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Not to be confused with User:Z K.
Zack Khoury
Zack Khoury image.PNG
They don't call me ZK for nothing!
Title The One And Only ZK
Gender Male
Race Dufflepud Aethonian High Penguin (the other side is Emporer Penguin)
Faction He's half Emperor penguin and half Aethonian High Penguin.
Health Bad.
Level 45
Status Doing that ang he does.
Location Playing hockey... we think.
Occupation Hockey Player
Interests Hockey, Being the one and only ZK, Hanging with his friends
Friends LuXerra, and his teammates Marian and Melya
Enemies Too many to count.
Archetype He's a good guy!

Zackary Maxie Khoury, known by his nickname ZK (hatched June 27, 1984), is a Snowvillian hockey player for the Snowville Snowdown.


He hatched on June 27, 1984 to RK Khoury, a former Caladian hockey player, and his mother, who was an Aethonian High Penguin. He learned to fly when he was 4 years old, and was born into hockey by RK and his brother, Xavier Khoury, and was drafted by the Red Phienox on 2011, but was cut out of the team as a free agent after he was badly injured in 2011. He debuted on the Snowdown in September 2012. He became a big star after his career-high 45 goals in the 2012-13 season, finishing in third place after Alexandrio Snowvetchkan and Sammy Frostby.


Add if you're his friend!


  • Johnny Tazer (friends when they were younger, still gets along.)
  • Maxwell Frostby (sometimes get along)
  • Alexandrio Snowvetchkan (same reason as Frostby)
  • Matthew Boulder



  • Xavier Khoury (older brother)
  • RK Khoury (father)
  • Nando Khoury (cousin)
  • Erik Khoury (cousin)
  • LuXerra (cousin)


He is a hockey player and the assistant captain of the Snowdown.


  • Due to being part-Aethonian HP, his body ages at half the speed of a normal Emperor Penguin. So, he looks like he's half of his age.
  • He has a conceited X-Antibody that is in CPWE, courtesy of Xorai.
  • Although he can fly, he has a fear of heights, so if he flies, he only flies a few feet off the ground, but flies high only to save himself.
  • He is the exact opposite of a stereotypical hockey player.
    • He hardly ever fights, and hardly ever hits his opponents.
    • He always wears a helmet while playing.
    • He is much faster than the typical player due to his smaller size, and is much nimbler because he inherited the wings from his Aethonian mother. He can physically fly, however it is against the rules.
    • He is also less powerful, because he never fights. Ever... but he has fought. (unless it is a giant monster like Gyarple.)
    • He is very kind to his opponents, if scoring huge goals on them counts as being kind.
  • He has only missed 3 (and counting) MLH hockey games in his career, with the second one having disastrous results.
  • He is inspired by Zach Parise in a few ways.
ZK in a very famous clothing magazine.

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