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Z Max1

Z Max1 inside his controlling chamber on the Motherboard, ZITHIA.
Born Maxwell Quincy Zedpengy
January 12, 1986 (1986-01-12) (age 33)
Weddel, USA
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Z Max1
Ethnicity Z Penguin
Occupation Leader of ZITHIA.
Years active 2004-present
Notable works Founding ZITHIA.
Known for Being founder and leader of ZITHIA
Title Z MEGA
Spouse(s) None
Children None

Z Max1 is the current leader and Z MEGA of ZITHIA. Z Max1 is also the president of Zatori, a successful game making company that he also earns a lot of money from. Z Max is the only Z Penguin in ZITHIA that can think for himself without being controlled.


Z Max1 is the founder and first Z MEGA of ZITHIA. He used to be a research professor n the ZX1 research facility until it drifted away. When he took the place as Z MEGA, and was from then on Ruler of all ZITHIA. Later he created a clone of himself named Z Max2 and sent him on a mission to find a much information about the USA as he could find. The number 1 at the end of his name comes from the fact that when he first connected to the ZITHIA central computer, he knew he would not live forever, and did not have access to any Z Virus (ironically). In order to continue his rule after his death, he began work on cloning himself and added the number 1 to his name to differ himself from the other Z Maxs.


As Ruler of ZITHIA, Z Max1 has many duties that he must fulfill. Although he doesn't play a very large role in any other country's history, on ZITHIA he has done more than he, You, or I can count. He also owns a Silver Puffle named Onyx, a Keysaber, and he has an X-Antibody named X max1. Added to all that he is the president, founder, and lead designer for Zatori.


  • His puffle Onyx is the head builder on ZITHIA. Z Max1 gets very angry when Onyx makes mistakes. Onyx is also the prototype Z-Puffle, a Puffle that has been transformed into a Z.

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