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Zapwire img png.png
That's him! He forgot his glasses because he was in a hurry though.
Title Geeky Geek
Gender Male
Race Arctic Tern
Faction Awesome Penguin OS geek
Health about 90%
Level 1337
Status Doing something PWNsome with a computer.
Location Freezeland
The Most Awesome ZapWire
Born October 9th, 1990, Ternville
Considered The Most Awesome in Freezeland, Dorkugal, Turtle Atoll
Promoted to The Most Awesome July 16, 2009, Centriepistula by P. Benzin
Promoted because Master of Open Source, founder of Walls and saving Freezeland's government from a system failure.
Known for Penguin OS knowledge, implementation of free alternatives, being a genius.

ZapWire is an Arctic Tern residing in Freezeland, previously Ternville and Dorkugal. Unfortunately, not much known is about him due to a virus, specifically I-Love-You Flu sneezed deleted the records on him and the backups.


ZapWire at a laptop

He was born in Ternville, but didn't like it there because of his uncomfortable glasses (Ternville glasses aren't very good) and and the fact he was socially awkward. He got an old computer with his allowance, which he upgraded components and installed Penguin OS on. He eventually wrote some shareware software for Penguin OS and became rich. With the money, he moved to Dorkugal. Then he bought some new glasses and some more computers. He is the only Arctic Tern there.

However, after seeing that Micro Hard and Soft had an illegal monopoly on computers and they were immune because of law, he permanently moved to Freezeland.

He has a brother named LiveWire, and a X-Antibody named Xapwire.


After Icebuntu was found, G realized that he cannot make it by himself, so he got Zapwire to get an elite force of nerds to make it. The company Ironical was born.

He has also joined SnowTek as a part-time employee.


He was involved in Operation Operating: the Dorkugese Micro War on the Penguin OS side with Linus Porvalds and his followers. He also plays in the band Awesomesauce.

Recently, for inventing Walls, he now works at the Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature offices. His role there is IT administration.


  • Zapwire is NOT to be confused with Zipwire, who is a penguin.
  • He owns a white puffle named Antinoir.
  • He calls Bill Gates "EVILLLLLLLLLLL!", even though he hasn't heard of him.
  • He is one of Mayor McFlapp's archnemeses, mostly due to that "Which operating system is better? debate". Unfortunately for the poor tern, the Mayor's prominent position as Narrator has caused a few boots to fly at ZapWire's head for the past few weeks...
  • He is in the MMK.
    Zapwire in MMK uniform.
  • He owns a cottage in the tech bub of Freezeland, County Capann. He checks up on the latest foreign technologies. However, he made this his residence after being angered about Dorkugese law.
  • He was the first to know about The Ones.
  • People think he has Nerd Sickness. However, he was born nerdy.
  • ZapWire has an obsession with refracting prisms.
  • ZapWire has a brother called Refractor and a sister Reflective.

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