomputer operational.

ZITHIA itself is comprised of all of the systems necessary for the ZITHIA computer. The only true amenities for the Z are the pathways between CAPITAL and NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST. The four cardinal cities are all virtually identical in construction, and contain some basic similarities such as resting quarters, synthesized nutrient dispensers, and terminals to interface directly into ZITHIA.

Each of the cities are dedicated to a specific purpose in order to keep the platform running efficiently. NORTH maintains ZITHIA's memory banks, SOUTH contains the platform's navigation center, EAST contains ZITHIA's RAM and processing cores, and WEST contains laboratories and facilities for the Z's research into virtually all fields of science.

CAPITAL is constructed around the ZITHIA mainframe itself, which sits in the middle upon what is essentially a shrine that allows it to interface with every single system on ZITHIA. Outside of the cities and pathways are massive conglomerations of machinery and computer functions, which are required by ZITHIA to function at full capacity. Located exactly 90 degrees from the cardinal cities are the Cooling Centers, which are little more than massive heat sinks that extend into the ocean below to cool ZITHIA's computer mainframe, which is prone to overheating. Additionally, near SOUTH are the main propulsion added to ZITHIA as ZX3, allowing the computer nation to travel under its own power.

ZITHIA's leader is Z Max1, which is referred to by the Z as the 'Z MEGA' and, while connected to the ZITHIA hivemind, is capable of independent thought and action. All other Z obey his commands, though they are loyal primarily to the ZITHIA supercomputer.


ZITHIA started out as the Digital Intelligence Research Center operated by Z Max1 of the Z-Corp. Typically tethered just off the coast of the USA, the research center resembled a large hexagonal platform with several buildings on top, the central of which held the ZITHIA supercomputer. The craft's original purpose was to experiment on (often unwilling) volunteers who would receive neural interfaces in their skulls in order to be connected to the ZITHIA mainframe. Each subject would wear a special headset superficially resembling a set of PSA standard night-vision goggles which would allow the penguins to 'see' computer functions. Gradually, the penguins wearing the goggles began to lose nearly all emotional processes and higher thought, and acted more like a hivemind connected to ZITHIA.

In 1998, the research center was untethered by the Z to be set adrift throughout the Weddell Sea. Throughout this time, the center was rebuilt by the Z into a mechanical, autonomous country capable of supporting the Z in their research, along with expanding ZITHIA's mainframes and components. In 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010, ZITHIA received numerous upgrades, and reclassified itself as ZX2, ZX3, ZX4, and ZX5 respectively.

Sometime in 2015, the ZITHIA mainframe developed a fault and began experiencing small amounts of corruption. ZITHIA began reconstruction into ZX6, which was the most radical redesign of the platform. At this time, the platform disappeared from maritime radar and satellite imagery with UAN investigators assuming that ZITHIA had sunk or otherwise been destroyed.

At the same time, an oil tanker, the USAS Marathon, sunk several miles off the coast of Elterbrast in the Weddell Sea. A month later, a private company had established an offshore marine decontamination platform with the goal of cleaning up the harbor from oil. This platform was touted for several technologies developed to reduce costs and number of employees needed. Unbeknownst to the Antarctic community, the cleanup facility was a front for the construction of ZX6, which was being reconstructed as a submersible fortress.

Ed IslandIan intelligence agencies, which had been closely monitoring ZITHIA out of a concern for rogue AI activity, secretly inserted an operative into the oil facility while a UAN inspection was to take place. Ziegler was key in uncovering what was later deemed the ZITHIA Crisis and ending the AI attempts to control information flow throughout the continent.


Due to the fact that most Z have little to no personal feelings, they are always looking for more to learn so that they can be the ultimate species, making ZITHIA both a country and a large research station.

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