Zane the Scientist Guy

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Zane the Scientist Guy

Zane at age 14.
Born May 5 1998 (20)
Club Penguin Island
Occupation Scientist, inventor, tech agent and student.
Years active 2011-present
Home town Club Penguin Island
Known for Gary's son

Zane is an 20 year old penguin that is one of Gary's children alongside his sister Galaxy. He joined the EPF in 2011 after his sister joined in. He may seem crazy but in the inside, he has a soft side. He sometimes works with his dad and sister. He only goes to the EPF on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays because he goes to school but that's a problem with him. He often gets bullied at school by the diva HallieBallow. He currently dates his french girlfriend Nelly. He used to get bullied by Emma, since she got her bullying memories erased, she is now Zane's friend and doesn't bully him anymore.


Zane Gariwald Gadget was born in 5 May 1998. At age 1, his parents were really shook that he had green hair. Gary thinks there must've been something wrong during Zane's time in the egg. Aunt Arctic think that's impossible because she was on a strict diet when she was laying her egg. When they went to the doctor's, the doctor said that he has green hair because one of Gary ancestors fell from a tree which caused their hair to fall out and it grew back green.

When the PSA first opened, his father was often busy during this time which caused Zane to feel neglected along with his sister. Jet Pack Guy tried to look after Zane and his sister but he was busy with other stuff making the siblings feel more ignored. He managed to eat and sleep when he felt ignored but his sister got sick because she refused to come out of her room and eat.

At age 13, he first met his former arch-enemy Emma which makes him hating school. That same year, he successfully joined the EPF alongside his sister. Sadly, Zane had no friends at all but soon at age 14, he met a french girl named Nelly. They became best friends and she is his only friend.

During his 15th birthday, he received a brown puffle as a present from his parents and he named his puffle Sciencio. Together, the two scientist geniuses worked together at the EPF. During the Summer Jam 2013, they officially became a couple when they slow danced at Big Mama's Snack Shack during the party. But, no-one knew about Zane's relationship with Nelly.

In November 2013, he has gone moody. First, his puffle was missing which caused him to ignore Galaxy for a month. Luckily, in early December, his puffle was safely returned to him. That same month, Emma got her memory erased by Zane's invention "The memeraser 5000" which Herbert stole. Emma is not a bully anymore, she becomes Zane's friend His invention was also returned to him.

On Valentine's day in 2014, Zane and Nelly went to the Valentine's dance together. Zane told his family that he's dating Nelly.



  • Galaxy (older sister)
  • Nelly (girlfriend)
  • Kaylee Waxwill
  • Emma Nivaj


  • Emma Nivaj (formerly)
  • Melissa Perkins
  • Ashley Holbrock
  • HallieBallow


  • Nelly (before dating)
  • Emma Nivaj (formerly)
  • Ashley Holbrock (formerly)
  • Kaylee Waxwill (formerly)
  • Layla Mitchell (formerly)


  • Nelly (before dating)


  • He sometimes goes crazy but he is mostly calm.
  • Like his father, he is very smart.
  • He often gets bullied at high school.
  • He is extremely claustrophobic.
  • He has green hair because one of his ancestors fell out of a tree. When their hair grew back, it became green.
  • He is a scientist at the EPF alongside his family and puffle.
  • He owns a brown puffle named Sciencio.
  • He has over 10 inventions.
  • He got pushed in his locker once or twice by Emma or one of her friends.
  • He refers Nelly as an awesome girl, artistic and a dorky but cute penguin.
  • He is one of the members in his family without glasses.
  • He often gets Cs and Bs at Gym class because of HallieBallow.
  • He joined the EPF in 2011.
  • He had two mothers.
  • His other mother is Audrey but she died when he was 3.
  • He sometimes argues with Galaxy since they're siblings.
  • He loves science.
  • His feather color is the same color like his sister's.
  • He has a british background like his mother and sister and has a British accent.
  • Galaxy once touched one of Zane's inventions.
  • His puffle might be the Elite brown puffle.

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